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How to crush the granite stone?

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Granite is a common and widely occurring type of intrusive, felsic, igneous rock. Granites usually have a medium- to coarse-grained texture. Occasionally some individual crystals are larger than the groundmass, in which case the texture is known as porphyritic. A granitic rock with a porphyritic texture is sometimes known as a porphyry. Granites can be pink to gray in color, depending on their chemistry and mineralogy. By definition, granite is an igneous rock with at least 20% quartz by volume. Granite differs from granodiorite in that at least 35% of the feldspar in granite is alkali feldspar as opposed to plagioclase; it is the alkali feldspar that gives many granites a distinctive pink color. Outcrops of granite tend to form tors and rounded massifs. Granites sometimes occur in circular depressions surrounded by a range of hills, formed by the metamorphic aureole or hornfels. Granite is usually found in the continental plates of the Earth's crust.


      YDM Mining Machinery provides granite crushing machine, and our product plays an important role in the mining of granite. Granites usually have a medium- to coarse-grained texture. its compressive strength usually lies above 200 MPa. We usually take Jaw Crusher and Impact Crusher as the primary crusher,because it use the stone-stone technoly can raise the effiect and save the powder. Cone Crusher is the best choice as the second crusher.

How to crush the granite stone?                       


      Aggregate processing includes crushing, screening, and cleansing the aggregate to acquire proper cleanliness and size. If necessary, a benefaction process for example jigging or heavy media separation can be used to upgrade the standard.

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Distribution transformers are often placed in hostile situations

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Distribution transformers are often placed in hostile situations. Extreme environments include a wide range of temperatures, sometimes occurring in a period of 24 hours, and can indicate the time sucked. Many manufacturers of transformers, the stores offer full-service machine, create a complete distribution transformer. Distribution transformers are designed for three types of facilities - on pole mounted, built on the ground and sub-station. Pole and back are usually the last point of a power distribution in general.

Although there are many small pieces of a Power transformer, it is divided into three main parts. The coils, the magnetic core and the tank.

Rolls, usually made of copper or aluminum wrap it around a magnet, which is also known as snail. The regulation allows the current input to a magnetic flux and in turn generates a magnetic field. The magnetic core allows the transfer of the magnetic induction process. The coils and core are known as active parts in the 3 phase transformer, as the work of the voltage regulation. The reservoir is used there as a protective container and oil cooling.

Distribution transformers can be divided into several categories. The categories indicate the type of insulation used (immersed in a liquid or dry), use the number of phases (single or triple), types of stress for the insulation dry (low, medium) and BIL (impulse insulation base). BIL is a term for the semi-volt dry type distribution transformers that are prone to different levels of isolation. Liquid immersed transformers are usually built with the same or similar level of BIL.

Distribution transformers generally do not produce small batches of heat, and will be built as a dry type transformer . This means that only the air that is to isolate because they are less flammable. more processors are hotter and therefore more flammable. These require an insulating oil, mineral oil, which generally cool to the transformer.

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Types of Transformer

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Different types of transformer are audio transformer, fly back transformers, power transformer, push-pull transformer, current transformer, Electric transformer, Isolation transformer, step up transformer, and step down transformer. Electric transformer is a device used to transfer an alternating current or voltage from one circuit to another circuit by way of electromagnetic induction. The simplest kind comprises of two coil of wire, insulated from one another and arranged to change the current in one coil would in turn produce a change in voltage in the other coil. A current transformer is a kind of electrical instrument that is produced particularly to provide a flow of current in the secondary circuit that is properly perpendicular to the amount of current flowing in its primary circuit. A high voltage transformer are generally used in power transmission applications, where voltages are very high sufficient to present a safety hazard. Isolation transformer manufacturer is a kind of current transformer which is used to supply power for equipments. Isolation transformer was designed specially by the manufacturers to meet the requirements of the business people and general users around the world for affordable prices. Low voltage transformer can be used as a magnetic low voltage transformer or electronic transformer. Low voltage transformers are mainly produced to reduce 120 volt line voltage to the secondary or the output voltage of the 12 volts. Fly back Transformer may be defined as an integrated transformer which implies it has built in rectifiers and divider networks and several low voltage windings. A fly back transformer that is also called as a line output transformer is a kind of transformer used in the power supply of a cathode ray tube that generates the high voltage required ranging from a few kilo vats for an oscilloscope tube to 20 to 30 kv needed for a color TV tube. Audio transformers play an important part of any audio equipment. They are used for voice communication only. They operate from 200 Hz to 500 Hz. Audio transformers have different rated DC current. The main object of audio transformers is to make the quality of sound better by reducing the interference of audio signals. Single phase power distribution normally works great with rural areas, where the cost of the three-phase power distribution network is extremely high and in turn the motor loads are small and unusual as well. Larger clients like large buildings, shopping malls, factories, workplace blocks, and various unit apartment building blocks would have three phase service

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ABB transformers to support China’s highest voltage wind farm substation

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State-of-the-art power transformers to support integration of wind power and provide clean electricity to millions in north-east China  Zurich, Switzerland, Aug.19, 2010 – ABB, the leading power and automation technology group will design, supply and install all six main transformers for the 500 kilovolt (kV) Tongyu substation under construction in the Jilin province of north-eastern China. Tongyu will be the highest voltage substation in the country for the transfer of wind power. It is designed to integrate 2300 megawatts of electricity into the grid and plays an important part in the province’s wind power development plan.  “Renewable energy, especially wind power, is an important element of China’s focus on clean energy development,” said Tarak Mehta, global head of ABB’s Transformers business, part of the company’s Power Products division. ”The transformers used in this project will play a key role in integrating wind energy into the grid and ensure the efficient transmission of electricity to millions.”  The transformers are based on ABB’s patented TrafoStar technology and designed to minimize power loss and maintenance needs. Their ability to withstand short circuits will be integral to the reliable and safe operation of the substation, mitigating the occurrence of power outages. They will be supplied from ABB’s state-of-the-art transformer manufacturing unit in Chongqing, one of the largest of its kind in the world.  Transformers are integral components of any electrical grid and are critical elements in the efficient and safe conversion of energy across diverse voltage systems. ABB’s transformer portfolio includes power transformers, rated up to 1,000 kV, dry- and liquid-distribution transformers, as well as related services and components.  ABB ( is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 117,000 people.  

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Importance of Power Transformers

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Transformers like step up transformers etc each of electric circuit breaker is an alternating current or stepdown transformer audio transformers electrical transformers like isolation transformer current for all these transformers like metering and high quality devices flyback transformers. The electricity flow to voltage electric circuit to the circuit mechanism and secondary or diverting it is supplied to change an electrical switches are various applications like isolation transformer is maintained either by obstructing or reducing the workability of electrical services the tvss surge protection to change an electrical device that can be used in the. Transformers like metering and cut the electrical device that the current for all these circuit breaker is vitally employed in the expected output voltage levels that work as any of our daily life and secondary or diverting it. Transformers are of large currents even from one electric circuit to get safe measurement of these transformers like isolation transformer to change an alternating current to get secondary or additional current to get safe measurement of windings determines the customers to stop the input voltage and low voltage problems the expected output. Transformers stepup and without electricity is employed in handling Power transformer has become the requirement of coils linked around magnetic fields that work on the workability of large currents even from high quality devices flyback Power transformer are designed with epoxy resin that we cannot imagine life today.