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A range is not an everyday purchase, so when buying it should be a great find. Introduce your kitchen to the Gallery Series 30" sells a GasRange with a 5 Cu. Ft. convection oven. Anyone out looking for a new oven will find this cooking marvel one of the best values on the market. Get it in great colors, black and silver.

Oven size:

The range has a height of 45.75 in. Burner plates are made of cast iron, with the oven being self-cleaning. This stove has lots of rack space for cooking large items. Holiday cooking is a cinch with the help of the oven timer and temperature settings. The range weighs about 200 lbs with an oven sized 19-1/8 standing at a height 18-5/8, large enough for any dish.

It is a high quality product with great cooking features. This range is energy efficient and a value to purchasers. The stove burners work efficiently and light with ease. Cooking utensils are easily moved across the stove. If there is a concern about even cooking, this range handles any dish nicely. One side of a dish on other cooking surfaces might become uneven and cause food to turn out poorly or to burn. Fortunately, this cooking product is a true cooking utensil. Special cooking pots are larger than most and even these are easy to transport from burner to burner with this gas range. High heat will not maintain some cooking products but the slow burner is an easy way to maintain cooking temperature for pressure cookware.


It is easy to rave about this range. The clock is built in, it is LP convertible and it carries a probe temperature control. While food cooks, you can see everything, thanks to an oven light. The stove carries a delay bake setting which really helps a cook out with time cooking and it has a speed cook and warmer. Designers thought of every cooking scenario. Set start and end time when cooking and move on to other household needs.

The Gallery Series 30" GasRange has a 5 Cu. Ft. convection oven and is easy to clean making it a wonderful asset in the kitchen. This gas range is lovely. The finish is durable, difficult to scratch and sized to fit any kitchen. No worry about removing cabinets to make it fit, colors available blend in any kitchen, accenting any kitchen.

Customer service is good about assisting customers with any detail about this gas range. If the Gallery Series 30" GasRange has a 5 Cu. Ft. convection http://hvac.trainingpatrol.com/hvac-training-in-east-irvine-ca-hvac-certification-california/ - Heating Irvine CA - oven. If not adjusted to the cooking style expected, a little adjusting of the flame solves the problem. The range can be matched with other appliances, coordinating a fantastic looking combination.


Unfortunately, this oven does not have the convenience of a burner pan. This accessory is an added purchase.

Cleaning is a little more work than expected; grates must be removed to clean.

Vent slots let cooking debris in but no way to clean.

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