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virginia richmond Personal Injury attorneys, lawyers and law firms listed in Martindale's Attorney Directory

Name:Colleen M. Quinn

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Job Title:Member Organization:Locke & Quinn Practice Areas:Personal Injury; Adoptions; Surrogacy Law; Employment Law Office:Richmond, Virginia (Ind. City; Seat of Henrico Co.) Client Review Rating:Preeminent 5.0 out of 5



Name:Elliott M. Buckner

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Job Title:Member Organization:McDonald, Sutton & DuVal, P.L.C. Practice Areas:Criminal Law; Domestic Relations; Personal Injury; Driving While Intoxicated; Traffic Violations; Administrative Law Office:Richmond, Virginia (Ind. City; Seat of Henrico Co.)



Name:John H. Click, Jr.

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Job Title:Partner Organization:Blackburn, Conte, Schilling & Click, P.C. Practice Areas:Personal Injury; Divorce; Domestic Relations; Family Law; Child Custody; Child Support; Criminal Law; Speeding Tickets; Automobile Accidents and Injuries; Motor Vehicle Accidents and Injuries; Criminal Defense; Driving While Intoxicated;... Office:Richmond, Virginia (Ind. City; Seat of Henrico Co.) Client Review Rating:Preeminent 5.0 out of 5



Name:Andrew W. Wood

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Job Title:Member Organization:Wood & Wood, P.C. Practice Areas:General Practice; Personal Injury; Real Estate; Civil Law; Business Law; Wills; Trusts and Estates; Domestic Relations; Civil Trials; Criminal Defense Office:Richmond, Virginia (Ind. City; Seat of Henrico Co.) Client Review Rating:Preeminent 5.0 out of 5



Name:Michele L. Chiocca

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Job Title:Partner Organization:Whitehead & Chiocca Practice Areas:Personal Injury; Auto Accidents; Defense of Teachers Accused of Improprieties and Wrongful Conduct; Guardian Ad Litem; Child Protective Services Complaints; Criminal Law; Traffic Violations Office:Richmond, Virginia (Ind. City; Seat of Henrico Co.) Client Review Rating:Preeminent 4.6 out of 5



Name:William D. Hamner

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Job Title:Partner Organization:Lane & Hamner, P.C. Practice Areas:Civil Litigation; Real Estate; Collections; Family Law; Criminal Law; Traffic Violations; Wills and Trusts; Personal Injury; Business Law; Contracts; Corporate Law Office:Richmond, Virginia Client Review Rating:Preeminent 5.0 out of 5



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American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys Selects Heard Robins Cloud as a Top Mesothelioma Law Firm in Louisiana

BATON ROUGE, La.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Heard Robins Cloud, a leading national law firm dedicated to helping

mesothelioma patients, has been selected as a top 10 best law firm in

Louisiana by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys

(AIOPIA), a division of the American Institute of Legal Counsel (AIOLC).

This is the firm's first year to be selected to the list.

"I am very proud to be selected for such a significant award," said

Lawrence Gettys, mesothelioma attorney at Heard Robins Cloud and head of

the firm's Baton Rouge office. "This only affirms that the work we do

for our clients makes a difference. While this list does recognize

attorneys with powerful results, it also gives credit to firms that

offer top-notch client service - a key component of Heard Robins Cloud."

Since 2014, AIOPIA has selected a group of law firms to their annual

list of 10 best law firms in each state. Criteria for selection include:

High client satisfaction

Top rated, including other major listings

Industry leader

No unresolved Bar complaints

History of significant awards

Active member of key legal associations

Active in the legal community, including publications and speaking


In addition, Heard Robins Cloud has been honored to be selected to

numerous other prestigious lists, such as the prestigious 2015 Litigator

Awards, Super Lawyers and Verdict Search's Top Verdicts of 2014. The

firm has a reputation for taking on difficult cases, fighting for

clients to achieve positive results and nurturing warm relationships

with each and every client.

To learn more about Heard Robins Cloud, visit the firm's website at

About Heard Robins Cloud

For nearly 20 years, the lawyers at Heard Robins Cloud have been

national leaders in precedent-setting litigation for people harmed by

corporate wrongdoing. The firm focuses its practice on catastrophic

injury cases, harmful drugs and devices, mesothelioma and asbestos

cancer, NFL concussion cases, serious trucking and vehicle accidents and

other areas that make a difference on a national scale. Learn more about

the law firm of Heard Robins Cloud at

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Personal Injury Lawyer - free article courtesy of

Personal Injury Lawyer

 by: Wensley McKenney

The history of the Personal Injury Lawyer is littered with interesting facts about the U.S. legal system and contingent fee based practices ( While many critics accuse trial lawyers of bringing frivolous lawsuits into the American legal system, nothing is farther from the truth. Personal Injury Lawyers advance their clients services and cash for case costs while funding companies like Global Financial (866-709-1100) advance cash to Plaintiffs against their pending settlements. Personal Injury Lawyers provide a valuable service to the American Justice system by working for a contingent fee which is only payable if there is recovery for their client. If there is no recovery for their client then the Personal Injury Lawyer will receive nothing and therefore these lawyers will only take cases that have merit. There is no advantage to the lawyer accepting a "frivolous lawsuit" because there is a high likelihood of no recovery and therefore no fee to the lawyer.

