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SEO & Proper Site Architecture by Bradley Knell

When we mention website architecture, we are discussing the style & layout of the websites. There are some points that Google has a tough time with and so preventing them is simply plain smart both from a site visitor viewpoint (vpov), as well as an online search engine viewpoint (sepov).

You desire an internet design that looks wonderful and attract the human eye, so visitors stay a while and also return commonly. I understand this is needed. The issue is that frequently what is appealing to the human eye is not so enticing to Google's formula. This can develop troubles acquiring your websites to place well in the search engines.Google takes a look at text when it sees your internet pages. It doesn't"see" photos and it does not understand moving pictures also well. It views message material on the web page and in the code of the page -very little else. Sites that make heavy use of such factors as "Flash"as well as "Java scripts "commonly have trouble obtaining decent position from Google.Now Google is beginning to get a"read"on java especially, and also in some cases utilizing it is okay. Positioning it correctly in the page code is crucial and also your internet developer should understand how you can do it. For java scripts you should put the script itself right into a file, which lives in the origin directory of the server. Then a link is merely positioned in the code of the page where the manuscript should be viewed, so the manuscript is telephoned through the hyperlink from the data in the root directory site of the site.Flash should only be made use of - - on a little section

of the website, not the whole web page! Blink data should include key words that Google is - - able to review. You see a a lot of guide pages that are nothing greater than relocating images, as well as they occupy the entire web page-keep away from these styles if you can.Static graphics ought to be maintained little so they are not driving individuals away since the page takes also

long to lots. If you have to use a big graphic file, create a separate web page that displays the larger variation of the picture and also make use of a small graphic link on the initial internet page.Another issue that, fortunately you don't see so commonly any longer, is something called"frameworks ". You recognize you are considering a"framed"websites when it appears there is a smaller sized, scrollable window installed in the bigger page of your browser window. It is really, a separate internet page.The trouble with structures is that Google needs to divide its Page Ranking analysis in between 2 pages as opposed to one. If the larger web page is being enhanced for a

certain collection of key words, as well as the mounted web page is not, this creates exactly what we call Web page Ranking Dilution. If Google gave a value rank of 4 to the bigger page, and simply 2 to the smaller sized mounted web page, the overall position of the page may simply be 3. For page content, use a color for the message that is not near to the background shade of the page. Black message on white background is most effectively.

Don't use a print font style smaller than 10 or 11. Both of these concerns can create Google to assume you could be 'spamming'its search engine.Links Ensure your web page links are message links, not graphic web links. Remember, Google reads message extremely well as well as it's attempting to supply web pages that a lot of precisely connect to a search


It does that by examining the page message content versus the query looked on. If - vhct - the partnership between the 2 is really precise, it will help your web pages rack up well.Links need to be located in your website menu( typically placed on top, or in the left or right pillar of the page. It's a great concept to also include the menu web links horizontally across the bottom of each page.

Hyperlinks should also be added in the body message of your pages wherever there is an occurrence of a key phrase or key phrase. Use these connect to link to various other web pages of your website which contain more info pertinent to those keyword links.Summary Web site design could often trigger issues when maximizing your site for Google. Strike an excellent balance in between aesthetic appeal as well as online search engine appeal for best results!Check with your web site design person and also make certain that care has been taken to guarantee none of the above are concerns with

your website. If they are, modify the site so they will not be an issue in the future.

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