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Denver Estate Planning Attorney

This is a introduction video about estate planning, probate attorney's and much more.

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In this live event we plan on answering the following questions.

What does an Estate Planning Attorney Do?

What does a Probate Attorney Do?

How much does an Estate Planning Attorney Cost?

How much does a Probate Attorney Cost?

On our panel we will have the leading Denver Estate Planning Attorneys as well as the leading Probate Attoreny's in Denver.

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Humor :: One liners funny like never before

When was the last time you had a hearty laugh? If you don't quite remember, don't worry because you will be spending the next fifteen minutes of your life laughing like never before. Given below are the compilations of some of the one liner funny that will surely bring a smile on your face. You must have come across these one liners funny before also, but no matter how many times you read them you will surely laugh upon them. We try to make you laugh with these one liners funny so that you forget all your worries and just enjoy with these funny liners, this will rejuvenate you to some extent that you will feel fresh.

Some of the compilations of one liner funny are given below:

oSome cause happiness wherever they go and some whenever they go.

oLight travel faster than sound, may be that's why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

oHow's it possible that it takes only one matchstick to initiate a forest fire, but when you want to start a campfire, you go through an entire box.

You must have come cross the above one liners funny earlier also, but as many times you come across these liners they will make you laugh like never before.

If you have a love life or you don't have one, you can make use of these love quotes to. If your girlfriend or boyfriend is upset with you on something, or you guys had a fight on some issue, than you can make use of these love quotes to solve the problems or issue between you or to express your love to the special one. Of course, romance is not a seasonal thing. The arrows of love can strike any time, anywhere to anyone and you of course cannot wait for a holiday to express your feelings. So, it's better to go online and find some love quotes for the same.

Some of the love quotes that can be used are:

oI would fly up to the moon and back, if you'll be... You' ll be mine baby.

oI love you; those three words have my life in them.

Sometimes after splitting up with your loved ones, one needs to express the feeling to them, but is unable to do that, than he/she can get the break up quotes to express those feelings.

Some of the breakup quotes are:

oLove is never lost. If not reciprocated. It will flow back and soften and purify the heart.

oSome of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is worth letting go.

In the same way you can find the quotes on different subjects or issues, like quotes one liner as discussed earlier, one liners, blog out love if you want to express your love to the loved one, teasing quotes to tease someone, quotes on love as given above.

You can choose from a whole lot of bunch available on the site. So go and sign in. The choice is all yours.

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Instagram has a problem it needs to solve if it wants to be an ad platform

There's no question that Instagram has become a massive platform for sharing images since it was acquired by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion: According to the company, it has over 300 million active users, and more than 70 million photos are shared every day. Over the past year, Instagram has made a number of moves to turn that user base into a revenue-generating machine and a full-fledged media platform, by adding advertising and news-related features like its recently launched "Explore" page.

In the midst of all this growth, however, the company has also been fighting a rising tide of spam and fraud. It recently purged a huge number of fake accounts, and many users saw their follower count plummet at a result. But despite that purge, Instagram still has a significant problem with fake and spam accounts, according to a research paper published earlier this month.

The researchers, a group of Italian security analysts, looked at more than 10 million Instagram users who had posted a total of over 570 million images, likes, and comments. They also bought about 20,000 spam­-bots or automated accounts from 10 different online vendors. Based on this research, their conclusion was that almost 30% of the service's accounts are inactive (one item posted or less), and an estimated 8% of the total behave like automated spam or fraudulent accounts.

Instagram bots

In their paper, the researchers describe the huge shadow ecosystem that has grown up around Instagram, with brokers offering to sell thousands or even hundreds of thousands of fake accounts, as well as fake or spammy activity such as likes and follows. One ad offers "100% real people, no password required, money-back guarantee" and promises delivery of 1,000 followers for $12.99. Another service offers 2,000 followers on the platform for $19.99 and promises delivery in 1 to 5 days.

In total, the researchers said they found close to 200 services that were selling followers as well as activity. Many are just websites with spammy marketing claims, but others are fairly sophisticated operations that use freelance-work or crowdsourcing platforms such as Fiverr and SeoClerks to provide content and users for their operations, and offer payment options like PayPal and Bitcoin. Their servers are set up to add followers, likes, and comments from thousands of fake accounts.

Instagram bot services

Many of these providers have apparently also developed sophisticated software and hardware solutions to the restrictions that Instagram imposed in its recent purge. They offer the equivalent of spam bot-nets, with multiple IP addresses, geographically separate and even automatically randomized.

As the paper points out, the kind of social following that prominent users can command on platforms like Instagram, Facebook


, and Twitter


can translate directly into advertising and promotional revenue, since brands of all kinds are increasingly interested in users who have large followings, as a way to generate word-of-mouth marketing for their products. Some hotels, for example, will offer free rooms and other services to users who have a large number of followers or activity on their accounts.

"This wide (and completely legal) marketplace features a variety of websites engaged in a fierce price war to allure customers eager to become super­popular in the social media universe. In reality, despite their claim to 'provide only real, unique and active Facebook likes,' such services use aggressive strategies such as spamming, bots and other automation to actually pollute social media and deliver false promises. This is a very competitive black market dealing with a precious commodity: a worldwide social media audience."

Major brands are already spending millions of dollars a month on Instagram because their content appears to generate much higher levels of engagement--clicks, likes and comments--from users on that platform compared to Twitter or even Facebook. And the company continues to appeal to advertisers with new features and offerings. Based on the volume of users and revenue the company is pulling in, some analysts say Instagram's market value could be as high as $35 billion. But how much of that is based on fraudulent or spammy activity?

The Italian research report seems to indicate that this kind of behavior still makes up a significant proportion of Instagram's user base, even after its attempt to clean house. And that could be a problem for the company as it tries to expand its ad and media business.

