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Culinary Canvas features bold and beautiful food art | Slideshow

Cinco de Mayo!


Rainy Day

Red cabbage along with carrot stems develop a colorful homage for an elegant beverage.

Easter Egg Basket


This cute little sea creature was made via watermelon, lemon zest, spinach, along with cucumbers. 

This small green hummingbird can be certainly one of Purnell's favorites. Basil, mint and also avocado form the base of the bird which feasts about raspberry blossoms.


Lauren Purnell/Culinary Canvas

Red Wine


Lauren Purnell/Culinary Canvas



Lauren Purnell/Culinary Canvas

Lauren Purnell/Culinary Canvas

Tour Eiffel

Lauren Purnell/Culinary Canvas


Lauren Purnell/Culinary Canvas

Made through carrot stems, this mini monument is an ode for you to among Paris' the majority of iconic landmarks.

This fruity margarita gives new meaning to the idea of your fruit cocktail. Purnell created the design along with pineapple, lettuce, cucumber, as well as mint.



Sea Turtle

This fruit basket made along with cantaloupe, limes, strawberry, mango, radish, carrots and also mint may end up being the real deal.

Lauren Purnell/Culinary Canvas




Lauren Purnell, the Canadian-based student, produces edible pieces associated with art making use of meals we cook together with every day. Your Ex blog Culinary Canvas pays tribute towards the beauty of employing refreshing ingredients to create one thing delicious. 


Lauren Purnell/Culinary Canvas

A floral delight that's fairly sufficient to consume created along with papaya, cucumber along with spinach.

Lauren Purnell/Culinary Canvas

Culinary Canvas features bold and exquisite meals art

This super reasonable tree is a leafy mix of kale and fennel using a sturdy rhubarb drunk. 


Lauren Purnell/Culinary Canvas

This jewel-toned butterfly looks just as delicate as the real thing. Cabbage wings surround the cucumber body.

A small rain never hurt anybody, specially when you've this kind of cute umbrella crafted  from grapefruit, lime as well as lemon rinds together with parsley grass under foot.