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American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys Selects Heard Robins Cloud as a Top Mesothelioma Law Firm in Louisiana

BATON ROUGE, La.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Heard Robins Cloud, a leading national law firm dedicated to helping

mesothelioma patients, has been selected as a top 10 best law firm in

Louisiana by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys

(AIOPIA), a division of the American Institute of Legal Counsel (AIOLC).

This is the firm's first year to be selected to the list.

"I am very proud to be selected for such a significant award," said

Lawrence Gettys, mesothelioma attorney at Heard Robins Cloud and head of

the firm's Baton Rouge office. "This only affirms that the work we do

for our clients makes a difference. While this list does recognize

attorneys with powerful results, it also gives credit to firms that

offer top-notch client service - a key component of Heard Robins Cloud."

Since 2014, AIOPIA has selected a group of law firms to their annual

list of 10 best law firms in each state. Criteria for selection include:

High client satisfaction

Top rated, including other major listings

Industry leader

No unresolved Bar complaints

History of significant awards

Active member of key legal associations

Active in the legal community, including publications and speaking


In addition, Heard Robins Cloud has been honored to be selected to

numerous other prestigious lists, such as the prestigious 2015 Litigator

Awards, Super Lawyers and Verdict Search's Top Verdicts of 2014. The

firm has a reputation for taking on difficult cases, fighting for

clients to achieve positive results and nurturing warm relationships

with each and every client.

To learn more about Heard Robins Cloud, visit the firm's website at

About Heard Robins Cloud

For nearly 20 years, the lawyers at Heard Robins Cloud have been

national leaders in precedent-setting litigation for people harmed by

corporate wrongdoing. The firm focuses its practice on catastrophic

injury cases, harmful drugs and devices, mesothelioma and asbestos

cancer, NFL concussion cases, serious trucking and vehicle accidents and

other areas that make a difference on a national scale. Learn more about

the law firm of Heard Robins Cloud at

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Personal injury lawyers target Snapchat as reason for potential car crash suits

Attorneys have set up websites to explain local laws on distracted driving, sent out press releases about Snapchat's potential involvement in certain accidents, and written blog posts about the dangers of the app.

At issue are the app's "speed filter" feature that tracks how fast someone is traveling while they take a selfie. Because Snapchat photos and videos disappear after viewing, they demand more concentration, one lawyer argues.

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Lead In Washington, D.C. Drinking Water May Have Caused More Stillbirths And Miscarriages

Did you need another reason to be concerned about exposure to lead?

"We generally believe lead in water is a great risk to human health, and that's why we have an extremely proactive program to respond to it," George Hawkins, director of D.C.'s water authority, told the Post. "We know it's a serious issue ... and we work with our customers if we think there is a risk."

It seems like lawyers are taking this risk seriously, too. One D.C. attorney, blogging about this new study, ended with the entreaty that "if you or someone you love was adversely affected by lead-poisoned water, contact one our dedicated Washington, DC personal injury attorneys today for a free consultation."

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Legal :: Trial Attorneys Take on Loss of Consortium in California

There is an eclectic system in each state concerning the "Loss of Consortium" laws. However, most of the state's jurisdictions give permission to wives and husbands of those who have been victims, usually in a personal injury case, to recover damages due to loss of consortium.

This is actually a form of "non-economic damage" wherein a partner in a domestic partnership or marriage may be given special rights to recover compensation after the other partner has been a victim of wrongful death or severe personal injury.

This means, that aside from the actual victim's pursuance of a personal injury case against the parties liable for the accident or defective products he/she had been involved in or taken that resulted in severe injuries, the victim's spouse, if the jurisdiction permits it, can also sue the liable parties. The spouse's case would be a claim for compensation on the loss of consortium he/she suffered that resulted from the victim's injuries.

Trial attorneys in California keep this in mind and analyze a personal injury case more thoroughly before introducing such claim from a spouse of a victim suing for personal injury and/or wrongful death.