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Good Web Design Matters

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"We understand first impressions are rather important," says Dr. Hong Sheng, assistant professor of business and information technology at Missouri S&T. "As more people use the Internet to search for information, an user's first impressions of a site can determine http://www.springer-marketing.com/website-design.html - look at here now whether that user forms a favorable or unfavorable view of that organization."

Great website design is an integral part of a business. Alas, many business owners don't take it seriously enough to locate a qualified designer. I am unable to tell you exactly how many sites I have found that have the following problems:

Non working Links

This may apply to anything from menu tabs to footer tabs and anything in between that appears to become a hyperlink but takes you nowhere.

Chaotic Content

Low-Quality or Just Plain BAD Logos

Drew them http://www.springer-marketing.com/website-design.html - try this out on the spot after the emblem seems like it's bad quality or like a kid.

Too Many "Distractions"

Flashing, Seems, Pop up Ads, etc. in every nook and cranny. Where can you go? What do you really do? Leave!


Everywhere you look it seems there are many misspelled words.

Bad Taste

There is simply no explanation for poor taste. So many colours, type styles and pictures that don't mesh well together.

Pages that take forever to load

I am waiting. I am waiting. Good-bye.

HTML Code Mistakes

Most webpages are written in HTML code. The search engines will likely not have the ability to index your website, if your code contains errors and it'll not be found.

Browser Issues

Your site may look utterly different once you look at it in different browsers.

When you're in the market for a site, it would be best to let someone with the knowledge and expertise in site development to manage all the details an amateur would never even understand to do. This way you wind up with a good looking and great - working website.

When making a site I make certain to cover ALL the required bases, whether it's apparent to the client or not. Otherwise I will not feel like I have done my job as an experienced site designer.

Lesson: You always need to check your website against many other browsers to make sure it appears the same.

Sometimes it may be an overwhelming job to obtain it just right, but very important.

My goal is to produce a unique representation of each client with the outcome being their complete satisfaction guaranteed. My customers can also expect me to set whatever time and effort is necessary to get the job done ''just the way that they want it''. In the long run, the sites I develop are browser friendly, search engine friendly and code compliant.

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