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Metro-Detroit roofers in First Lady's private box at the State of the Union

How do two roofers (brothers Robert and Gary Allen) get invited to attend the State of the Union address seated in the private box of First Lady, Michelle Obama? The answer is a reinvention of their own business to include a new solar roofing kit product. Specifically, an easy to install solar roofing kit for residential use.

Luma Resources is a sister company to Allen Brothers, Inc., and was established to handle an award winning solar kit roof that was developed by Gary and Robert Allen. Luma proudly received a $500,000 Recovery Act grant to hire workers and produce their new solar roofing kits, allowing them to keep their idea pure and on track with their vision without seeking outside resources. Rather than going with full automation, the processes at Luma are labor intensive. But less so that the traditional solar installation would be.

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The Allen brothers.

have tackled some of the biggest problems with solar panel roofing with their system.

CostIntegration with current roofing / aestheticsEase of installation

There should be some cost savings for the customer during an install as the labor requirements are so much lower. Due to the modular kit style of this product, most general contractors will be able to do this installation with minimal effort.

The integration of this product with current roofing materials is accomplished by using shingles removed to install the product - so they 100% match what you currently have on your roof.

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A perfect example of real world, hands-on knowledge combining to create a practical workable solution has resulted in a win-win-win for southeastern Michigan. Green jobs were created. A real and viable solution for people seeking a solar solution to meet their needs was invented. Recognition of this achievement will be given at a national level during a nationally televised event.

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