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Shopping Places in Kuta Bali

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Kuta BaliKuta Bali

Beside the beach, Kuta Bali also has many shopping places. The shopping place offer many items, local branded or the international one. Among the shopping centers located in Kuta, there are several places that deserve for you to try such as Discovery shopping mall and Kuta Art Market.

Kuta Bali

The locals must know the Discovery shopping mall. Located in Jalan Kartika Plaza, the main street in Kuta Bali, is known as one of the largest shopping malls in Island of God, or Bali Island. It is located beside the beach. It takes around 10 minutes from airport by car, and around 45 minutes from Bali’s capital city, Denpasar. You can find many boutique and fashion outlets from international or local brands. However, the popular international branded products apply the fixed price. Inside the mall, you can enjoy various food stall and see lots of type of cuisine options. If you miss your home cuisine, you probably will find it in Discovery Shopping Mall.

Kuta Bali

As for the alternative, you can try to come to Kuta Art Market. Located in Jalan Bakungsari, next to Kuta Sidewalk and right before Jalan Kartika Plaza, this small bazaar offers you various exotic handicraft and souvenir. If you come from the sands of Kuta Beach, you will easily find the market. This beachside bazaar contains six focal shops and a long house with many stalls inside. There are wide range of souvenirs and Bali ornaments like keychain, faux leather, Bali surfboard, shoes, Bali print T-shirt, sarongs, fabrics, fridge magnet, carving, threading, and another unique handicraft. Yet, you do not only find the local product. If you are interested to buy, you can bargain it. Are you interested in testing your bargain test in Kuta Bali? Try it in the Kuta Market. At least you will find out your actual skill. It’s fun!

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Kuta, Paradise for Vegetarians

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Kuta, Bali

Traveling to Kuta, Bali is kind of dream come true for some people. Well, some travelers may be vegetarians. Can they enjoy the traveling taste without feeling guilty? Don’t you worry; vegetarian travelers definitely can pamper their taste. Bali offers wide range of restaurants with wide range of prices also. However, if you are vegetarian, you must ensure that the restaurant visited serves vegetarian food. Here are only few references on restaurants providing menus for vegetarians. You may search for more options in the internet.

When you are in Ubud, Bali, you can go to Taksu Terrace Restaurant that offers you vegan menus besides seafood and Asian fusion. Well, the prices are quite expensive here. For the lower prices, you should visit Warung Sopa which serves not only Indonesian and vegetarian cuisines, but also Japanese and Spanish cuisines.
Earth Café is a vegetarian restaurant that is part of Down to Earth company. It has started the business on 2006 and offers you various healthy food and beverages. The prices are also not too expensive. Some of the menus are pumpkin soup, whole grain pita bread, vegan brownies, buckwheat pancakes, raw berry pies, whole grain pasta. Then, the beverages include smoothies, fresh squeezed orange juice, and caffeine-free mocha Java with soyamilk.

Kuta, BaliKuta, Bali.

Someplace Else Coffee Lounge is one cozy place to eat in Kuta, Bali. You can order Asian, international, and of course, vegetarian cuisines. Range of prices is still considerable also. Moreover, you may want to visit Happy Budha that is occupied Jl. Raya Kuta. This restaurant serves food which is looks and also tastes like meat but it is definitely not meat. Some of their menus are mushroom ball soup, the spicy but tasty mutton satay, roast duck veggie dish, and delicious avocado juice. They give inexpensive prices too. This restaurant is you must try when you visit Kuta, Bali.