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NBC's super-hit Medium has been on for 3 season's now and is met with raving reviews. The shows are both thought provoking, entertaining, and for the most part based on the real life medium Allison DuBois. Every week I watch and can't wait for the next episode to air. This last season provided us with some nail biting action, in which you actually found yourself worried for the characters that they would come out unscaved. Sometimes that is not the case.

This season started off, with Allison's middle child having frightening nightmares about a crime that had occurred. The only difference is, that it was in cartoon form. Maybe so her mind could handle better what she was seeing. It also found her eldest daughter Ariel having visions of things that she could have known nothing about, and having genuine fear for her father and not knowing why until later in the school day.

That episode actually turned out to be part of a four part series of episodes. Another episode where Ariel actually helped to solve a crime was when she was having dreams of a murder ocurring. Ariel dreamed what the daughter had seen and Allison dreamed of what the mother had seen. Both seeing things from a different prospective, ultimately sorting through what they both had seen in their dreams, solving the case. The four part episode that started with Joe Day Afternoon, in which Joe had gone to work with a fellow co-worker because his car was in the shop. Only to find out later on that the man whom he went to work with didn't even work for the company any more.

Hence, the reason he needed Joe's card to gain entry into the facility. Ultiimately he was disgruntled, brought some guns with him, killed the boss, and another co-worker. The other co-worker whom ended up being part of the nightmare did make it out, even if it was only because she was just about to give birth. Allison had seen someone coming out of the front of Aerodytech, and confirming what she had previously thought, was infact one of the victims of the madman. She then went and spoke to the dead man whom provided her with vital information to end the seige. She conveyed the information given to her by the dead man, and just simply said "my husband just told me.."The man's wife came to the caravan where they were stationed outside, and called him. Thus finding out in the process that the man was dying from a disease there was no cure for. He eventually shot himself, ending the seige.

The second of the four part episode, proved to get me thinking and trying to piece together what was going on. Allison started to have dreams of a man whom killed his wife by coming up behind her and slicing her throat and eventually decapitating her. She helped Dovalos to convict the man of murdering her. While they are in court though, Allison gets a visit from a woman named Debra, whom claims to have hit her car. She didn't know why but she did go meet her for drinks after finding herself frustrated with Joe. He went back to work, but is having problems focussing and getting any actual work completed. His co-worker had just had her baby and also was having issues dealing with the terrifying ordeal. Joe had been going to councelling at this point and was feeling it wasn't working for him. He was visited by a lawyer who claimed he could get Joe tens of thousands of dollars in a lawsuit against Aerodytech.

The third of the series finds Allison warning her new friend that she will be the next victim of the decapitator. Debra feels that Allison is crazy and asks her to leave. What Allison didn't know was that Debra wasn't who she thought she was. Debra wrote an article about the premonition that Allison had. She went into great detail in the story and no one else was there, except her handy little tape recorder. Debra decides not to heed Allison's warning and stay in the hotel after all. And seeing the fact that the decapitator is on the loose they ultimately think that since he is still killing women that it possibly couldn't be Walter Paxton who killed his wife, and was released from jail due to overwhelming support from the public. Devalos gets a pre released copy of the article and calls Allison to come to his office. Upon arriving, he asked her why she told this lady those things, and that it surely would be bringing some unwanted press to the office. She tells him that she doesn't know this writer P.D. MCCall. He convinces her otherwise and she goes to confront her at her hotel about how she betrayed her and how could she do that to her. P.D. fires back with a "If you are psychic like you say, you would know who I am?" They both got a phone call simultaneously about the next vicitm.

The last of the four part series, also the season finale made me sit on the edge of my seat. Joe and Allison sat in the kitchen with Ariel and Bridgette and told them of the article that was coming out in the newspaper. They warned - marriage counselling herfordshire - the girls that they possibly could be ridiculed at school because of Allison's ability. Allison finds that her previous dreams of a new district attorney were correct. Devalos' friend came to 'help out and smooth things over' and ultimately took over his job. She continued to try to contact both Devalos and Scanlon, neither of them taking or returning her calls. She finally went to the office to talk to Scanlon. He tells her that he doesn't think it is a good idea for them to talk anymore.

She convinces him to take her to the new crime seen which happens to be that of her 'friend.' Upon entering her hotel room, Allison sees what happened to her friend in graphic detail. The man earlier convicted of killing his wife comes to talk to P.D. and ultimately kills her and decapitates her. Only one thing this man didn't count on. Her recording everything that happened and Allison being able to see it. She takes the recorder to Scanlon and gives it to him. Thus proving what had happened to her friend, and that Walter was the murderer. Once rectifying herself she takes the chance to let Devalos' dear friend that he shouldn't get too comfortable, and that he basically could apologize to her later.

I am very much looking forward to seeing what happens next season. Will they bring Devalos back as the district attorney? Will Joe be able to continue is career at Aerodytech, and will he be able to move past the tragedy that eluded him at work? Will they apologize to Allison for not believing her? How will the kids deal with all the press about their mother's abilities? We can only wait and see. I have my suspicions, but for now will keep them to myself, and when they return will watch faithfully just as usual.

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