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Can I connect a Linksys wireless router to my DSL modem/wireless router?

This assigns the actual Linksys' WAN port your IP address associated with along with puts

. The Actual section above the actual section entitled "Network Setup" upon that main page.

So inside the Linksys router you type An Individual do that simply by putting the

With this setup you will use the Linksys' WAN port. So...set the

Versalink to become able to VC mode in order to "Bridged" or even "VLAN Bridged" rather than "Routed Bridged".

This is performed via Configuration --> Advanced WAN --> WAN.

Leave your DNS configurations empty.

For this configuration you're putting each router in it's own local network, so you may have every router work using a different

For your neighborhood LAN setup (not the internet WAN port), help to make sure you're making use of static IP addresses on the Versalink router and

is by means of the Versalink.

static IP address within the Linksys router's "Internet Settings" section on the "Basic Configuration" web page - discussed below.

yes that you are able to do it

192.168.10.XXX, simply because - - Versalink's IP address is actually

to "Bridged" or perhaps "VLAN Bridged" rather than "Routed Bridged".



At this point you've to supply an simple method for the Linksys and also Versalink routers in order to communicate. This is the top

static IP address for the Linksys WAN port. A Person assign the particular nearby address on the Versalink beneath Configuration --> Advanced LAN --> Private LAN

Now plug an ethernet cable to the Linksys' WAN port, and plug one other end directly into among the Versalink's 4 ethernet

The IP address here will use exactly the particular same initial three octets utilized inside your Vesalink router. Throughout our instance that will was

"Internet Settings" controls your WAN port.

Set your Subnet mask to

section on the principal simple configuration page. This kind of is performed with the "Internet Settings" section with the leading of the key "Basic Configuration" page. Give the Versalink any nearby address using a various third

the WAN port around the exact same network as the Versalink router.

Choose the proper VC after which set the particular protocol below VC Configuration for you to "Bridged" and furthermore the protocol beneath "Bridged Settings"

Linksys' WAN port (which is unique than the 4 ethernet ports around the Linksys) about the exact same network because the Versalink

Now the actual routers can speak with each and also every other, by using the Linksys WAN port, all the details passed to the Linksys will

keep in the mind you could need to plug backwards as well as forwards for you to set IPs in each the actual modem and the linksys router, it's furthermore best to keep your network config window open up so you can change anyone r gateway server from your linksys or even the modem in the huge event you are utilizing static IPs along with help to make changes for you to any of the actual pc ( epscially if your current static IPs are different compared to ones during my example ), you might also set these phones get IP immediately after which after a person got the worknig connection fix the actual ips about the computers.

For our example your Linksys' gateway address will be set for you to (the Versalink router), since your DSL connection

A number of boxes must now seem allowing you to definitely kind throughout an IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and static DNS addresses.

Go towards the Linksys router's major configuration page.

pass by means of your Linksys' firewall.

"Network Setup" controls the actual ethernet ports and will always be the local setup for that in home part of router: DHCP for your PCs, etc.

not DHCP. Thus here you may need to set a

Say the particular local IP address of one's Linksys router will be This causes it to become able to be easier to administer both routers.

Now the particular routers are on different nearby networks.

router. Within our instance which was

you need to accomplish a couple of issues very first the particular wireless modem / router

If you utilize static IP addresses on your PC's, ensure you set the actual Gateway address for the exact same address an individual useful for the

Under "Internet Settings" or "Internet Link Type" select "Static IP".

do you have a Westell 327W? as thats' what I have...

Turn off the actual nearby DHCP about the Versalnik through planning to Configuration --> Advanced LAN --> Private LAN, and uncheck DHCP.


you shut off the firewall along with DCHP in your modem...

number inside the third octet of it's neighborhood IP address (not the World wide web IP address assigned to the WAN port). This is the one thing that offers your own firewall

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