Personal Injury Attorneys began advertising for the first time in 1980 when firms like Jacoby & Meyers began to advertise on television and radio to solicit clients. Before this, no law firm in the United States had attempted advertising other than in the Yellow Pages. Jacoby & Meyers television advertising decision was a success and since that, thousands of Law Firms have decided to join in. At first there was a real concern from the American Bar Association that advertising for personal injury cases would tarnish the image of lawyers in general and bring about more frivolous lawsuits. In 1996 the ABA released a comprehensive advertising study of member law firms. In the report the study concluded that television advertising brought legal services to the poor that were not previously known or accessible and that the images of personal injury lawyers were not tarnished.

Frivolous personal injury lawsuits?

Frivolous lawsuits are often misunderstood by the public at large. A Frivolous lawsuit is by definition: A lawsuit is termed frivolous if it is brought in spite of the fact that both the plaintiff and his lawyer knew that it had no merit and it did not argue for a reasonable extension or reinterpretation of the law or no underlying justification in fact based upon the lawyer's due diligence investigation of the case before filing (i.e. the well known U.S. Federal Rule 11). Since it wastes the court's and the other people's time, resources and legal fees, it may result in sanctions being levied by the court upon the party or the lawyer who brings the action. (Source: Frivolous lawsuits are misunderstood because many people do not understand the actual legal process.

The term Frivolous Lawsuits is most often used when referring to medical malpractice cases. Again, the argument that too many frivolous lawsuits are costing Doctors, Insurance Companies and their policy holders billions of dollars every year is simply not true. In most states a Medical Malpractice case cannot be brought unless a panel of three doctors review the claim in detail and agree that there was "gross medical malpractice". These Doctors are peers to the same Doctor that they are accusing and it is human nature to be nice to your peers. In addition to the fact that it is very difficult for a panel of three doctors to unanimously agree that there was gross medical malpractice, it is extremely costly for a Personal Injury Lawyer to pay for expert witnesses & related case costs that are required to build a case against the defendant.

Frivolous lawsuits have also been associated with personal injury cases in which the client has only minor injuries. Sustaining minor injuries in a car accident or other personal injury accident and making a claim is not frivolous, it is a persons right. It should be agreed that the claim will be small and the monetary award should reflect this but it should not be considered a frivolous lawsuit. In addition, if a personal injury lawyer takes a case on a contingent payment basis then it would not be wise to take a case unless the legal claim is valid. Jacoby & Meyers was one of the first law firms to establish the fact that a contingent fee arrangement between lawyer and client is the framework necessary to level the playing field among defendants & plaintiffs in the pursuit of justice.

Personal Injury Lawyer's incentive to bring valid cases to trial

The final reason that a Personal Injury Lawyer brings value and credibility to our legal systems relates to the time our justice systems takes to play out each lawsuit. In most jurisdictions it can take up to 2 years to obtain a trial date and so the Defendant has a clear advantage in delaying or even offering a fair settlement offer to the Plaintiff. Personal Injury Lawyers advance case cost money from their own funds when building a claim for their client. The are not only risking their time but their hard earned money when they fight a personal injury case for a plaintiff. This financial structure of a pending legal claim is the right framework to allow those personal injury claims with good merit make it to trial regardless of the financial strength the plaintiff. Many valid personal injury claims would be given up for financial reasons if the personal injury lawyer was not able to fund case costs. Even Defendants that have admitted liability are not inclined to make a fair settlement offer until a trial date is near. A Personal Injury Law Firm like that of Jacoby & Meyers realizes that a weak case will most likely be sent to trial and therefore be inclined to take strong cases that have a far better chance of settling prior to trial or even the filing of a lawsuit. In some cases a Plaintiff may obtain a Lawsuit Loan from a company to help pay bills until a fair settlement is reached.

Legal System needs change

The legal system in America does need some change and of course it will never be perfect. One change that would help avoid unnecessary claims and lawsuits is to have a panel of three experts in the field that the suit is being brought to filter out those claims that have no merit. This has been done rather successfully in the Medical Malpractice area and different forms of this approach may be successfully used in other parts of personal injury law.

In Conclusion

The Personal Injury Lawyer brings a very valuable legal service to the citizens of the United States, regardless of the economic standing. A contingent fee arrangement with their client is a structure that was formed around the time Jacoby & Meyers began advertising on television and has created a section of our legal system that works smoothly for all parties involved. Many plaintiffs that would not otherwise be able to receive legal services are now being serviced while the same lawyers screen for only the valid personal injury claims as not to waste their own time. It is time we recognize that the Personal Injury Lawyers provide a very valuable and necessary service to the citizens of our society. William Gladstone said "Justice delayed is Justice denied" and I couldn't agree more. Our legal system in the United States may have some flaws but it is the Personal Injury Lawyer that improves the system. It is time we recognize that the Personal Injury Lawyers provide a very valuable and necessary service to the citizens of our society.

