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Trump will not release medical records to Dr. Oz

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump(Photo: Jim Watson, AFP/Getty Images)

Donald Trump will discuss health matterswith television doctor Mehmet Oz on Wednesday, but will save his actual medical records for a later date.

Trump's discussion with Dr. Oz to betaped Wednesday for broadcast on Thursday will be general in nature, aides said, adding that the Republican nominee will be releasing results from a recent physical "soon."

While Oz told Fox News he wants to ask Trump "pointed questions about his health," he also said he wouldn't press his guest on the issue.

Its his decision," Oz toldFOX News Radios Kilmeade & Friends."The metaphor for me is, this is a doctors office, the studio. So, Im not going to ask him questions he doesnt want to have answered."

Trump has repeatedly questioned Clinton's health and stamina, but hehas not referred to her health since Sunday's news that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia.

The GOP nominee has also not released medical records beyond a December statement claiming that Trump would be "the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency."

The campaign had suggested that Trump would discuss his recent physical with Oz, but aides said Wednesday that the program does not amount to a release of records.

The aides, who were not authorized to speak publicly about internal deliberations,said there will be a separate release of records but did not provide a date.

In his Fox interview,Oz said he doesn't think Trump would release "embarrassing" details on the program.

"I also dont want to talk about anybody else," Oz said. "Were not going to be talking about Secretary Clinton for sure."

The taping is closed to the press, so Trump's comments may not surface publicly until Thursday.

In the wake of Clinton's health situation, Democrats are starting to challenge Trump over his health.

"Hes 70 years old, hes not slim and trim," said Senate Democratic leader of Harry Reid of Nevada. "He brags about eating fast food every day.

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