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Jodi Murphy Dog Grooming Products, Instructional DVD Series & Books

For those with a passion and compassion for canines, a dog care business may provide just the right mix of profits and personal fulfillment. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the demand for animal care and service workers, including pet groomers, was predicted to increase 15% from 2012-2022, which is faster than average ().

Think about it: you have to fill the tub, get a reluctant dog out of hiding, commence with the bath (including the soak, suds, scrub and rinse), dry your wet dog and, finally, clean up. And, if your dog has a beautiful long-flowing coat, a good complete combing and brushing will also be necessary.

In a last minute, holiday weekend "our regular dog sitter canceled for some unknown reason and we already had tickets to fly cross country the next day" emergency, I contacted Beth, on a recommendation, in a panic.


If you let us know that your dog has biting or other nervous issues, we will take every precaution we can. We always try to detect fleas and ticks on a dog prior to beginning the bathing/grooming process. If we need to re-bath your dog an associated charge will be added as this adds additional time to the grooming process and for the fumigating clean-up process to clean the shop afterwards. We are successful in removing about 95-100% of the skunk odor, depending on how much and where your dog was sprayed.

Congratulations again to the winners, you will all receive a free grooming package good at any Best Friends Pet Care location Thank you so much to everyone who participated! There are specific dog ear cleaning products available online or in pet stores that you can to use.

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