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Best Waterproof Smartwatches for 2019

Whether you're a swimmer or you just want to be able to get smartphone notifications in the shower, the best smartwatches today are required to be water resistant. Here are our top picks so you don't have to leave your watch by your towel when you get wet.

For those individuals who must have their smartwatch on at all times, certain conditions can present a challenge.

Some find that swimming in public and private pools for leisure or exercise forces that one extra step of removing the watch, and every time they have to remove it, they get a little nervous. Not to mention that your swimming workouts aren't tracked by your smartwatch fitness features.

With the advent of smartwatches there is now more technology to protect than ever, and many of the top brands have realized this. 

That's why we've brought you ten of the best waterproof smartwatches on the market today, so that you can enjoy the functionality of a modern age watch without any added stress.

We know how difficult it is to chose the right watch. The smartwatch market has become saturated and is now bloated with the many kinds of brands, models and features. It's overwhelming, and the prices can be intimidating, especially when you don't know what kind of quality you're getting. 

We've done our research and identified the key features that you need to account for when looking for a waterproof smartwatch, so that your next watch will be the best fit for your needs.

We know how difficult it is to chose the right watch. The smartwatch market has become saturated and is now bloated with the many kinds of brands, models and features. It's overwhelming, and the prices can be intimidating, especially when you don't know what kind of quality you're getting. 

We've done our research and identified the key features that you need to account for when looking for a waterproof smartwatch, so that your next watch will be the best fit for your needs.

What are the varying levels of water resistance and what do they mean?

The most important part of a waterproof smartwatch is obviously the waterproofing aspect. The level of protection may be expressed in words as water resistant, water repellent, and waterproof - and contrary to popular belief, these don't all mean the same thing. There is also an international rating system called the IP Code or the International Protection Marking

To give a brief overview of the exact wording used, water resistant means that the product can resist water penetration somewhat, but not entirely or for long periods of exposure. Water repellent implies that the product is capable of or is coated with a material that repels water efficiently, but is still not entirely immune to water. Waterproof means that the product is, for all intents and purposes, immune to the penetration of water. The IP Code describes these in more detail.

The IP Code has a standard format. A product that has been rated with the IP Code will have an IP (for International Protection), a digit from zero to six for solid particle protection, then a digit from zero to nine indicating liquid penetration protection. Zero indicates that there is no protection, and if the product has not been rated on a certain protection then there will be an X instead of a number. 

As an example, an IP Code of IP69 indicates that the product is dust-proof (6) and can be blasted with high temperature high pressure water jets without allowing water in (9).

For swimming, you'll want to get a smartwatch with a rating of IPX7 or higher. 

What can I expect from a waterproof smartwatch?

Waterproofing is a costly process, both on the designing board and in the factory, and that cost is placed on the consumer. 

On the low end you may be able to get away with less than a hundred dollars, but you will get what you pay for. On the high end you may end up dropping around five hundred or more for the best quality money can buy. But knowing quality features from gimmicks is important.

Waterproofing as a feature is important for a diverse range of consumers. Anyone who swims laps regularly, and who likes to have their phone and watch near them will greatly appreciate the convenience of a waterproof smartwatch. 

Those who love the outdoors, the beach, and their local lake or river will find it a necessity to have a waterproof smartwatch so that they can do all the things they love to do without fear, as well. 

All in all, being able to have most of all your phone's functionalities as well as your watch on your wrist, protected from the elements and at your disposal whenever you need it is a boon for everyone.

Waterproofing is a costly process, both on the designing board and in the factory, and that cost is placed on the consumer. 

1) Apple Watch 2

Key features
  • Water resistant up to 50m
  • GPS
  • Siri integration
  • 18 hours of batter life

First on our list is the Apple Watch 2, which is no longer provided on the Apple website (since the Series 3 came out) but can still be bought at most online retailers. Apple is one of the top technology companies on earth, designing some of this century's most iconic devices. For those who want an Apple watch, but don't want to pay top dollar for the latest gadget, the Apple Watch 2 is a great option.

Their Apple Watch 2 is one of the flagship products Apple released. It sits on the pricier end of the spectrum, a little bit under four hundred dollars.

Image Source: Amazon

What about water resistance?

When the Apple Watch 2 was released, one of the most important features about it that put it a cut above the Apple Watch 1 was that it was water resistant. 

When looking at the Apple Watch 2's water resistance rating, the first thing one will notice is that it doesn't make use of the IP Code. Instead, it uses a rating similar to the Casio brand of watches. 

