Sep 10, 2016 at 10:54 o\clock

Golf Omaha Beach

I went out to the range today to implement the grip/posture and head position. So far so good! I'm striking the ball better and more consistently now. Even had some nice shots with a little draw. I still seem to push the ball out to the right a bit and hope that will decrease with more practice and repetition. Do you have any advice on hitting straighter? Otherwise I love what you are doing. I've been playing 3 years and this is the first time I feel good about hitting my mid irons! When a TGM hitter powers his downswing, he is going to be directing his right palm in an active thrust action towards the ball by actively straightening the right arm. He will not employ a release swivel action in his downswing action, and he will use the active release of PA#1 (active straightening of the right elbow) to drive the left hand/grip end of the club towards impact. Because a TGM hitter doesn't use a release swivel action in the downswing, he shouldn't be using a takeaway swivel action in the backswing.

I remember having a conversation with Erik about a year ago about evolvr. I said evolvr looks great, but isn't nearly as good as an in-person lesson with a good instructor. He agreed. I'm actually starting to think Erik was wrong. Evolvr can be better because the instruction is so good. They really do find your biggest problem and educate you on it and how to fix it. Sometimes a good instructor can overlook the primary problem (no one's perfect, but this has happened to me before and online lessons from Mike and Erik have come to my rescue).

To improve at golf takes practise and a teacher that can put you on the right track. For me Bobby Eldridge was that teacher. Golf is - swing - a game where people are more than happy to give you advice, but you need to learn from someone who knows what they are on about.

It's sounds crazy but the bending” of my wrists was taking my ball to the left every single time. So of course I wanted to fix” the problem and worked on forcing myself to cock my wrists during the backswing and bingo all of my shots went towards my target and I found that I no longer had to push through my swing to get any distance. As a matter of fact with the proper wrist cock I hit the ball farther with less effort and with much more accuracy.

But I totally disagree with those who advise that golfers should swing at 60% or 70% power. Such advice may only be applicable to those who are taking up golf at a late age - which means anywhere above 40, and a lot depends on your overall health and physical conditioning. I know a lot of people who took up golf at a much later age, say 50 or even 60, that are in reasonably good health, that have been physically active much of their lives, that swing much harder than 60%. That said, every golfer knows best his/her health and physical limitations, and should stay within them to prevent injuries.