Until being with you

Feb 1, 2009 at 15:40 o\clock

As huge as you blue


Hey you in darkness of my nighttime, in grey silence of clouds of night, walking in lines of my mind and you the huge thought of my writes, line by line of my words, decorated. Until the end of my real looking, painted to horizon of hope. I'm moving to search you and I go as guide the little blue clouds to their place where you are. You're laid in powerful meaning of stream, in green meaning of pine and in feeling the voice of the bird who say about spring. I poor my hands on my eyes and again try to see better. This time I see a sky as huge as you, blue. 

                                   As huge as you blue, Hadi Safaree, 2002/ 2/1 sababoy.blogfa.com

Jan 9, 2009 at 14:49 o\clock

I have one God and ...

For describing you, I'll say you're the caller to call the mystic call of love. You make me think and love. Cry and to be lover and not cry. To be lover and not love. To be lover and forget. I swear by God that's not my heart words. It's just the devil of disappointment makes me forget you. Over there, really nearer that devil, a kind makes me remember you and loving you, I have one God and a world of hope. I keep my head up and pride that I'm lover and didn't forger you. I have a heart and feeling of going on. I'll take you to highest possibility of love to make you cut red apples of life from its green trees of kindness.

                         I have a God and …, Hadi Safaree, 2001/8/3  sababoy.blogfa.com


Dec 26, 2008 at 07:07 o\clock

My autumnal sigh

I lose you again in circle of love and take refuge from my God, the only sentry to keep you in this circle. I'm sure I've taken a good sentry. Some times I feel pain in my eyes and can't bear any more tears. What should I do? If the challenging of love lasts years, if it has problems, if it needs power to encounter hardships, I've got to tolerate and stay. Should encounter and have patience and go on the challenge. I use power of love as the protector for my uncontrollable heart and also, I want him to protect you and increase your power for the hardships come to you. If you forget even to open the window of your black bricks room, go to that notes written last summer. Maybe a word of hope was written. I gave my heart's sigh to fall breeze. Each black bricks of your room are incarnation of that sigh, one by one. 

                                              My autumnal sigh, Hadi Safaree, 2001/8/2


Dec 13, 2008 at 18:43 o\clock

My new life

In new location of my life, it's taken even a long time, I miss my nature, my house, my mother, my father, my tyrant neighbors, my silent streets, my fields waiting for spring and you. Even though I think about them and you, but I'm not satisfied yet. If I talk to you hundred postures, I won't be that last lover. What should I do?! I get up at six everyday. I tell you out my grievances. Everybody's running away. Oh! I've lost the bus. Thank God! The minibus for Nobonyad has arrived. Oh, there's only five minutes to the time of my appearance at work. I pull the switch of computer case. I lean the circling chair. And another day began. I take a print from my work. Sir! Do my colors have composition?! 

                                     My new life, Hadi Safaree, 2001/7/29

Dec 10, 2008 at 17:58 o\clock

Love believe

I swear by the quiet silence of your paper house, I know your dreams are as beautiful as my fancies believable. You've got the mystic believe of love from my silence. I've got the final point of belief from your silence. Maybe it's not possible to feel that the words we say about the paper world we've made are hearable. But we can start to paint the gray branches of the paper trees green. I know painting, you know painting too. So why don't you start? When I was a child, I didn't have any water color. I used to go to little garden near stream and cut all the color flowers and paint. If we search the paper garden near paper house for a short time, there have to be flowers to paint our believes the red color of love.  

                                                Love believe, Hadi Safaree, 2001/7/27