The Apple Watch 2's case is designated at a water resistance rating of 50 meters, meaning that the watch is made to be withstand being submerged for swimming in pools and shallow water, but it is not suitable for deep submersion and shouldn't be submerged for long periods of time. This works for those who want a higher end fitness watch and who want a decent waterproofing rating, but who aren't under water very much.

For the price, this rating is somewhat low, and despite all the features it offers, this smartwatch could use an upgrade to its waterproofing. While this model is no longer supported by Apple, later in this list we will take a look at the Apple Watch 3, and compare the waterproofing of the two to see if Apple has improved their product.

What's not so good about this waterproof smartwatch?

The biggest issue that consumers will face with this watch is the price point. As a product that is no longer produced by Apple, consumers will have to buy this piece from other retailers, and may not be as well maintained as the latest devices.

The software is also outdated and is not going to be updated by Apple in the foreseeable future, meaning that whatever you get is what you've got. 

  • Lots of useful features
  • Decent waterproofing
  • Fitness oriented
  • Price
  • No longer supported by Apple

2) Asus ZenWatch 3

Key features
  • IP67
  • 50+ digital face designs
  • Companion app
  • 24+ hours of battery

Next up on our list is the ZenWatch 3 by ASUS. ASUS is well known for designing and manufacturing computer parts, but they also make high quality consumer electronics. 

The ZenWatch 3 represents their most advanced piece of hardware, capable of connecting with smartphones via it's companion app in order to customize it's face and access advanced information tracking. You can pick this watch up for just shy of two hundred dollars, placing it very nearly in the mid-grade price range.

Image Source: Amazon

What about water resistance?

The ZenWatch 3 is rated by the IP Code, unlike the Apple Watch 2, and therefore has a more specific rating. The rating is IP67, meaning that it has the maximum dust resistance rating and a level seven out of nine waterproof rating. 

The nature of the IP Code makes the rating a lot more well defined, and at a level seven the product has been tested and rated for immersion in water up to one meter (approximately 3.3 feet) for up to 30 minutes without any water penetration.

While this may not seem like a lot, that rating mean that any water contact save diving with this watch will not affect it. Rain, long baths, showering and any related phenomenon are perfectly safe for this watch. Also, for those who swim laps if you keep your time under 30 minutes this watch shouldn't really have a problem, so long as you aren't swimming below the surface.

While this may not seem like a very good rating when compared to the Apple Watch 2, keep in mind that the IP Code is much more well defined, and thus more reliable. It is also important to remember the price disparity between the two, which informs the waterproofing to a degree.

This watch seems to have a bigger emphasis on fashion, although it does have a few good fitness features, so its no surprise that it's waterproofing is only a 7 out of 9. An 8 out of 9 would be better, and would increase the capability of this watch, but it would also increase the price.

What's not so good about this waterproof smartwatch?

For the price, the waterproofing is not on par with similar outdoor and fitness focused products at the same price range. 

The primary complaint about this watch is about its buggy software. Many customers have received ZenWatches that didn't turn on, experienced debilitating bugs, and constantly needed to be reset. 

Many others experienced problems with low quality straps that broke after a short time of regular use. Related to these two issues, many customers have complained that ASUS will not respond to service requests or will not help their customers.

  • Decent IP Code
  • Good for general everyday use
  • Good dust proof rating
  • Has some fitness capabilities
  • More about fashion than function
  • Buggy software 
  • Poor quality straps
  • Poor customer service

3) Samsung Gear S3 available for $169 on Amazon

Key features
  • IP68
  • GPS
  • S-Voice integration
  • 72 hours of battery

Samsung is a major consumer electronics and hardware company that has a long running line of fitness and outdoor oriented smartwatches. Their Gear S3 Frontier is on of their premier models, competing with other top brands by providing a blend of fashion, fitness features, and light outdoor usability in a waterproof, smartwatch package. The Frontier is almost the same price as the ZenWatch, and they make for an interesting comparison.

Image Source: Amazon

What about water resistance?

This watch uses the IP Code standardized protection measurements, meaning that whatever rating it has is highly reliable. The Frontier is rated at IP68, making it totally dust-proof and waterproof up to the manufacturers specification. 

