Until being with you

Jan 9, 2009 at 14:49 o\clock

I have one God and ...

For describing you, I'll say you're the caller to call the mystic call of love. You make me think and love. Cry and to be lover and not cry. To be lover and not love. To be lover and forget. I swear by God that's not my heart words. It's just the devil of disappointment makes me forget you. Over there, really nearer that devil, a kind makes me remember you and loving you, I have one God and a world of hope. I keep my head up and pride that I'm lover and didn't forger you. I have a heart and feeling of going on. I'll take you to highest possibility of love to make you cut red apples of life from its green trees of kindness.

                         I have a God and …, Hadi Safaree, 2001/8/3  sababoy.blogfa.com