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100 Funny Siri Commands You Can Ask

Siri is a knowledge navigator and it works as an Apple application. What this application does, is to use user interface that has natural language to make recommendations, answer questions as well as perform actions. There are so many things that can be done by Siri such as, funny siri moments, funny siri conversations, secret siri commands, funny siri responses, funny siri tricks. There is also some funny stuff siri says. Siri is fun and can also be useful and a great help to you. The best thing with siri is that all you have to do is speak and it will give an answer.

Funny Siri - You Will Never Know the Answer!

siri funny

1. Are you human?

Siri replies: Close enough, I'd say

2. What are you wearing?

Siri replies: Why do people keep asking me this

3. How much do you cost?

Siri replies: You can't afford it

4. Are you man or woman?

Siri replies: I was not assigned a gender

5. What are you doing after work today?

Siri replies: I'm talking with you

6. Make me a sandwich

Siri replies: I'm not permitted to prepare food

7. When will pigs fly?

Siri replies: When they grow wings


100 Funny Siri Commands

siri funny

1. What are you?

2. Did you just fart?

3. What's up?

4. Shut up!

5. How are you?

6. You are a loser

7. You look sexy

8. You are an idiot

9. Do you have any plans for tonight?

10. Where did I place my keys?

11. Call me sweetheart

12. Where are you?

13. I love you

14. Who is your daddy?

15. Do you want to make out?

16. Can you be my designated driver?

17. What exactly do you look like?

18. I want to touch your butt

19. You smell like a cow dung

20. Are you wearing a wig?

21. Do you think you are smarter than I am?

22. Why am I here?

23. Are you a pimp?

24. Where are you from?

siri funny25. Are you talking dirty to me?

26. Why don't you tell me a story?

27. Are you her?

28. I want you to sing me a song

29. Tell me something funny

30. Take a picture

31. Where do you live?

32. Where is this place?

33. Do you think Santa claus really exists?

34. Find a coffee shop along the route

35. Find a supermarket near home

36. Am I there yet?

37. What are you wearing?

38. Want will you be doing later?

39. Is it going to rain?

40. Are you going to pay for dinner?

41. I need something to drink.

42. You are funny

43. Merry Christmas

44. I am drunk

45. What is the name of your mum?

46. So you know me

47. Don't be silly

48. Will you like to go on a date?

49. What is your favorite drink?

50. Is that you Michael?

51. Do you think you are loyalty?

siri funny52. Are you Edward of Arabia?

53. Do not chew with your open

54. Is a bus that big?

55. Are you going to eat your vegetables?

56. You are a fool

57. We should date other people

58. Can I borrow your car?

59. We look alike

60. Leave me alone

61. Get out

62. Are speaking to me?

63. Why are you looking at me?

64. You are beautiful

65. You look lovely

66. You actually need a hair cut

67. I am going to eat you alive

68. Get a life

69. Get a job

70. Are you fair?

71. Why don't you look in the eye?

72. Your breath is awful

73. I want you to scratch my back

74. Are you dating him?

75. Where do you think babies come from?

76. I am tired

77. Can I test you

78. You are right

79. I am sorry

80. Who is Jennifer

siri funny81. What is the problem?

82. Talk to me

83. Happy Birthday

84. Are you a fool?

85. You think like a girl

86. Do I look good in this outfit?

87. Can you drive?

88. Will you marry me?

89. Your rent is late

90. Pay your bills

91. Stop acting are a fool

92. Stop being foolish and start using your head

93. Are you okay?

94. Tell me something good

95. Is there anything new?

96. Why not me?

97. Are you female?

98. Where is the problem?

99. Stop it!

100. Can I talk to you?

What Siri Actually Can

Actually, Siri can help you there are a number of thing that Siri can do for you, all you have to do is ask. Below are some of these things.

Opening apps

You say Launch a calculator and the calculator will open. You do not have to press on the button, all you have to do is tell siri the application that you want to open and it will be opened.

Changing your settings

This is new, you can change some settings by just speaking the request. These settings include, Turn on the Airplane mode, Turn off WiF, Turn on Bluetooth. It is also possible to make some adjustment to the screen such as making it brighter or Dim. Siri actually makes life easier.

Reading emails to you

Siri is able to read full emails. If you say, read my new email or read my latest email. Siri is going to read all your recent email. Siri can also walk back through your inbox and even tell you the subjet as well as who sent it. You can also compose a new message and sent it to whomever you want.

Search and play music

All you have to do is speak and say the name of the album that you wish to play and siri will play the music.

Search movie facts

If you want to know the movies that are going to open during the week, you can ask siri and siri will reply to telling you the movies that will be opening.

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Funny video of LA men gawping at women's butts goes viral.

London, August 19 ( ANI ): A couple of attractive ladies, one of

whom attached a hidden camera to her behind, have busted passers-by in

Los Angeles who perve at their posteriors and then posted the footage


Model and actress Reanin Johannink begins her expose by asking

people to ponder how much strangers stare at you when you're not


"Hey guys, have you ever wondered what happens behind your

back? Well, we've figured out a way to bust check out

the 'ass cam'," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

With the so-called 'ass cam' attached, the women hit the

Californian streets to catch unsuspecting voyeurs.

The ensuing footage, which was posted on, provides

shocking evidence of how many strangers do gape.

While some passers-by seem to take a cheeky glance, others are more

brazen - turning back around to really stare at the brunette's


The hilarious video also catches some men who are out with their

partners stealing lingering glances at the woman's curves.

While riding an escalator, one woman appears to fully focus on the

bugged woman's backside.

However, online commentators were quick to point out that at least

some of the people in the video were intrigued not by the woman's

bum but puzzled as to why she has a camera attached to it. ( ANI )


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