Unlike level 7, which specifies one meter or less for 30 minutes, level 8 is for any submersion over one meter according to the manufacturer's specification. For the Frontier, that means that submersion at up to five feet, or 1.5 meters, is possible for up to 30 minutes. While the product still has to go through the IP Code standardized testing, the product's capacities for waterproofing are far more variable at level 8 than at lower or higher levels. 

As a result, the Frontier does not have a significant waterproofing advantage over the ZenWatch despite the higher rating, being capable of only about 1.7 feet deeper for the same amount of time. This makes the Frontier slightly better for swimming laps, better for swimming in lakes and rivers near the shore, and better generally at the surface of the water. 

For the rating, Samsung could have at least given the Frontier a full 2 meters, 6.6 feet, giving it double the depth of the ZenWatch and making it a superior watch for the price. However, that probably would have affected the form of the watch and thus changed the sleek aesthetic, and the form of this watch suggests that it is as much a fashion item as it is a functional one.

What's not so good about this waterproof smartwatch?

All the Frontiers currently being sold on supported sites like the one listed above are refurbished, and while there is a standard of quality, customers have received some mixed results. 

Some customers have received watches that are locked or signed in to other accounts that cannot be signed out of. Some have received faulty products with buggy software and damaged hardware. A common complaint was also that the watch constantly needed to be charged.

  • Good waterproof rating for the price
  • Fitness and outdoors oriented
  • Fashionable
  • Could have better depth rating
  • Mixed quality for some customers
  • Some buggy software

4) Polar M600 available for $299 on Amazon

Key features
  • IPX8
  • Smart Coaching
  • 8 hours of battery

Next up, lets take a look at the Polar M600. Polar is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of fitness related devices, beginning in 1977 with heart rate monitors and more. 

The M600 is designed with that in mind, being made specifically for fitness utility and even coming with a Smart Coaching function. This watch sits neatly in the mid-grande price range, at a little under three hundred.

Image Source: Amazon

What about water resistance?

Like the last two watches, the M600 is IP Code rated. That same level 8 IP Code that the Frontier had is present in this watch as well, and the comparison makes for a good lesson about waterproofing. 

The M600 is rated for up to 10 meters, or about 33 feet, of water without any penetration for an unspecified time. In the case of an unspecified time, the default time limit is 30 minutes and so that means that the M600 can be used in up to 33 feet of water for at least 30 minutes. 

By comparison the Frontier, which is a little more than half the price of the M600, can only go down to about 5 feet for 30 minutes and is a level 8 just the same as the M600. For nearly double the price the M600 can reach a depth nearly six times that of the Frontier, and still remain stylish if only a little plain. 

However you want to look at it, the M600 is a dedicated fitness watch and is designed for that purpose, being capable of usage while swimming at pools, lakes, rivers, and even the shores of the ocean. For the price, it is the better deal for those who have a water-heavy fitness routine and in general for those who have a heavy fitness routine and don't want to drop a couple hundred extra for something that's too much for their lifestyle.

The only thing the M600 could have is a little bit more depth. The depth is good for the price, but for an even $300 it could probably be useful even as a shallow reef scuba diving watch.

What's not so good about this waterproof smartwatch?

A major complaint has been about the battery life. While the watch can stay on, with always-on display turned off, for up to two days it can only run for a total of eight hours of training. This means that if you intend to use this watch at all, it will need to be charged frequently. Another complaint is that, while this watch can play music, some customers have tried several different brands of headphones and have never gotten clear sound quality. Several customers have also complained about the GPS, stating that the watch has a hard time acquiring a signal.

  • Very good depth rating
  • Good price for the features
  • Fitness dedicated
  • Battery life poor after prolonged use
  • Poor headphone compatibility
  • Poor GPS software

5) Garmin Fenix 5X available for $479 on Amazon

Key features
  • 10 atmospheres
  • Full color GPS
  • Garmin Connect 
  • 20 hour battery life

Now, lets have a look at the Fenix 5X , from Garmin. Garmin is a household name in the consumer electronics industry, putting out tons of outdoor oriented products from car GPS navigators to waterproof smartwatches. The Fenix 5X is one of their higher end outdoor sport and competition focused smartwatches, and combines a nice mix of fitness and outdoors oriented  features. This watch is on the high end of the price range, without going too far.

Image Source: Amazon

What about water resistance?

The very first thing to understand is that, while the Fenix isn't rated with the IP Code, Garmin claims that it is rated up to 10 atmospheres. At sea level, things are said to be experiencing one atmosphere of pressure, or normal surface world pressure. Ten atmospheres of pressure is equal to ten times the normal pressure, which comes to about 100 meters under sea level or about 330 feet.

