Terms of Service (“TOS”) of the blogigo weblog service

provided by the blogigo.com of Zeppelinstr. 20, 28309 Bremen, Germany (“blogigo.com”)

§ 1 Scope ot the TOS

(1) All services provided by le blogigo.com on the blogigo weblog platform are based on these TOS. By using any service provided on the weblog platform or by registering for any of these services, this person (“user”) accepts these TOS.

(2) Le blogigo.com reserves the right to amend these TOS at any time without prior notice. For registered users the amendments are applicable if le blogigo.com informs the registered user and the registered user does not object to the amended TOS within 14 days.

§ 2 Description of Service

(1) Le blogigo.com offers a platform to registered users of blogigo that enables them to create and publish a special type of homepages (“weblogs”).

(2) The published weblogs and the weblog entries can be categorized in directories or presented on other websites by le blogigo.com. Weblogs entries can be commented by other users.

(3) Le blogigo.com reserves the right to display advertisements on the weblogs created by the users, such as banner or text ads.

§ 3 Prerequisite of Use

(1) The user warrants that all personal data provided during the registration process is complete and correct. In case the personal data changes the user is responsible for updating of his/her personal data by the blogigo menu provided. If a user does not fulfil this obligation, he/she has to bear any disadvantages resulting from this negligence.

(2) Each user is allowed to register at the weblog platform provided by le blogigo.com only once. By registering for this service the user warrants that he/she is not already registered at the weblog platform provided by le blogigo.com.

(3) The user warrants that he/she will use the weblog platform solely for non-commercial purposes and in accordance with all applicable laws.

(4) The user ensures that his/her login data is not disclosed to third parties. Le blogigo.com is not liable for any claims that are due to loss or disclosure of the login data.

(5) The user warrants that he/she owns the right to publish the content (such as text, images, files etc.) that he/she publishes through his/her weblog.

(6) The user accepts that the weblogs he/she creates and the content on these weblogs are made publicly available to other Internet users by le blogigo.com. The user accepts that the lawful content he/she publishes on his/her weblogs may be used by le blogigo.com for marketing its goods and services (especially within press reports or advertisements).

§ 4 Liability

(1) Le blogigo.com is not liable for the incessant accessibility of the weblog platform.

(2) Le blogigo.com is not liable for the up-to-dateness, correctness of contents or completeness of the information in the Internet platform.

(3) Le blogigo.com has no influence on layout and content of the Internet pages maintained by third parties, of the content produced by its users and of third parties' advertisings. Therefore, le blogigo.com does not accept any liability for such content, even if these pages are linked to. This includes all links on the service platforms, the contents advertisings (such as banners) and links lead to, as well as content produced by the users or third parties in guestbooks, discussion boards, forums, mailing lists, comment functions, polls and weblogs maintained by le blogigo.com.

(4) Le blogigo.com cannot be liable for any cause in law if neither its action was wilful or grossly negligent, nor a warranted characteristic was lacking. This also applies to servants, assistants or legal agents of le blogigo.com.

(5) In all other cases le blogigo.com can only be liable if major contractual obligations (cardinal obligations) are violated. In these cases liability is limited to the typically predictable losses or damages.

§ 5 Data privacy

During the use of the services provided by le blogigo.com, personal data of the user is stored by le blogigo.com. This data is used within the use of the weblog service and might be given to third parties in case of infringements by the user. It will not be given to third parties for advertising purposes or similar purposes. Le blogigo.com is enabled to analyse user data in an anonymised form. The le blogigo.com privacy regulations apply.

§ 6 Termination of contract

(1) There is no right to use or to register for the service of le blogigo.com.

(2) The user can terminate his/her membership at any time. Payments that were paid for services in advance will be refunded upon request.

(3) Le blogigo.com has the right to terminate a user's membership at any time and without stating the reason. Payments that were paid for services in advance will be refunded upon request if the user did not violate the TOS grossly.

§ 7 Miscellaneous

(1) For conclusion of contract and use of the weblog platform, German law applies.

(2) Place of fulfilment and place of jurisdiction is the company seat of le blogigo.com, if applicable. Le blogigo.com has the right to prosecute claims at any other court which is competent for this user.

(3) If any provision of the TOS is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, the parties nevertheless agree that the court should endeavour to give effect to the parties' intentions as reflected in the provision, and the other provisions of the TOS remain in full force and effect.