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Best Bluetooth Neckband Headphones 2019

Neckband headphones are attractive because unlike other wireless earbuds, they are secured around your neck when not in use so there's no danger of losing them. Here are some of the best Bluetooth neckband headphones.

Over the last few decades, we have seen quite a number of changes in our headphone designs. From the ones that covered our whole ears to the ones that are almost invisible, we have always looked for headphones that are the easiest to handle, as well as the trendiest. 

Neckband Bluetooth headphones, or "behind-the-neck" headphones or "collar-band" headphones are the latest trends in headphones now. They are simple, elegant and almost invisible unless you look closely. They also happen to be very convenient and has all the features you need in your headphones. You won't have to worry about them falling off your head, or have to rummage through your bag to find them; whenever you need your headphones, they are within your reach, always ready for action. Of course, they are almost discreet, too; you won't have to worry about a large pair of headphones looking odd around your neck.

How much should I expect to spend on a neckband bluetooth headphones?

Neckband headphones can cost something between $50 to $300. You can get a good quality, premium one from a reputed brand if you can spend over $150 on a pair.  

What features should I consider in a budget neckband headphones?

  • Battery life. With these headphones, you want to charge them once and then forget about it for a few days. The standard neckband headphones can work around 14/15 hours or a single charge, or probably more than that. 
  • Microphone. You are going to need a microphone if you want to use your headphone for making calls and recording your voice instead of just listening to music. Most neckband headphones will have a microphone inside it.
  • Bluetooth technology. Most of these headphones are Bluetooth operated; otherwise, you won't be able to do much with them, as they are cordless and wireless. 
Neckband Headphones are subtle and the least obstructive headphones ever. They are going to sit around your neck all day while you take no notice of them, and quietly help you do your job.  

What are the more advanced features that I should consider in a high-end neckband headphones?

  • Waterproofness. This is an important feature for people who use their headphone while jogging or running. Waterproof actually translates into "sweat proof" for them, so that your headphone doesn't get damaged when you are sweating profusely while exercising, jogging or running. 
  • Noise cancellation. A good pair of headphone will only give you the sound you want to hear and nothing else. If you opt for a standard pair, you can get headphones that will completely eliminate every outside .
  • High definition sound. Perfect sound is a big deal to some users. In the more expensive, more exclusive premium models, you will get better HD-quality sound than the other budget-friendly ones.
  • Voice and other alerts. A more sophisticated neckband headphone will give you alerts on incoming calls, low battery, time and alarms. These features are quite helpful if you want to use your headphone for multiple reasons. 

1) BeatsX Wireless In-Ear

Key features
  • Bluetooth Connectivity 
  • Volume Control 
  • Personalized ear tip options 
  • Can be used to take calls, control music and connect to phone 
  • Removable wingtips 
  • Lightning speed charge 

This neckband headphone from BeatsX cost just under $150, with a simple, elegant design that will become almost invisible with your clothes. You can keep wearing them all day and never notice the extra weight on your shoulders, and neither will anyone else. You can do a lot more than just listen to music with them; you can use it to take calls and control your phone via Siri or RemoteTalk. This headphone can be connected via Bluetooth and comes with volume control. 

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other neckband bluetooth headphones?

A unique feature of the BeatsX Neckband headphone is that it comes with an option of 4 different ear tip options for you to choose from, all the better to give you personalized comfort while using them. You can use this headphone to connect to your phone over Siri and RemoteTalk, as well as control your music or take calls. You don't need a separate hands-free device for your phone to take calls with. 

The ear buds are magnetic, and the style is so simple that you won't have to worry about the wires getting tangled together. In fact, there are no extra wires that can get tangled.  Charging is lightening fast and will require only a few hours to get a full charge. 

What's not so good about it?

Even at such a high price, you only get around 8 hours of use with a full charge, as opposed to more than 12/13 that most other headphones gives. Also, they are not exactly noise cancelling headphone; they will block off your ears and stop outside noise from disturbing you, but they will not block all the noise if you happen to be somewhere extremely noisy. Besides, you can't really use them for very long. They are not exactly very durable. 