That means, in essence, that the Fenix can be worn and used down to 330 feet under the sea, putting it in a different class of waterproof from the previous watches on this list. The Fenix is a smartwatch like the watches above, but it is capable of ten times the depth of the M600 for about twice the price. That makes this watch useful in more than just swimming and diving opportunities. 

You don't have to stress when you take it with you out on the river or on the lake, and if you drop it in the ocean, so long as the water is 330 feet deep or less, you will be able retrieve it no problem. This level of waterproofing also denotes a higher level of durability and quality of construction than the previous models. 

Unfortunately, for this kind of rugged, outdoor oriented piece of equipment there is a price to pay. This smartwatch isn't the most expensive piece of consumer tech on the market today, but it'll put a dent in your wallet for sure.

What's not so good about this waterproof smartwatch?

Even with a watch of this quality, issues arise. A consistent issue, which many customers have brought to Garmin's attention without a solid fix yet is the GPS accuracy. 

The GPS running tracker may be off by anywhere from two to five minutes. Other customer have had software malfunctions that rendered their watch unusable and forced them to return it. 

Another constant issue with customers was the beats per minute tracking, which doesn't seem to work for swimming and doesn't work well with the chest strap for some.

  • Very good depth rating, diving capable
  • Very durable
  • Lots of fitness features
  • Great battery, advertised at 20 hour minimum
  • Poor GPS accuracy
  • Some software problems
  • Heart rate monitor issues

6) Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music available for $218 on Amazon

Key features
  • 5 atmospheres
  • 500 song storage capacity
  • Garmin Pay
  • 13 hours of battery

Now we'll look at another waterproof smartwatch by Garmin, the Vivoactive 3. The Vivoactive 3 is one of Garmin's mid-range smartwatches, built with quality and affordability in mind. 

As far as price range goes, it is comparable to the M600 at just a little below 300. Next we'll take a look at the waterproofing of the Vivoactive and how it and the M600 stack up.

Image Source: Amazon

What about water resistance?

The Vivoactive 3 uses the same pressure-based rating system as the Fenix, using atmospheres to denote how much pressure their product can withstand. In the case of the Vivoactive, that pressure is 5 atmospheres.

As with the Fenix, atmospheres imply the weight of the atmosphere at sea level multiplied by whatever the number is. For the five atmospheres that the Vivoactive is capable of, it can be assumed that it can withstand a maximum of five times the pressure of the earth's atmosphere at sea level.

So, when in the context of waterproofing, this means that however deep one has to go down to achieve five times the pressure of the atmosphere is the max depth the watch can withstand. In the case of five atmospheres, that is 50 meters or 164 feet of water. 

By comparison, for the about the same price as this one, the M600 can only go down about 33 feet. That makes this watch a better deal for the waterproofing, but there are numerous features to factor in to buying a smartwatch, so its up to the individual. 

In comparison to the Fenix, this is much more affordable and is still capable of being taken to a significant depth. This watch is much more practical for someone who wants a no-nonsense fitness smartwatch with great waterproofing capabilities who doesn't necessarily want a heavy duty outdoor watch.

What's not so good about this waterproof smartwatch?

The major complaint about this watch is that the technology is outdated and of generally poor design. Specific complaints included the bluetooth not connecting properly, the screen having a blue and blurry haze, and apps not functioning properly. 

There are also complaints about advertised features not actually being provided. Specifics included low storage capacity and heart rate monitors not working while swimming.

  • Higher-end depth rating for the price
  • Durable fitness oriented design
  • Wide range of fitness features
  • Older, buggy technology
  • Some features don't work well
  • Not as capable as advertised

7) Fitbit Ionic available for $224 on Amazon

Key features
  • 50 meters depth resistance
  • Operates in temp -4 to 113 degres fahrenheit 
  • 20 foot sync range
  • 10 hour battery 

Next up, the Fitbit Ionic. Fitbit has made it their business to be one of the most popular consumer electronics brand for fitness and wellness niches. 

The Ionic is one of their top next generation fitness smartwatches, combining many of the latest features with the standard for wearable fitness devices that Fitbit delivers. The Ionic is comparable in price to the M600 and the Vivoactive, putting it squarely in the mid-grade price range.

Image Source: Amazon

What about water resistance?

In the technical specs page on the Ionic's web page, it claims that the Ionic is capable of use up to a depth of 50 meters- 164 feet- which is the same as the Vivoactive. The Ionic is neither rated in atmospheres or the IP Code. 

