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Effective Team Building by Using MBTI Personality Strengths


Taking expedient action that has good impact; Taking shortcuts if necessary; Finding quick fixes, optimizing every moment

Various big challenges requiring quick action; High odds of overcoming obstacles; Practical and expedient processes


Consulting on expedient solutions to presenting problems; Suggesting shortcuts if necessary; Troubleshooting quick fixes

Various problems or projects to resolve expeditiously, even if risky; Changing circumstances to which to apply their great observation skills


Exciting and impactful performance, especially for the well being of people; Influencing others; Socializing; Entertaining

Goals that connect directly to serving people; Non-repetitious actions or tasks; Routines https://www.transitionnetwork.org/people/jenny-turner - myers briggs personality tests - allowed to vary


Artful composing in some expressive action; Pleasing others with their artful compositions; Finding tactful ways around rules

Outlet for the composing talent, even if risky; Variety; Opportunity to challenge the tried and true


Setting things right; Meeting and reinforcing the standards and goals set by respected authority

Organizational support of the team and its members in their duties and in achieving goals; Stable system within which to work


Preserving the organization; Establish and maintain regulatory process so all can work towards common goals; Getting more production

Their hunger for responsibility is not taken advantage of too much; Responsible coworkers who perform well


Stabilizing and doing whatever is needed to keep the organization running; Promoting harmony

Appreciated; Affirmation from others; Work that serves others; Full schedule; Security; Stability


Humble service; Being a team player; Protecting others so to preserve stability; Working hard and cooperatively

Predictable; Stable; No need to function in a one-upmanship fashion; Achievement and aspirations as a team


Implementing how to reach some visualized goal; Complex problems to solve; Change; Developing long-range strategies

Learning opportunities; Logical and not over-emotional; Movement toward logical rather than unbridled possibilities; Coherence and excellent data


Analyzing how to better reach some visualized complicated goal; Charting precise plans; Developing long-range strategies for change

Learning opportunities; High expectations of people and accuracy; Permission to solve any problems and long-term results;


Seeking precision, splitting hairs; Complex problems to solve; Any problem to tackle; Bringing change

Where the complex challenges are; Constant opportunity to learn; Logical and not over-emotional, exaggeration or bungling


Seeking precision; Incorporating new pieces into a puzzle; Developing long-range strategies for product (re-) design

Where asked for solutions to complex problems; Constant opportunity to learn; Not over-emotional and lack of willpower not acceptable; Non-stagnate


Facilitate the bringing out of true potential in anyone; Seeing inferences others do not; Getting others to work well together and change viewpoint

Conducive to own beliefs and values; Ideas and programs to help people; Discussions about life; Regular interaction with others


Bringing out highest fullest potential in anyone; Seeing inferences others do not; Making a better world; Guiding people to work together

Meaningful work relationships; Where relationship insight quick response to human need is a higher value than logic; Discussions about life


Cheering on everyone's best potential; Seeing some true inferences others do not; Insisting on others' satisfaction as first priority

Meaningful work relationships; Decreasing interpersonal conflicts; Implied rules upheld; Discussions about deeper meaning of everything


Encouraging individual potential to further emerge; Perceiving relationship nuances; Bettering the workplace, even at cost of own wants

Meaningful quality work relationships; Using ideas and programs to help people; Chance for intimate talks about life; Harmonious workplace

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