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What is a Marketing Funnel? Improve Efficiency and Jack Up ROI

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marketing funnel

Quite simply, a marketing funnel (sometimes called a sales funnel or conversion funnel) expresses the stages a customer goes through on his or her way to becoming a customer.

This image shows a typical marketing funnel, showing how consumers move through:


If you want to learn more about each stage in the marketing funnel, heres a little something I put up previously.

Bounding the marketing funnel

A few things that arent really clear in the marketing funnel.

First, conversion isnt the end of the process. Its just a waypoint. Once a consumer becomes a customer, your job is only half over. Now, you need to keep that customer happy by providing extraordinary customer support and great product performance. According to research, its 5X harder (and more expensive) to replace an unhappy customer than to keep that customer happy. Add to that the negative word of mouth (which travels much faster than positive word of mouth) and youre talking about a major problem when you dont retain customers over time.

Google adwords expert

IfIf Image courtesy of Coast Digital

Second, its imperative that you mind your metrics for each stage in the marketing funnel.

In this image, Coast Digital shows how visitors escape the funnel in droves, leading to a small ROI. Tightening up control at each stage in the funnel generates much higher returns. For instance, increasing flow-through by 1% generates 50% more leads in this B2B example or more sales.

Here, we talk about QUALITY, not just quantity. And, if your marketing team tries to baffle you with BS figures, including likes, visits, shares, etc, you need to ignore it.

Sure, quantity matters, but not nearly as much as quality. Bringing the right people to your website is much more important than driving a ton of traffic. So, if your team is busy posting clickbait on Facebook and Twitter in hopes of generating sales, theyre dead wrong read the link to see how TechCrunch destroys this strategy.

Strategies for optimizing the marketing funnelMind top of funnel activities

Bringing visitors into your store (whether brick or click) is critical for optimizing market performance. Unfortunately, firms focused on ROI sometimes resent the spend on top of funnel activities such as content marketing (SEO), social media marketing, influencer outreach, etc, because its harder to map these activities to sales (of course, you could say the same thing about traditional advertising, except no one seems to question the importance of broadcast advertising).

Bringing in more visitors, especially the RIGHT type of visitors is critical for success. So, dont scrimp on these top of funnel activities.

Instead, focus on demonstrating their impact on revenue by using attribution modeling and tracking to your links. That way, you can trace back revenue to your top of funnel activities.

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Monitor leakage

Funnel leakage comes from a variety of sources.

Your job is to track down leaks and plug them up. Here are some of the major culprits of leakage:

Slow page load timesToo many clicks Amazon increased revenue substantially by going to 1-click buying optionsRequiring retyping information on multiple screens or requiring entry of both billing and shipping information when theyre the sameLogin problems dont offer guest shopping, dont offer easy password recovery options, dont use single sign-on (commonly social sign-on), lost password option doesnt return proper link (youd be astounded how many times this happens)Poor navigational toolsPoor image qualityBad descriptions

You need to plug these leaks, which starts by identifying whats causing them and often there are multiple causes.

That means youre gonna be spending some serious time with Google Analytics or other, paid analytics tools, like KISSmetrics. Set up a funnel in your analytics software then start digging around by looking at how the funnels change based on source, device, country (or other user demographics)


Remarketing is a term Google uses for marketing to folks who already engaged with your ad, but it also means marketing to folks consistently, over time.

An email marketing program is a great tool for remarketing to folks interested in your brand. Offer periodic sales or special offers to subscribers and use email marketing as a tool to encourage loyalty.

Build social media platforms to engage folks interested in your brand then share posts related to your products and other content these folks might find interesting (80% non-promotional content is recommended).

Content for each stage

Possibly the most critical factor in optimizing your marketing funnel is to provide the right content at the right stage of the conversion process.

For instance, in the awareness stage, I dont want to get bogged down with a lot of details. Give me the facts, just the facts. Why do I NEED this thing youre selling. And, give it to me quick, dont make me read a lot.

That changes at the consideration stage where more information is better.

Once Ive reached the intention stage, make it easy for me to buy with as few clicks as possible and let me navigate back and forth easily.

Marketing efforts to match each stage

digital analytics

Image courtesy of Occams Razor

Avinash Kaushik, hes the guru over at Google Analytics, has a great way of looking at the marketing funnel that he calls, See, Think, Do. And, heres his graphic.