The rating convention seems to be similar to the one used by the Apple Watch 2, which was compared to the Casio rating system for waterproof watches. While the 50 meter rating is the same as the Vivoactive, the Casio rating system is a little more reserved about how useful watches rated at 50 meters are.

As I've said, 50 meters is about 164 feet deep, and being a Fitbit product the Ionic is built specifically for its fitness capabilities, so its up to you to be the judge of where and when it is appropriate to use this smartwatch. As with previous entries on this list with this rating, it is safe to say that it can stand up to pools and shallow waters with ease, and will have no issue with spills.

Because the IP rating isn't used, there is not a standardized measurement system to verify if this watch is truly capable of 50 meters of submersion, or for how long it can stay at that depth. This applies to all products not IP rated, and because this is a Fitbit, it is surprising that it isn't.

What's not so good about this waterproof smartwatch?

The majority of complaints about the watch are regarding its comfort features, or lack thereof in some cases. In specific, customers have complained about some lacking compatibility with Android devices as well as the lack of canned text responses. 

Others have complained about technical issues with the software. Specifically, complaints have been leveled against the inaccuracy of the GPS and the heart rate monitor. Overall, software instability was also an issue.

  • Good depth resistance for the price
  • Fitness oriented, balanced with other features 
  • Generally good compatability with numerous devices
  • Specific compatibility issues with Android devices
  • Lacking some comfort features 
  • Software instability/inaccuracy 

8) TomTom Spark 3 available for $249 on Amazon

Key features
  • 40 meter max depth
  • 24/7 heart rate monitor
  • GPS activity tracker
  • 9 hours of battery

TomTom is primarily a GPS and navigation technology company that has used its advanced navigation tools to burst into the consumer electronics industry with its waterproof Spark model of smartwatches. 

The Spark 3 Cardio is one of TomTom's latest, greatest fitness trackers capable of 24/7 heart rate tracking with its built-in heart rate monitor. While no longer available on their website, the Spark 3 Cardio can still be bought new or used for just over 500, making it a high end watch comparable to the Fenix.

Image Source: Amazon

What about water resistance?

The specification on this watch indicates that it can go down 40 meters- 130 feet- below the water and not leak. There is no IP Code, which means that the testing is not standardized and therefore cannot be assumed to be as rigorous or as accurate as the IP Code.

Forty meters implies a decent level of waterproofing, but what's important to take into account is the price. This watch can currently be picked up for a little more than the cost of the Fenix, and has less than half of the depth capacity of the Fenix. On top of that, the Fenix offers better fitness features and better compatibility. 

This watch is a good lesson on waterproofing, because while the process is expensive and that expense is laid on the shoulders of the consumer, it can often lead to inflated prices for something that doesn't preform as well as comparable items, and may fool the hapless consumer who didn't do their research. 

What's not so good about this waterproof smartwatch?

If you could find this watch somewhere else for about half the price or less in new condition, it would be a much better buy. The watch isn't bad when it comes to features, it is just overpriced. A few customers have complained about poor app syncing and inaccurate heart rate readings when not active.

  • 24/7 heart rate monitoring
  • Good battery, nine hours with heart rate and GPS active
  • May be picked up for cheaper by vigilant consumers
  • Poor depth rating for price
  • Poor app syncing
  • Some reports of inaccurate heart ratings at rest

9) Nokia Steel HR available for $148 on Amazon

Key features
  • 50 meters of depth resistance
  • Fully customizable aesthetic 
  • 1-year warranty
  • Five days of battery in workout mode

Now, we are going to take a look at the Withings Steel HR. Withings recently sold their company to Nokia, the cellphone provider, and then bought it back in 2018.

The Steel HR is part of a series of business ventures by Withings to expand their product list to classy looking smartwatches. This watch sits on the lower end of the price range, at just under 200 dollars.

Image Source: Amazon

What about water resistance?

Like many other watches on this list, the Steel HR is not measured using the International Protection Marking, and is instead given a rating based on the company's own tests. Naturally, this means that the tests are lacking in standardization and are more prone to inaccuracies. Despite this, for the price point this watch is interesting.

It is measured both with meters and atmospheres, at 50 meters or 5 ATM maximum depth. This seems to be the standard for mid-grade watches, except that this watch is about half as much as comparably waterproofed products. This may have to do with the fact that it is a hybrid, meaning that it is a standard analogue watch with a small screen and some extra functionality. 

