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http://globalonline4.buzznet.com/ - trade4 - - Internet fraud costs retailers more than two billion dollars, each year and that number steadily increases as well as fraud continues to skyrocket. Here are ten preventative measures that online merchants who take global payments can take to help minimize credit card fraud on their site.

1. Check the IP address from the billing address given by an order.

2. Be Wary of High Risk States - In the entire world of e-commerce, particular states are known as "high risk" countries because a high rate of internet fraud originates from them. Such countries include Turkey, and Malaysia, Nigeria, Russia, simply to name a few. Check international orders to see if they originate from a high risk country.

3. Mail Simply To Physical Addresses - they need to gather the merchandise they order, While online fraudsters desire to remain untraceable. Later, they may use public P.O. boxes or boat-forwarding services, which enables the receiver to stay anonymous.

4. Need Phone Numbers - Demand phone numbers with telephone and every order to confirm they're not invalid. Make sure that the area code of the phone number is located within the zip code.

5. If a customer supplies such an email, check other variables like the customer's phone number and shipping and billing addresses to determine whether or not the order could be fraudulent.

6. Call the Credit Card Business - when you have any feelings concerning the order or need to support some details on the order, call the issuing credit card company to confirm the card being used fraudulently or is not stolen.

7. When in Doubt, Request More Info - In The Event That you discover an order that seems questionable or the information provided just isn't adding up, request more info from the customer. Phone them on the phone to have them support their contact information or request to have them fax or e-mail a copy of picture I.D.

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