Notice, the marketing focus changes as consumers move down the marketing funnel, which means you need activities that fit each of these tactics.

More important, Avinash lists metrics that you should monitor to track your performance at each stage in the funnel.

A holistic image

If a picture paints a thousand words, then this last graphic from Digital Marketing Philippines sums up much of this conversation, including both traditional views of the marketing funnel as well as new ways of constructing it.

The great folks over at Digital Marketing Philippines also offer some strategies for each stage in the marketing funnel as well as metrics you should monitor to help optimize the funnel.

Author: Angela Hausman, PhD

I manage Hausman and Associates, a full-service marketing firm operating at the intersection of marketing and digital media. We provide a host of digital marketing solutions including content marketing, email marketing, SEO/ SEM, social media marketing, lead generation as well as marketing strategy, branding,, market research, and a variety of Viewfullprofile

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Is the Gaming Industry the Next Big Marketing Channel? - SocialTimes

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Traditional marketing channels have broadened considerably in the past decade. Now, in addition to websites, Facebook, direct mail and more, cross-channel marketing also includes applications such as Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. Still, everyone is always on the lookout for the next big marketing channel to emergeand everyone should be looking at gaming.

Mobile games account for about 23 percent of all active appsin the iTunes App Store. And in a consumer survey we conducted in the U.S., respondents pointed to playing a game as the most annoying thing people do mid-conversation on their phones (27 percent)more annoying than texting or Snapchattingmeaning that this is becoming a normal occurrence.

With that kind of engagement, the opportunities for marketers can be powerful. Take for example the recent viral success of Pokemon Go. Since its initial release in July, weve been hearing a lot about Pokemon Go. It was reported that 3 percent of U.S. Android usersopened the app, just trailing those who opened Twitter (3.5 percent). Its also had more downloads than popular dating app Tinder.

While theres no denying that Pokemon Go has seen the kind of success many developers only dream about, the apps daily active users are actually on the decline. Why? Niantic Labsfailed to listen to consumers. While the app has been praised for its nostalgic appeal, its also terribly buggy. It freezes up regularly, and the GPS leaves something to be desired.

Its a lesson learned. There are huge opportunities to reach consumers in the gaming industry, but consumers can change their minds quickly. If youre looking to incorporate gaming as your next marketing channel, youll need to learn to adapt.

Why mobile gaming?

Gaming has been around for quite a while. So, why are brands just now recognizing itas a true marketing channel? There are two main reasons for this.

First, mobile devices have made gaming somewhat ubiquitoustheyre becoming much more mainstream. Second, since mobile game apps prompt users to return to their games, these apps often tend to see a very high level of engaged, regular users. Just think of how many of your friends and family are still regularly playing Candy Crush Sagain their spare time. These two factors make the gaming industry an ideal marketing channel for brands to further optimize in the future.

How do you use mobile gaming as a marketing channel?

There are countless ways for brands to use the gaming industry as a marketing channel. These opportunities extend well beyond banner ads and popups (although those opportunities still exist in the gaming industry, too).

For instance, some apps allow users to pay the company that created the app to actually participate. So, in a game like Pokemon Go, a brand could pay to become a Pokstop in an effort to increase its own in-store traffic and sales. While this is a fairly direct way to motivate people to visit your store, there are a variety of more intricate ways to go about this.

Brands, for example, could use geo-location services to push targeted messages and coupons to people who are playing the game near their brick-and-mortar locations. In practice, the brand would craft a personalized message thats targeted for customers, or a subset of customers, who play a particular game. Then, when users with their geo-location services turned on happen to play the game near the brands physical store, the brand can push those targeted messages out to them.

With the right targeting and messaging, this could be another creative way to not only drive people into your store, but also increase sales.

How do brands measure gamings marketing success?

Once youve begun using gaming as a marketing channel, how can you tell whether your efforts are successful? First, its important to choose a game thats both successful and aligned with your goals as a brand.

While success depends on a variety of factors, the gaming industry looks at a few universal metricsin particular. Metrics such as weekly engagement, time spent per day and weekly retention rates can provide you with insight into whether a game is well used. If it is, you need to determine whether the game is right for your brand.

For instance, if youre targeting new moms, Call of Dutymay not be the best game to use to connect with them (But then again, it might! You need to look at the data.)