  • Can be connected via Bluetooth 
  • Can be used to take calls 
  • Can be used via Siri or RemoteTalk 
  • Magnetic ear buds 
  • Very simple and elegant design 
  • Not very durable 
  • Only gives 8 hours of use after a full charge 
  • Not exactly noise cancelling 

2) LG Tone Infinim HBS-920 available for $89 on Amazon

Key features
  • Superb quality sound 
  • Advanced Voice Capture Solution 
  • Clearer sound 
  • 15 hours of talk time and 12 hours of play time 
  • Bluetooth Connectivity 
  • Contoured body 

The LG Tone Infinim HBS-920 costs just a little over $100, but a great choice if you happen to be very particular about your music quality. You can use it to not only listen, but also to effectively record your voice and take calls. The contoured body fits perfectly around your neck and doesn't make you at all uncomfortable, even if you are wearing this neckband headphone all day long. 

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other neckband bluetooth headphones?

This neckband headphone definitely pays attention to sound quality while most other brands only focuses on the more basic, practical aspects. Besides, with this model, you can get up to 12 hours of play time and 15 hours of talk time after a single full charge; also, standby time is more than 25 days. The sound quality is clear with very little to no distortion, when you re playing music or recording your own voice. The body is beautifully contoured to fit your neckline, and lightweight enough so that you won't feel anything. 

With the adjustable tone bass, you can adjust your headphone's bass and even turn the boost bass on or off. 

What's not so good about it?

This is definitely not a noise cancelling pair of headphones. The ear pieces may block some of the noise, but not unless you are listening to music in an extremely loud volume. The Bluetooth connectivity is weak and doesn't work unless the phone/tablet is very close to the headphone. Calls may drop on Bluetooth every now and then. The sound, although good initially, gets damaged over time. 

  • Good sound quality initially 
  • 12 hours of play time & 15 hours of talk time 
  • 25 days stand by time 
  • Can be used to record clear voice 
  • Elegant neck line contour 
  • Not noise cancelling headphones 
  • Weak Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Phone needs to be very close to headphone for Bluetooth to work 
  • Sound quality gets worse over time 

3) Sony Premium Noise Cancelling available for $198 on Amazon

Key features
  • Good quality Sound 
  • Noise Cancelling headphones 
  • Can be connected to both Android/iOS 
  • Smart Auto-settings 
  • Optimized for Google Assistant 
  • 10 hours battery life 
  • Perfect for on flights 

The world-famous brand Sony doesn't just make large televisions and music systems, but also a great neckband headphone. As with the other music-related products and gadgets of Sony, you can enjoy quality sound on this headphone that guarantees a clear, distortion-free sound, whether you are listening to music or making a call. This headphone can be connected to both Android and iPhones, and is also optimized for Google Assistant. At under $250, this is quite an expensive headphone, but one that you will definitely enjoy using. 

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other neckband bluetooth headphones?

As with their other music-related products, Sony cares about your sound quality. This neckband headphone will therefore give you almost crystal clear sound whatever you are using your pair for. It will cancel out any unwanted noise from the outside so that you can truly concentrate on your work/music. It can give you around 10 hours of talk or play time with one single full charge. Besides, you can use this headphone to make hands-free phone calls via your smart phone. 

What's not so good about it?

The ear buds are not personalized and there are no options in it, so they may just be the wrong size or shape for your ears. Many users have complained about the ear buds falling off without any warning. At least, they become quite loose at times. It has no app for an iOS users, only for Google and Android. The phone needs to find the headphone every time before use, it never connects automatically. Ultimately, for the exceptionally high price, this headphone doesn't really have many premium features that you can enjoy. 

  • Good sound quality 
  • 10 hours of talk/play time 
  • Can be used to take calls 
  • Noise cancelling headphones 
  • Smart Noise Isolation feature 
  • Ear buds too small and may fall off 
  • Not very convenient for iOS users 
  • Needs to be connected every time 

4) Bose QuietControl 30

Key features
  • Effective noise cancelling options 
  • Lightweight and almost invisible 
  • 10 hours of play/talk time 
  • Bluetooth and NFC pairing 
  • Lithium-ion batteries 

The QuietControl 30 from Bose is quite expensive at around $300, with a few premium features that you won't find in the more budget-friendly headphones. If you are willing to spend money on a good, reliable headphone, this model from Bose is certainly one to consider. It can be connected to your smartphone or tablet both via Bluetooth and NFC without the need for any wires. The design is beautiful and the model absolutely lightweight so that you won't feel anything. 