The challenge of waterproofing smartwatches is that they are mostly screen on one side, so the screen needs to be viewable, and often touchable, while still remaining waterproof, to a point. 

The Garmin waterproof smartwatches bypasses this to a degree by removing the touch screen feature so that they can apply a heavier-duty waterproofing on the case. The Steel HR bypasses the screen problem almost completely by removing all but a small back screen, behind the two hands of its analogue clock.

Without a large screen, it can be waterproofed much more easily as it is essentially a mechanical watch. The Steel HR has many features of mid-grade, and even some high grade, waterproof smartwatches. It sits comfortably at the low end of the price range.

What's not so good about this waterproof smartwatch?

Because of the compromise with the screen size to improve waterproofing without increasing price, the end product is one that isn't great for general everyday fitness. Customers have also complained that the watch doesn't really record any of its metrics very precisely. 

This watch seems to be a lot more about style than fitness functionality, and some customers have also complained about wellness features like the sleep tracker being inaccurate. 

  • Really good depth resistance for the price
  • Hybrid smartwatch
  • Lots of fitness features for the price
  • Some have had issues with metric inaccuracy
  • Form over function
  • Inferior at most smartwatch tasks

10) Apple Watch Series 3

Key features
  • ISO 2281 water resistance standard
  • Smart coaching
  • Heart rate warnings
  • 18 hours of battery

Finally, we have arrived at the Apple Watch 3. As another Apple product, it will be interesting to explore how this new model stacks up to the Apple Watch 2 that began this list. 

The Apple Watch 3 represents the third generation of Apple wrist-based fitness devices, and is the cumulative experience of the reception and criticisms of the Apple Watch 2. In terms of price, it's practically identical to the Apple Watch 2, at just under 400 dollars.

Image Source: Amazon

What about water resistance?

The Apple Watch 3 uses the International Organization for Standardization (shortened to ISO for international standardization organization) 2281 to determine the level of water resistance for its watches. This rating did not seem to be present on the webpage for the Apple Watch 2, although both watches are capable of 50 meters of depth.

The ISO 2281 rating declares that no consumer watch can be dubbed 'waterproof', and thus companies that wish to use the ISO standard for testing must use 'water resistance' when referring to the capacity for their product to prevent penetration by water. 

The ISO 2281 rating includes submersion in 10 cm of water for an hour, exposure to high pressures of both air and water, exposure to high temperatures, a condensation test, and more. After all these rigorous tests, a rating of 50 meters under ISO 2281 standards is as precise and credible as the IP ratings. The equivalent IP would be IP68 rated for up to 50 meters. 

Now, when considering that this piece is nearly a hundred dollars more than watches of comparable waterproofing, there is more to consider. Many watches of comparable waterproofing on this list are significantly cheaper, but often use in-house methods of waterproof testing and so are less reliable than the ISO 2281 rating. 

They are cheaper, however, and negative reviews don't regularly mention waterproofing problems with other models. It comes down to what you want out of your smartwatch, and if you are Apple affiliated, then this product will blend seamlessly into your technological ecosystem.

What's not so good about this waterproof smartwatch?

The majority of customer complaints have been about price for the features available and some hardware issues. A big complaint is that the charging cords are apt to stop working correctly, and a few customers have received cords that outright don't work. 

Some customers have complained that, for the price, the Apple Watch 3 doesn't do much more than track fitness and display notifications. Many complained about the clunkiness and overall look, and while this is subjective, it says something that very few other watches get specific complaints about overall wrist-feel and aesthetic.

  • ISO rated, meaning standardized and accurate
  • Good for most fitness tasks
  • Great connective features for people who use Apple only
  • Not a lot of features for the price
  • Lacking some depth resistance for the price
  • Reports of not being very comfortable 

In conclusion...

In today's world the ability to track your fitness, keep up with your affairs, and access vital information can all fit in a convenient device on your wrist. When considering smartwatches, their usefulness is measured in part by their features and in part by their waterproofing. This is becoming the standard for devices in general, meaning it's cheaper and more beneficial in the long run to invest in a waterproof smartwatch.

We hope that, with this list, you will be able to assess your waterproof smartwatch needs based on your budget and level of activity. From the adventurous outdoorsman, to the fitness-focused businesswoman, the daily jogger and beyond, there is a waterproof smartwatch out there that will make you wonder why you waited so long to buy one.