From there, its important to utilize your digital marketing analytics much as you would for other marketing channels. You should be able to understand how many times your campaign was viewed, how many users viewed it and, ultimately, what their interactions were with the campaign.

Analytics should help you determine what the impressions, engagement rates and conversion rates look like with these campaigns. As always, testing is an important part of continuing to optimize your presence in the gaming channel.

As with any other marketing channel, proper targeting and personalized messagingare key components to successfully advertising within the gaming industry. However, with a large base of diverse, engaged users, the gaming industry is a great way to deliver customized ad campaigns that resonate with your core audience.

Like any other channel, it doesnt make sense to advertise a game or product to an audience segment in which it will never be successful.

Brands should consider incorporating gaming as part of their robust cross-channel marketing strategies. To get your organizations head in the game, you need to always play by the rules set forth by the customer.

Ben Tepfer is the product marketing manager for Adobe Campaign.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Euro 2016 fans see alcohol marketing once every 72 seconds, says charity -

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Fans watching the England and Wales matches during the group stages of Euro 2016 saw alcohol marketing almost once a minute during game play, a charity has said.

While French laws on alcohol advertising ban alcohol sponsorship of sporting events and alcohol advertising on television, Euro 2016 sponsor Carlsberg replaced their brand name on pitch-side digital boards with one of their well-known slogans, in the brand font, Alcohol Concern said.

Over the five group games played by England and Wales - including the game between them which ended with a 2-1 victory for England - these slogans were seen 392 times, the charity said.

This equates an average of 78.4 per game, or once every 72 seconds, it added.

Tom Smith, director of campaigns at Alcohol Concern, said: "The volume of alcohol marketing in sport, especially in football, which is popular with children and younger people, is enormous. We already know from our previous research that half of children associate leading beers with football.

"Alcohol marketing drives consumption, particularly in under-18s and sport should be something which inspires active participation and good health, not more drinking.

"We need to protect the younger generation, which is why the Government needs to implement the phased removal of alcohol marketing from sport, as it has done with tobacco.

A spokesman for Carlsberg said: "We take great care that the vast majority of viewers of our marketing are above legal drinking age.

"Our internal and industry codes clearly stipulate that our marketing communication are designed to prevent any primarily underage appeal.

"Through these codes, we have set very clear and concise standards for what we do and do not accept in our advertising, and we always engage in constructive dialogue with regulatory and self-regulatory bodies to ensure responsible and respectful marketing communication."

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(VIDEO) ARF Research Shows The More Platforms The Better For Advertising ROI - Huffington Post

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The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) has a simple message for brand marketers wondering about the return on investment of their advertising dollars: the more platforms the better. And it has more than a decade of research to prove it.

Amongthe ARF's How Advertising Works initiatives is what it calls its Ground Truthexperiments, one of which studied 12 years of data, 5,000 campaigns and $375 billion in advertising expenditures, according to Gayle Fuguitt, the organization's CEO and President.

"We looked at the effectiveness of different platforms in building ROI and we discovered that more platforms are better," Fuguitt says during a break at Simulmedia's annual PeopleFront event. "The strongest interaction between two platforms is television plus digital. That yields a dollar and sixty cents of ROI, 60 percent greater ROI than just television alone."

As marketers shift dollars to digital instead of adding dollars, "our advice is add back television if you're shifting to over to digital," Fuguitt adds. "Make sure you have that combination. Because there's really strong interaction. They happen across other platforms too, but that's the most powerful."

She cites other research, by Facebook at Neuro-Science, showing the "Priming effects" of advertising messages shown on mobile devices and during TV programming. The use of neuroscience helps to show that ads can unlock consumers' emotional connections via their heart, pulse and brain, not just their binary behavior to understand how advertising interactions can help build brand loyalty.

"If you see an advertisement on a mobile phone and then on television you will have even more effectiveness," says Fuguitt. "It resonates better. We know that brands are built in the brain."

Noting that 30% of marketers are only advertising on one platform, Fuguitt describes TV as undergoing redefinition but still relevant and important, "even with Millennials."

We interviewed herin New York at the Simulmedia PeopleFront conference where she was a speaker. Please find more video interviews from the PeopleFront event right here.

You can find this post on Beet.TV.


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Strengthen Your SEO Business With These Expert Tips

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seo company dallas

Have you ever wanted to start up a web business but just didn't know how to effectively market your site and its products? If so, you're definitely in good company. Millions of people are looking to get involved in web business, and every single one of them would do well to read these SEO tips.