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other neckband bluetooth headphones?

An amazing and unique feature of the Bose QuietControl 30 is that with this headphone, you won't just cancel outside noise, but control it to your convenience. This means that you can program your headphones to control how much of the outside noise you want to hear (announcements, voices, horns, etc.) and how much you want to ignore (traffic, construction work, etc.). The Volume-optimized EQ of this headphone gives you the chance to balance your audio performance any time you want to. 

You can also connect your Bose headphone to the Bose app available for all smart phones and tablets, The app is free and extremely convenient, personalized according to your mood and preferences. 

What's not so good about it?

This headphone has been created mainly for noise cancelling purposes, even when you are not using it for listening to music. However, to use your headphones for more than 6/7 hours simultaneously just to cancel noise can be quite harmful for your ears. Besides, to truly cancel out all the external noise, you need to press the ear buds deep into your ears; this is not very good for your ears either. The control options are all not on the neckband but on one of the ear bud wires, which sometimes makes it a problem to operate. 

  • Ability to cancel and control noise at you feel convenient 
  • Volume-optimized EQ controls 
  • Free and convenient app for smart phones and tablets 
  • Noise cancellation option not very healthy for your ears 
  • Control buttons are not on the band but on the ear bud wire

5) Jabra Halo Smart available for $44 on Amazon

Key features
  • Up to 17 hours of talk/play time 
  • Bluetooth enabled 
  • Magnetic earbuds 
  • 10mm speakers 
  • Water resistant 
  • Bendable neckband

The Halo Smart from Jabra is a elegant, minimal neckband headphone under $100, wit miniature 10mm ear buds that give you a good quality audio, minus unwanted noise. It is a good noise cancelling pair that is also water-resistant with a rating of IP54. You can use it for both taking calls and playing music; the magnetic earbuds help keep the whole thing tangle-free. 

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other neckband bluetooth headphones?

The Jabra Halo Smart gives you an astounding 17 hours of talk/play time with a single full charge, more than any of the other brands. The 10mm speakers have magnets in them, that helps them to stay together so that you don't have to face any tangles or hassles. The neckband is flexible and bendable, and will be very comfortable around your neck, even when you are wearing it all day long. The Bluetooth range on this headphone is about 10 meters, which makes it easy and convenient. 

Besides, another convenient option is the dedicated mute/unmute button that helps to turn off your music/voice for a short time without having to bother with turning it off. 

What's not so good about it?

These headphones don't actually come with a great lifespan. They can give you a good service but not for very long; you can get around 6-9 months use out of these headphones but probably not more than that. Connectivity can be difficult sometimes, especially if you want to connect them to your laptop. Taking conference calls can be tricky at times, too. All the muting and un-muting can mean you might end up missing conversations. 

  • 17 hours of play time, 15 hours of talk time 
  • 100 mm standard size speakers 
  • Bendable and flexible neckband 
  • 10m Bluetooth range 
  • Dedicated mute/un-mute button 
  • Not a great lifespan 
  • Connectivity can suffer at times 
  • Connecting to laptop can be troublesome 
  • Conference calls are difficult 

6) Sol Republic Shadow Wireless available for $47 on Amazon

Key features
  • Noise cancelling headphones
  • Multi-device connectivity via Bluetooth
  • Flexible neckband
  • 8 hours play time
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Lightweight and Easy to use

The Shadow Bluetooth Wireless Neckband Headphones from SOL Republic costs under $75; they give out a clear, full sound that will enable you to enjoy your favorite tunes in peace. The noise-cancellation features ensure that you won't be bothered with unwanted, outside sound when you are using these headphones, and only that you will be able to take calls without any interference. 