About The Author

Wensley McKenney is a graduate of Tulane University and has 15 years of legal and financial experience. He has consulted some Law Firms in 23 states about marketing their practices.

This article was posted on December 30, 2004


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Personal Injury Attorney - Find Local Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury is the term used to describe physical and mental injuries that occur because of someone else's negligence, intentional actions, or strict liability.

Negligence means the other party failed to act with reasonable care. For example, imagine you are in your car stopped at a red light when another driver rear ends you because he or she isn't paying attention. If you suffer physical injuries in the crash, those could be personal injury due to negligence. (Any damage to your car is property damage, not personal injury, because the car is an object, not a person.)

Intentional harm means the other person set out to hurt you. This includes cases of battery, assault, and false imprisonment.

Strict liability means that anyone involved in the production, distribution, or sale of a defective product can be held responsible if the product injures someone.

Types of Personal Injuries

There are several common types of personal injuries:

Most personal injuries fall into the category of law known as torts. Torts are a type of civil, not criminal, law. It is a way to hold someone else legally responsible for your injuries.


Most personal injury cases involve negligence. To have a valid case, your personal injury attorney must be able to show that your injury was caused by the negligence of another party. To prove negligence, your injury lawyer must prove four separate things:

Duty of care: The negligent party had an obligation to act prudently to avoid injuring the other party

Breach of duty: The negligent party knowingly exposed the injured party to a substantial risk of injury or didn't even realize (but should have) that there was a substantial risk

Direct cause: The negligent party's deliberate acts, or lack of action, caused the injury

Harm: The injured party suffered a financial loss because of the negligent party's negligence (a medical bill, for example, would be a monetary loss)

Additionally, damages are designed to compensate someone for their injury.

Personal Injury Laws Vary from State to State

Tort laws vary from state to state. If you have suffered a personal injury, talk to a personal injury attorney who has experience in your jurisdiction.  Additionally, you can find state specific personal injury information below.

Find a Local Personal Injury Attorney

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Legal :: Trial Attorneys Take on Loss of Consortium in California

There is an eclectic system in each state concerning the "Loss of Consortium" laws. However, most of the state's jurisdictions give permission to wives and husbands of those who have been victims, usually in a personal injury case, to recover damages due to loss of consortium.

This is actually a form of "non-economic damage" wherein a partner in a domestic partnership or marriage may be given special rights to recover compensation after the other partner has been a victim of wrongful death or severe personal injury.

This means, that aside from the actual victim's pursuance of a personal injury case against the parties liable for the accident or defective products he/she had been involved in or taken that resulted in severe injuries, the victim's spouse, if the jurisdiction permits it, can also sue the liable parties. The spouse's case would be a claim for compensation on the loss of consortium he/she suffered that resulted from the victim's injuries.

The usual legal action done in cases of loss of consortium comes from the uninjured spouse. He/she will file a case against the defendant for damages consequential from his/her inability to enjoy or feel the same warmth and companionship she had enjoyed or felt before his/her spouse sustained injuries. These kind of legal claims usually arise whenever a spouse become severely injured, even killed as an aftermath of another party's wrongful/intentional acts and/or negligence.

The Basics

The conventional wisdom regarding loss of consortium is the losses that are suffered by the other spouse that results to the limited or decreased sexual activity after the injury of the other.

Realistically though, more implications are covered by this term. The damages sought to be compensated by an uninjured spouse is centered on the aftereffects of the injury on spousal functions that previously existed between the partners.

Given this, aside from deprivation or limitation in sexual relations, the claimant spouse who filed loss of consortium usually bids for compensation for the deprivation or loss of the following:

- Emotional care and support - Companionship - Affection - Domestic services (e.g. caring for the small children, share in household chores) - Love - Comfort - Society

These are among the terms covered in filing a loss of consortium claim, connoting that there are broader matters concerning this clause.


Since damages because of loss of consortium are non-economic, there is no defined monetary loss in this kind of cases. The claim also has no tangible cash value. As such, in cases that involved claims for loss of consortium, the jury or judge are given the discretion to determine the award to be given to the victim in case such claim has been established.

Loss of consortium in California

In California, a loss of consortium claim has a prerequisite of valid marriage. A court in California declared that absence of a valid marital relationship means that no such right exists.

Moreover, instructions to a California jury have explicit definitions of the loss of consortium, which is the "loss of [the spouse's] love, companionship, comfort, affection, society, solace or moral support; any loss or enjoyment of sexual relations or the ability to have children or any loss of the [the spouse's] physical assistance in the operation and maintenance of the home..."

Trial attorneys in California keep this in mind and analyze a personal injury case more thoroughly before introducing such claim from a spouse of a victim suing for personal injury and/or wrongful death.