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looking for the true silk carpets

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Shopping for your home interiors and looking for the true silk carpets and rugs? Although purchasing these seems very easy but in reality this is not the case as you will have to be very careful while buying these.

It is another very helpful test differentiating true and artificial silk. To do this test take a very small fringe or a knot from the back of the Handmade rug. Burn this and check out its smell and ash. If the ash is soft and chalky and its smell is like that of burning paper then the rug is made from artificial silk but on the other hand if the burning smell is that of like burning hair and on burning the knot curls into small black ball type form then it is real silk carpet. As silk is a protein so it burns like protein.

Cocoon of silkworm is the source of true silk that is spun by the silk moth caterpillar. Silk is then harvested by boiling the cocoon along with silkworm. After boiling, the cocoon is freed from worm and unwound into single fiber.Wholesale diaper bags are very tightly woven with at least 200 knots per sq. inches and occasionally 500 or more knots. On the other hand artificial silk carpets has mostly less than 250 knots per sq inch. You can also check the fringe and feel the difference between these two.



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A Aubusson Rug Will Never Lose Its Appeal!

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A Aubusson Rug Will Never Lose Its Appeal!

The Aubusson rug has appear in abounding altered styles over the years, with its contempo acceptance peaking with the Aubusson sculptured absolute rug in the 1980s and 1990s. Here is a abbreviate account of altered Aubusson rugs you may appear across:

* Aubusson silk rug. Aubusson silk rugs accomplished their acceptance in the 1920s and 1930s. Walter Nichols was a acclaimed English importer of Aubusson art deco appearance rugs. Reportedly his aggregation alien up to 3,000 breadth rugs a ages at the acme of the appeal for Aubusson art deco rugs. Nichols acclimated Aubusson absolute but acclimated machines to circuit the absolute which fabricated them stronger. He acclimated German dyes for admirable continued abiding colors. Imagine the contentment of a rug beneficiary if he finds the arrangement ÒMADE IN CHINA BY NICHOLSÓ on a semi-antique art deco rug!

* Aubusson Chinese rug. The Aubusson rugs are alike with quiet, acceptable taste. Aubusson rugs in fact gets their afflatus from a French town, Aubusson, which had its rug-making heyday aback in the 1600s. The Aubusson silk and wool mixed rug is a adornment rug application absolute yarns.

* Aubusson dragon rug. If you anticipate of a Aubusson dragon rug, you're apparently apperception a Aubusson sculptured rug that is done Peking style, with Aubusson symbols and animals. This is a absolute rug that is heavily askance and again stylistically ÒcarvedÓ (trimmed) about the absolute symbols of the rug to accord it a 3D effect. This Peking appearance rug accomplished a aiguille in the 1980s and 1990s but had been eclipsed by simpler Tibetan rug designs of the after 1990s and 2000s.

* Aubusson persian silk rug. While you ability anticipate that with China's history of cottony that Aubusson cottony rugs go aback a ways, truthfully, their acceptance is a contempo trend due to America's embargo on cottony rugs from Persia (Iran). Now that this embargo has been lifted, it will be absorbing to see how the antithesis works its way out amid Persian rugs from China or from Persia! None the less, China fabricated acceptable use of that time, importing admirable cottony rugs application aged patterns from Iran.


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Aubusson rug hooking kit and method for handicapped

Aubusson rug hooking kit and method for handicapped

A kit for making an aubusson rug comprised of a backing made of a flexible yet stable material with offset, intermittent holes, a hook with a handle, embroidery needle, yarn, diagrams and written instructions, all of which are packed in a bag or box. The silk rug also discloses a method of making a hooked rug comprised of filling in each backing hole following a chart or a pattern drawn or stamped on the backing and using a continuous length of yarn drawn through the offset intermittent holes to provide the effect of a hooked rug random looping.

This aubusson rugs relate to a craft kit, specifically hand rug hooking and needle art.

Traditional rug hooking dates back to the beginning of our country, when women often used old clothing to make floor coverings. The clothing was cut into strips and the strips were pulled through burlap or jute with a crude type of hook. The burlap or jute were actually discarded feed bags. As time went by, hooking rugs became an art, wherein women dyed old clothing, cut them into strips and made designs with them on burlap. Today the same craft is performed by many large hooking clubs throughout the country.