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other neckband bluetooth headphones?

This is a lightweight, flexible headphone that can be perfect for when you are jogging, running or exercising. The sound is quite clear and the noise-cancelling feature quite standard. The design is elegant and beautiful; as is the sound quality. This headphone comes with multiple ear tips options that will fit your ears perfectly, thus cancelling out all unwanted noise from the outside world. You can also interchange between two devices with your headphone, while being connected to your phone, at the same time. 

What's not so good about it?

The neckband is a little shorter than with other brands, which might make it a little problematic for some people. They don't come with any kind of adjustments, either. The earbuds can fall off if you haven't chosen the exact one that fits your ears. 

The sound is quite loud. This is not the headphone for you if you want to play music quietly in the background while you work. The sound will go from off/mute to quite a loud volume. One side of the headphone might stop playing earlier than the other, leaving you with a single ear headphone. 

  • Lightweight and flexible 
  • Clear sound 
  • Effective noise-cancelling feature 
  • Can be interchanged between two different devices
  • Neckband shorter than is comfortable for some people 
  • Earbuds can fall off at times 
  • Sound cannot be played in a low volume

7) Samsung Level U Pro available for $109 on Amazon

Key features
  • Compatible with all Samsung Galaxy devices 
  • Lightweight & Stylish 
  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Noise-cancelling 
  • 9 hours of talk/play time 
  • 400 hours standby time 
  • Sweat-resistant

Samsung is known for making some of the world's most popular smart phones and tablets, as well as televisions and household gadgets. The Level U Pro neckband headphone from Samsung also happens to be quite popular among users. Costing less than $75, this is a Bluetooth Wireless headphone that is flexible, comfortable, easy-to-use and reliable. 

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other neckband bluetooth headphones?

This is a great neckband headphone for people who already use a Samsung Galaxy smart phone or tablet, although it also works with devices from other brands. You can both listen to music and take phone calls with this headphone, getting a crystal clear sound quality, thanks to the Samsung UHQA Audio Sound. It is a sweat-resistant and splash resistant headphone, perfect for exercising, running or jogging. You won't have to press any buttons to take a call or end it; separating the earbuds from one another will accept the call and connecting the magnetic earbuds will end the call! 

The speaker is a two-way one that will give you a good, clear sound; the noise reducing and echo cancelling features happen to be efficient and very convenient. 

What's not so good about it?

Both the neckband and the wires are too short, very uncomfortable for a larger person. The buds can fall off or become strained if you happen to move your head to one side. This is not very comfortable. While the sound quality is good, the voices can be distorted when in a call. This is not a very durable pair of headphones that might last only a few months. 

  • Affordable from a renowned brand 
  • Sweat- and splash-resistant 
  • Easy to use call accept/decline 
  • Good quality sound 
  • Noise cancelling 
  • Very short wire and neckband 
  • Voice calls can be distorted 
  • Not very durable 

8) V-MODA Forza Metallo available for $129 on Amazon

Key features
  • Durable military-grade build 
  • Ultralight 
  • 33-feet Bluetooth connectivity area 
  • 10+ hours of battery life 
  • Fast charge in 2+ hours 
  • Sweat- and weather-resistant

Costing under the $150 range, the Forza Metallo Wireless headphones from V-MODA is ultralight, durable and of a military-grade quality. It comes with a designer carrying case and an astounding Bluetooth range of 33 feet (10 meters). This is an extremely durable model that can probably last years of use. 

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other neckband bluetooth headphones?

Unlike other models that are made from plastic and not very durable, the Forza Metallo is build to last. It is not made from plastic but has a titanium body that will last. The 5.8mm lightweight earbuds perfectly fit your ears and will give you a decent sound. However, one unique point of this headphone is that it will give you more than 2 hours of use after a fast 15-minute charge. With a full charge, you can get around 10+ hours of play time with this headphone. 

What's not so good about it?

This is not a headphone that you should buy for the sound quality. While the body is durable, the sound is not; honestly, sound is low, weak and the base minimal. Even with the highest volume, the sound is low compared to the other headphones. Neither the earbuds nor the body of the headphone will get physically damaged in a long time, but they can stop giving sound complete after a while. The battery works fine in the beginning but will slowly deteriorate after use. 

