Until being with you

Dec 26, 2008 at 07:07 o\clock

My autumnal sigh

I lose you again in circle of love and take refuge from my God, the only sentry to keep you in this circle. I'm sure I've taken a good sentry. Some times I feel pain in my eyes and can't bear any more tears. What should I do? If the challenging of love lasts years, if it has problems, if it needs power to encounter hardships, I've got to tolerate and stay. Should encounter and have patience and go on the challenge. I use power of love as the protector for my uncontrollable heart and also, I want him to protect you and increase your power for the hardships come to you. If you forget even to open the window of your black bricks room, go to that notes written last summer. Maybe a word of hope was written. I gave my heart's sigh to fall breeze. Each black bricks of your room are incarnation of that sigh, one by one. 

                                              My autumnal sigh, Hadi Safaree, 2001/8/2


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