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Charged With Unlawful Weapons Possession

The State of Tennessee has several laws regarding illegal possession of a weapon. Gun crimes are very serious offenses, and if you have been charged you should contact a Memphis criminal defense lawyer to discuss your http://flb.ru/view/3/1.html - more info - case. This article will explain how Tennessee weapons possession laws work, their elements, and their punishment.

It is a felony to possess or employ a firearm during the commission of or the attempt to commit a dangerous felony. "Dangerous felony" can include offenses like attempted murder, carjacking, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated burglary, and drug possession with intent. That means that in addition to the underlying felony, a person who has or uses a firearm during that felony can be charged in a seperate offense. The additional gun charge can be either a Class C or D felony punishable from 2-15 years. Many of these laws in fact have mandatory minimum prison sentences anywhere from 3-10 years, with no possibility of probation or judicial diversion. That means that, if convicted,prison time must be served and the defendant cannot later have the charge removed from his or her record. In addition, the sentence must run consecutive to the underlying offense, which means it doesn't start until after the first sentence ends.

Carrying a gun on school property with intent to go armed is an E felony punishable from 1-6 years. Additionally, it is a misdemeanor to carry a firearm on a public park, playground, civic center, or government affiliated recreational area. As you can see there are numerous situations where an individual can be charged with a weapons crime in Tennessee. Whatever the facts, a Memphis criminal lawyer can analyze the case to determine what the best strategy should be.

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