  • Durable body 
  • Titanium build 
  • 10+ hours of battery life 
  • 5.8 mm lightweight earbuds 
  • 2+ hours of play time with 15-minute charge 
  • Very weak sound quality 
  • Sound will deteriorate over time 
  • Battery life decreases over time 

9) Legato Arc R72E available for $59 on Amazon

Key features
  • 70 feet Bluetooth Connectivity 
  • 3-step equalizer 
  • Retractable earbuds 
  • Can be connected to 2 devices simultaneously 
  • Can be used to take calls 

The LEGATO neckband headphones form Spigen is quite affordable at under $60, with all the standard features you might want in a pair of headphones. You can get connected via Bluetooth up to 70 feet, with almost excellent performance. The sound is quite mature for the price, as well. 

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other neckband bluetooth headphones?

This is quite a lightweight and convenient neckband headphone that comes with retractable earbuds that you can keep hidden away when you are not using them. This completely eliminates any chance of tangles or hassles around your neck, giving you a complete hands free experience. The sound is clear with a 3-step equalizer that gives you the chance to choose between treble, mid or bass. You can not only listen to music with a great sound, but also use this headphone to watch movies, sports or a documentary with the various genres of sound quality. 

You can also use voice command to control your headphone via Siri, Android phones of Bixby. Your incoming calls will be notified with a vibration around your neck, oblivious to anyone else. 

What's not so good about it?

Although the earbuds are retractable, the retracting is weak and slow. You might just have to manually push the wires inside after a few weeks of use. This happens more in a more colder weather. Besides, the sound might get a little distorted when you are moving around a lot, i.e. not a great headphone for exercising. The volume happens to be quite low too. 

  • Lightweight and easy to use 
  • Retractable earbuds 
  • 3-step equalizer 
  • Various genres for sound 
  • Can be used to take call 
  • Retracting of earbuds can be a problem after a few weeks 
  • Sound will suffer when moving 
  • Volume is low 

10) Plantronics BackBeat Fit available for $189 on Amazon

Key features
  • Unique fit for athletes and sports 
  • Water- and sweat-proof 
  • 8+ hours of battery life 
  • Noise cancellation and noise isolation 

At just over $100, the BackBeat Fit headphone from Platronics is more of a sports and exercise headphone in a funky, fun color. It is not like the usual neckband headphones with dangling earphones, but with  bended earphones that will fit your ears, too. The design was created so that the earbuds don't fall off your ears even when you are most active. It is also water- and sweat-proof and thus perfect for athletes. 

Image Source: Amazon

How does this item compare to other neckband bluetooth headphones?

If you are an athlete of if you are into working out, this is the perfect pair of headphones for you. You won't have to worry about your earbuds falling off with this unique design. The controls are easy to reach and use, even when you are running or jogging. Besides, you can also easily answer calls or change your music while exercising. The battery levels can be tracked with your phone so that you are not suddenly left with a dead headphone. 

What's not so good about it?

The headphone happens to be a little larger and brighter than others, not really something you can wear with everything, everywhere. This is basically a sports headphone, and will clash if you want to use it while in the office or in formal ware. These will probably last you less than a year or so after a few months. 

  • Perfect for workouts and exercising 
  • Battery level indicator 
  • Easy-to-reach controls 
  • Can be used to take calls 
  • Not suitable with formal or office wear 
  • Not very durable 

In conclusion...

More or less, all these neckband headphones come with the same features: you can listen to music with them, take calls, keep it hanging around your neck when you don't use them and not even remember it. However, one important feature of a good headphone is that it needs to have a good battery life. You don't want a headphone that will only give you 6/7 hours of play and talk time, while others can give you more than 16 hours of battery life. The design matters too; you'd want a pair of headphone that you can keep around your neck at all times but not feel the weight of it. 

Budget can vary a lot too. You have headphones in the market ranging from $50 to $300, but for a good pair from a good brand, you have to spend something along the lines of $150. Anything less than this budget will not be very durable.