The traditional technique of making a hooked rug is as follows. A backing comprised of jute, burlap or monk cloth is first provided. Since this type of backing is woven, there are no noticeable holes in the backing. To make persian silk carpets with this technique, an instrument called a hook is used. An example of a hook used for hand hooking rugs may be seen in U.S. The Bailly hook produces a series of continuous loops made of yarn or fabric pulled through a canvas backing. Because the backing has very little stability, a taut stretching of the area being hooked is required. A hoop, which are two large round or oval rings, is usually used to produce the tautness. The backing material is held taut between these two rings. Another method of holding the backing taut is by stretching the aubusson rugs across the hooker's lap with the hooker sitting on both ends of the rug.


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Aubusson rug with contours

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Aubusson rug with contours

A aubusson rug having contours on the aubusson surface for the purpose of reducing the chance of a user slipping during aubusson is disclosed. The woven characteristic of the aubusson rug provides for some moisture absorption and the contours provide additional gripping for the user of the rug to help reduce the chance of slipping due to moisture accumulation on the rug, due, for example, to perspiration.

An existing solution to this problem is the use of an aubusson rug, often called a silk rug, yoga rug or an ashtanga rug, which is either placed on top of the aubusson mat, or used in lieu of an aubusson mat. The aubusson rug absorbs sweat, therefore decreasing the slipperiness of the aubusson surface. The most common aubusson rug is usually woven in a loom using a balanced weave. Although aubusson rugs absorb some sweat and condensation, there still exists the problem of slippage on the wet surface, which slippage makes a workout less effective and increases the risk of injury.

The present silk and wool mixed rug relates, in a first aspect, to a woven aubusson rug including contours woven into the rug in order to reduce the likelihood of slipping while exercising on the aubusson rug of the present invention. The contours reduce slippage by contacting various parts of the user's hands and feet and serving as a gripping surface to hold the user's hands and feet in place on the aubusson rug even if the aubusson rug has become wet, due, for example, to perspiration.

Thus, it is an objective of certain embodiments of the invention to provide an improved aubusson rug design which increases the stability and efficient movement of an user by reducing slipping due to moisture on the aubusson rug.

Advantageously, the contours of the persian silk rug  are oriented substantially perpendicular to the longer dimension of the rug  since generally the longer dimension of the rug  corresponds to the direction that the user will face when using the aubusson rug  , as discussed above. For example, the ridges  are oriented substantially perpendicular to the direction that the user will face. The ridges  reduce slipping by contact various parts of the user's hands and feet and serving as a grip to hold the user's hands and/or feet in place on the aubusson rugs  when the user has been perspiring.


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Cheap Aubusson Rugs Are Also Attractive

Cheap Aubusson Rugs Are Also Attractive

We all like to see the beautiful homes and our case for us, this means that we use to add a project to play a character, a part of our room. TOne such item that many people feel gives a home an air of comfort is that of carpets and rugs. While you buy different types of rugs you may want to have some cheap aubusson rugs in your home as well.

Now, while many people are wall to wall carpet, to their homes feeling of comfort and luxury, and there are others who feel that all kinds of carpet flooring can achieve this effect. For all of these people adding rugs be they cheap aubusson rug or other wise is a good way to change the look of a room.

Now just because a silk rug bears the title of “cheap” it does not lower the quality of the aubusson rug or your home. That is unless you simply buy a silk and wool mixed rug that looks cheap in its quality. As there are so many different aubusson rugs for sale you can be sure that you will be able to find one or even a few that will fit your budget.


You will be able to choose from a wide variety of cheap persian silk carpets that are both synthetic and man made. The synthetic aubusson rugs sometimes have the ability to last for a longer time but when you look into buying cheap aubusson rugs that are made from natural fabrics then you will have aubusson rugs that are in tune with your environment.

There are many cheap aubusson rugs that you can use in your homes. Braided rugs can be used to add a many hued color and texture to various rooms as they bring memories of the early American settlers to mind. Sometimes you can also find good quality second hand cheap aubusson rugs like Persian rugs.

With so many choices of carpet in the market, you can always find a variety of cheap aubusson carpet, you can use your home each and every part. The best part about many of these cheap aubusson rugs is that they look very similar to their more expensive cousins. This means that you can still decorate your home the way you want without having to go all out for the very expensive items in life. Cheap aubusson rugs are a great alternative to expensive wall to wall carpeting and expensive aubusson rugs too.


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