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Sep 25, 2009 at 03:47 o\clock

The World inside your Studio

by: Henrywebster   Keywords: graphic, design, fashion

Last week, all I did was to be amazed with my photos. A friend of mine which is a professional photographer based in Los Angeles insisted to photographed me using his new Phase One P45 plus MF camera. I told him that I will only allow him to get me into prints if and only If he will take me in a location where flowers are all in bloom .I try to insist just to keep out from his lenses and told him that’s what I want it to be. He smiled at me and took me at the center, well I guess I cannot do anything but to make my best pose and wear some smile and that’s it, a flashy light with a shutter sound.  I try to ask him after what lighting equipment is he using, all I got was a whisper of “Profoto”.

                And yes I wasn’t expecting that my photo will appear as what I want it to appear though I know that the quality is good considering that he uses that Phase One P45+ thing and that Profoto lighting equipment. To my surprise I found myself in a common Alaskan Setting surrounded with wild flowers in white and purple. It appears fabulous for me. He told me that he have edited my photo and enhanced it by means of graphic application software (that I don’t know). 

                It is not my photo that I have posted here but I have found something in a fashion catalog which is akin to my how my picture was enhanced. Photo credited to Sebastian Taheri of Silver Image Studios Los Angeles. I believe this was taken inside their studio. The graphic enhancement of this photo resembles a very realistic setting; no doubt Taheri’s company is loved by most clients especially when it comes to fashion.

                Oops, I guess where getting far, my points in here are, first, I see graphic enhancement skills is such as an advantageous tool in the field of photography for the fact that you can have your desired location without going out and spending penny just to obtain your preferred setting. The entirety of the appearance of your image is definitely in your hands for you can change the things that you want to change. Just a last word for the photo above, I love how Sebastian Taheri and probably his graphic design team  enhanced the photo, and yes I also love how my friend bring me into my ideal setting.

Sep 25, 2009 at 03:42 o\clock

Style: It’s a Matter of being resourceful

If may not be happening everyday but surely it does every month. The world of fashion is just too fast that you may find yourself wearing the influence of stripes today and surprisingly you will find yourself with the sweet polka dots tomorrow.

                Being stylish is just a matter of being resourceful, and how is it being done? We have encountered and conducted several fashion-related photo shoots for different clients and we at Silver Image Studios Knows how fast the life in here becomes. For instance we do wardrobe styling for photo shoots and this requires us also to be always updated with the latest style, and how are we being guided of what particular wardrobe to endorse during the shoot?

                Our team is guided with fashion guidelines, predictions, reviews and all the necessary papers to make every shoot attuned with what is the latest. We always rest assured our clients that their products are properly being delivered in the form of photography.

 How being resourceful work out? Learn to read among fashion catalogs and take a look at an annual fashion book offered by different designers, and yes fashion catalogs, particularly the photos in it, a big help it maybe. Whatever your preference maybe, if you know how to look for it, surely you can get it.

                You may want to check out how we do wardrobe styling and how we make everything work smoothly. From the right choice of color, and the appropriate print, we at Silver Image Studios establish your own fashion sense.  We’re just a call away you may want to take your phone and give us a ring.


Sep 25, 2009 at 03:27 o\clock

The Secret beyond Successful Fashion Ad Campaigns

Literally, fashion Ad Campaign showcases the latest collection of a particular fashion brand. The fashion industry must admit that brand names such as Gucci and Roberto Cavalli ranks among the most successful when it comes to this craft. What must be the reason behind these? Probably a good advertising and Promotions Company, and an expert in the field of fashion photography, that’s it.

                I believe you are familiar with Roberto Cavalli’s Spring/Summer 2008 Ad campaign and probably you are have seen how it has transformed from loud animal prints to its flashy looks with the accents of delicate floras’, clingy fabrics, sheer chiffon and silk. If the photograph to be used in the Ad was not that superb, do you think that it would be effective as successful? Minimal it would be.

                Let us set it straight, an excellent photographer is indeed the most important element to lead an Ad campaign into a success. If this is so, how would you define an ideal photographer? Imagination should be the only limit that photographers should set especially when it comes to fashion photography, just take a look at how every photography junk compete with each other, everyone has their own unique concepts on how to take those images into prints. A good fashion photographer knows how to direct his or her models, he or she should know what particular angle is the best. Though photo enhancement is not the major concern of a photographer, he or she should direct his or her graphic design team. There comes the next secret of a successful fashion ad campaign.

                Let’s take another sample; take a look at this photo taken by Sebastian Taheri of for Italian fashion brand Zanetti. It was enhanced by his graphic design team. Graphic enhancement is very important for it adds up color and story to the photograph. By removing unnecessary and disturbing elements in the photograph, you are making it nearly perfect. In the case of the photographs taken from the Ad campaign of Roberto Cavalli graphic polishes were applied for the photo to appear soft. The notable color enhancement was also applied.

                A successful Fashion Ad campaign really starts from photograph first and promotions just comes next.

Sep 25, 2009 at 03:14 o\clock

Fashion: Imagination is the Limit

Paris is being crowded with people, fashion show spectators in particular, people who want to be witnesses of a grand event, a launching and introductory of soon to be fashion crazes. Two months prior to the catwalk event, the anticipation can be seen not only in the faces of different critics. It is written not only in faces, I mean it is written in big and bold fonts in newspapers and advertised in television. The bright spotlight is focused not in the skin of a human rather it showcases the finest fabrics engineered and perfected for the name of style and comfort.

As the final consumer you may not feel how pressure and competition works but truly it does exist, the pressure to come up with new clothing designs and how to arrange them in a different approach, undiscovered, unrepeated. Amidst these have your ever wonder how fashion designers come up with their own peculiar clothing designs?

Though our concerns at Silver Image Studios is just up to the extent of wardrobe styling for photo shoots we believe as what most fashion designers believe that everything is attainable when you set imagination as the only limit of everything. We definitely agree. If you limit yourself with what you just see you can never expect to be unique because being unique is discovering new styles, styles which have never derived from any other existing styles. Styling in the name of fashion is never tiring because as you see yourself evolve into a more fashion-looking person you develops a more confident you.

Imagination is the limit; this is how our competitive team deals with every photo shoot entrusted to us by our clients. We are never satisfied with how conventional strategies work, we reach farther and continuously improving our services in the field of fashion photography for better fashion catalog.

                You will know when you have used the best of your imagination when on a day of walking you have noticed your folks stare at you from head to foot and way back up.