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Holga Fine Art reproduction now at Fine Art America site

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I am nonetheless inside the procedure for fine-tuning my galleries, keywording and check involving my perform there. This particular is a great possibility to spend cash on reproductions involving my award-winning Holga images. in your next couple regarding days I is likely to be investigating how to offer discounts like a celebration of earning this new technique of revenue available.

My Holga Toy Plastic Camera fine art prints have become available at Fine art America(

Images are arranged by theme. I'm continuing to add images and also is planning to be rescanning many via my archives in order that I may provide these phones you. A Few you have seen yet others you've not!

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I hope you'll visit. I additionally hope you'll provide feedback around the web site as well as feedback on your own own visit.

Thank you!

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bookworm113How would you help to make these speed drawing videos anyone find in youtube? I have a webcam but would you just video yourself drawing after which fast forward it? Or Even do you've to complete something more?

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fallenangel666Is the monalisa some guy in disguise?

elmo roxWhat is the most gross graffiti art you've eva read?

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Done. in no way again.Why are team colors so often opposites about the color wheel? I understand certainly not all, nevertheless it seems many.

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ds497706Does anybody understand what the name(s) regarding this sculpture, vase, and also helmet are? Here's a pic below:

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WoOZackWoOI don't think about this art, do you?

rockCan anyone draw 3D drawings?

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debtahals wears the curiosity COATFor artists: have you actually submitted your own artwork or style regarding use on official postage stamps or perhaps special coins, medals or medallions? In the event that not, could you contemplate it?

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RyanJKWhat type associated with art is really a woodburned mural involving amsterdam inside the 1800's along with pearl regarding inlay for the windows as well as oil lamp, 2-D flat surface. I dont realize that specific categories regarding kinds of art as well as am having a difficult time researching this around the net.

Miss Anubis loves this seasonWhat are any handful of classic images used in Japan and also Chinese artwork aside in the Dragon?

MendtosHave an individual actually produced your own posters out of a blown up image which you liked?

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keithold is a prodigal baggerWhich famous museum includes a glass sculpture through I. M. Pei out the front?

JoleneIn my head i see the yr and many kinds of it's several weeks inside a specific shape. The Particular several weeks likewise have their own colour and thus do numbers... will there be any psychological term pertaining to this along with could it be common?

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Lemonyellow Di VintageIs love an art?

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Trisha Had your ex babyWhat facet of your coronary heart would you draw first?

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imadWho painted the actual monalisa

FiReMAN666Is Ringatti a new real person? An ebay seller claims Ringatti would end up being a "reclusive" mask maker along with peddler from your Twin Cities, MN that is currently dead. The Lady can be promoting his masks on ebay. Provides anyone from your Twin Cities actually satisfied this Ringatti?

by natasha on July 20th, 2008 | one answer | inside Artwork (General)

natashaMany years back in the Isabelle Stewart Gardner museum, I found the portrait of your girl with stunning red chair, believe it had been a new Rembrant - however, not sure. Would like to know the identify of painting and artist. Thank you.

sunniebgiI am inheriting some reproduction artwork paintings. These People range in grow older from concerning 20years to 60years old. I must find out how to completely clean them regarding dust and also crime which includes collected more than the actual years.

elmo roxIf you have at any kind of time completed garffiti what did it say ? (not which includes tags i meani dont want you to court)

Liz1234What artists/Designers possess used text in their work?

Jed MerrillIf a person might be painted through any kind of famous artist, who does it be?

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