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A Failure to Communicate - Meyers-Briggs MBTI to the Rescue [50]

OFTEN underlying simple questions like this are more complex insights which, if my dilemma can be resolved, might provide a framework for understanding a much larger set of communication problems. For this hub, I don't intend to go to deeply into this but just keep it light and fun for I am sure others have tackled this in a more intelligent and serious manner.

Here, I turn to my favorite standby, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which, if you want more detailed information, is the subject of another hub of mine, "How To Develop Your Own Personality...". But, if you don't mind a little simplicity, here is a brief synopsis. Myers and Briggs (sisters, Briggs is an INFP), based on work from Karl Jung, conducted research that concluded our personality can be described by looking at four distinct, yet interconnected facets:

Attitude - Extravert/Introvert; whether we operate in the External world of people or the Internal world of our own mind

Perceiving - Sensing/INtuitive; how we gather information, whether it is strictly through our five senses and the links between information is clear and concrete or whether the information is more abstract in nature, where current data may be linked with something remembered, either consciously or unconsciously (those eureka moments).

Judging - Feeling/Thinking; how we come to rational decisions, be it more toward the empathetic, balanced, consensus view or the logical, causal, consistent, rule-based approach.

Lifestyle - Judgment/Perception; when dealing with other people, this is how you prefer to show yourself, either as Judger, i.e., decision making Feeling/Thinking type or a Perceiver, i.e., information gathering Sensing/INtuitive type.

For this little musing, the two characteristics that come into play are the S, Sensing and J, Judging functions for my wife and the N, Intuitive and P, Perceptive functions for http://www.youlicense.com/UserDetails.aspx?User=freepersonalitytest - http://www.youlicense.com/UserDetails.aspx?User=freepersonalitytest - me.

NPs live in a world of theory and ideas, we wonder a lot, we cogitate (the N-type). It is rare that something is final with us, there is always more information to be had or knowledge to gain (the P-type)that may change the answer, open a new door, lead us down a different, more exciting pathway. Therefore, it is not surprising that upon seeing the construction still going on after what seemed like forever, I started considering what they had left to do and how long it was going to take them, which, in turn led to my sarcasm.

SJs, on the other hand, live in a world of concrete certainty; no ifs, ands or buts for a SJ, that is for sure. If a SJ can't touch, feel, see, hear, or taste it, it doesn't exist (the S-type). At the same time, SJs are trustworthy, dedicated, loyal, and have a tremendous respect for facts, not theory (the J-type). When you combine these two traits, it is easy to see, for an NP anyway, why my wife's totally rational response should not have surprised me as it did.

Looking back then, doesn't "I wonder if they will ever finish this in our lifetime?" sound a little NPish and doesn't "Well, it depends. If we die tomorrow, then probably not. If we die in a couple of months, maybe. If we die in a couple of years, then yes, they probably will be finished in our lifetime." clearly sound like a SJ?

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