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How to Use Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonuses

Online gambling is not that easy to understand as it seems at first sight. Basically, the online casino compared to land-based is its digital analog, but in order to conquer the market, online casino providers develop bonus programs to attract more and more audiences. Online casino bonuses were developed not only to win the market of the online casino but to stimulate the desire of a player to cooperate. The best part is that among the whole internet you may find a big amount of competing companies which main purpose is to bring you the best conditions as it possible in order to increase its total amount of players. But you should not lose your head by accepting a bonus program which is the best in your opinion. Why? Because not many of real money online casinos can provide the benefits which they are promising. So, in order to enjoy the process of playing, use only trustworthy online casinos. It doesn't mean that the only casino that you can play is one of the top online casinos.

If you wish to try any online casino, then our advice will be for you to look for more information about the online casino operator, and always, I repeat, always check the terms and conditions before you accept any of bonus programs, even if you're accepting them at the top and well-known online casino provider. Not mentioning the possibility to play safe, remember that every provider has its own conditions and exclusive online casino bonuses, so you can find yourself confused if you accept the same condition from a different provider.

Wagering and Bonuses

In order to make a withdraw, you need to know the principle of wagering requirements. The basics of wagering requirements for bonuses are quite easy to understand, and every online casino is trying to make them as clear as possible to understand. But there are a few things that you have to know. First of all, you have to understand how these wagering requirements work. Let's say the online casino is letting you have a 100 CAD welcome bonus with 10x wagering requirements. It means that in order to make a withdraw, your total amount of played bet has to equal to 10x of the bonus sum (1,000 CAD). In other words, it's like you have to spin a slot 100 times with the total amount of a bet equal 10 CAD. It's one of the principles of how winnings can be withdrawn. Second is that if you have a 100 CAD bonus and a 50% deposit match bonus, you will need to make a 200 CAD deposit, which is 2 times sum of a bonus. 

Bonus restrictions

There is a possibility that you will meet games with restrictions to your bonuses. It means that the bonus will not stick to a certain kind of games, usually such as blackjack. We recommend you to check the terms and conditions of the game to ensure that the game fits the bonus requirements. If it doesn’t fit, then you will have problems with wagering. And if a bonus comes with weightings, it means that the amount of bonus is divided by a given percent.

Different Key Bonus Terms

It is common to find such term as the size of stakes. Usually, it's just a percentage of the bonus amount with a simple condition, like if your bonus would be 100 CAD, then your stacks had to be 25% or less. It's quite possible to find a maximum winnings limit, which means that the casino will make a limitation on the amount of your win when you play with bonuses. Online casino games have time limitations too, so don't let the game session to be ignored, because you will be having a possibility to lose all your won bonuses.


We highly recommend you to read the terms and conditions before you start to create your online casino account with a different online casino provider. The conditions are different from each operator and may bring different bonuses or unexpected situations. I hope that after reading this article you won't have many questions about how all of the conditions work, but in any case, try to learn everything you can before you start. Well, now you are now how normal casino bonuses look alike. Since now you know how to distinguish between trusted online casino promotions and rigged ones. For more online casino detailes and promotions visit the following website:

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