Tailoring the meta tags of a website for search engine optimization is a profitable endeavor. Their content is thoroughly checked by search engines, although meta tags are not usually visible to website visitors. This is a great area to pack with the most salient keywords the website owner wants to associate with his or her site.

If you are planning on handling the SEO yourself, you have to immerse yourself in the field and really become a student of SEO. Check out various courses around the net, and ask other site owners for little tips of the trade that you may not be able to find by reading articles. SEO is a process, and you should be learning about it every step of the way.

Search engine optimization is a useful tool yet do not fall into the belief that your blogs or articles should contain a ton of keywords. Visitors to your site do not want your articles or blogs to read like a list of words. Your content should be creative and you should still write for your visitors, customers and followers not just to get more people to look at your content by having your site show up first in a search engine result.

Add new content to your website in a consistent manner. This will keep your search engine rankings up because it will keep people coming back to your site to see what's new on your pages. Additionally, new content that is well written with SEO in mind will attract the search engine bots. Adding great content to your website is a win-win proposition all around.

Write for your readers, not for the search engine. Search engines are more intelligent these days than ever thought possible. They can actually judge content based on the reactions of a genuine human emotion. A search engine will realize what you are doing and rank your site lower if you repeat keywords too many times.

Spend the money on a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign. It's often said you need to spend money to make money, and PPC is one of the necessary spends. Bid on keywords that are relevant to your industry. This technique can help position your website in the search engines, especially for terms where you may not currently hold the best organic ranking.

Older websites and blogs will automatically gain higher places on a search engine's ranking list. The older the blog or site, the higher it will be. The more likely it is to have an already established customer set, search engines take age into consideration because the older a site is.

Search Engines assign a higher value to text in headline tags, so make sure to use them well and to place your keywords in them. This will make your site more likely to appear in a search for those particular keywords. You can also place your secondary keywords in the headline tag for maximum effect.

Using a specific keyword too often will actually count against you if you are trying to maximize the frequency of search hits. Search engines will be looking for keywords that are inserted in natural language. Therefore, the content must make sense, even though you will have to not only use your keyword frequently.

When setting up your website, avoid flash. It will not do a thing for your search engine optimization, though it may look pretty to have Flash. With Flash as with Frames and AJAX, you will not be able to link to a single page. For optimum SEO results, do not use frames, and only use AJAX and Flash sparingly.

You should immediately update your site map to reflect the change if you have recently consolidated pages on your site. This ensures that the search engines do not determine your site's relevancy score based on dated information. Failure to do so puts your site in jeopardy of losing valuable traffic.

Make sure that your site is written in accessible HTML. This will make sure that both the spiders of a search engine crawl and readers can read and find your site. A site that is designed for one or the other is never going to rank in the top search results.

Page rank isn't the end-all and be-all of search engine optimization. It's quite possible for a site with low page rank to be higher on a search engine results page than a site with a higher rank. What is key is the content of the page, its keywords, outbound and inbound links, and proper SEO.

When you make changes, back up your website. This may seem like common sense, but only a very small percentage of webmasters actually back up their website to their own computer (or another server, depending on the size of the backup.) Backups fail, so relying on a single backup done by your host could be dangerous!

You have to really be committed to SEO in order for it to help you become more successful. Different methods work at different times, so it is important that you change your SEO methods over time. If you are not ready for that type of commitment, then this may just not be for you.

A tip to help with your search engine optimization is to make sure you are hosting your site with a good company. You will want to make sure they are stable and will not give you many problems. You also want to make sure that their customer service is top notch in case you do run into problems.

You must make sure that each web page has its own specific and unique content. In other words, do not place the same article on more than one web page. When you have two or more web pages with the same content, you will also have a set of inbound links that point to several pages rather than have the entire set of links point to one page,. That's the reason for this. Since search engines take into account the number of inbound links, you want to consolidate as many of those inbound links into one web page. It is significantly better to have one high ranked web page than several lower ranked web pages.

The best way to make the most of SEO is to build incoming links that are solid, write a great title and META description, be sure your internal linking structure is strong, keep your content quality level extremely high, and don't worry too much about the keyword density level. You - they're here - will see your rankings in the search engines climb if you do all of these things.

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