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Channel 4 Buys Hitler’s Hair for £3000

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British TV station http://www.channel4.com/ - Channel 4 - is being strongly criticized after it authorized the purchase of a lock of hair that apparently once belonged to Adolf Hitler, for £3000.

The hair, which was acquired for DNA testing as part of the upcoming show ‘Dead Famous DNA’, was allegedly collected by the Dictator’s barber.

Channel 4 bought the hair from Nazi sympathizer and Holocaust denier David Irving. The controversial ‘historian’ also attempted to sell other Nazi memorabilia online in 2009.

Yahoo! News quoted Labour MP Ian Austin as saying that the sale represented a particularly uncouth publicity stunt. Austin said, “This sounds sick. It's appalling that Channel 4 would get involved with a Holocaust denier in some bizarre and tawdry show purporting to be entertainment (...) It’s disgusting, and raises questions about Channel 4’s http://www.lebergerac.info/?p=293 - public broadcasting remit - .”

However, Channel 4 defended the move, with a spokesperson saying that “We believe the potential importance of the scientific and historical insight justified the purchase,”

Initially considered to be a respected academic, British author David Irving’s career as a historian gradually fell into decline as his works became more and more biased towards Hitler’s Third Reich. He has since spoken at various Neo Nazi rallies and has gone on record, a great many times, as both a Holocaust denier and a virulent anti-Semite. He has stated that he believes in a Jewish conspiracy to rule the world and has openly accused concentration camp survivors of lying about their experiences.

At the time of writing, Irving is banned from entering Germany, Austria, Italy, Australia and Canada.

According to The http://www.thejc.com/ - Jewish Chronicle Online - , Mark Gardner, director of communications at the Community Security Trust, said, “It is distasteful to see Hitler being sensationalized in this way, but even worse that David Irving – of all people – ought to profit from it in this way.”

‘Dead Famous DNA’ is to be fronted by Mark Evans and will see the DNA testing of the remains of other famous figures from history. People like Charles Darwin, Marilyn Monroe and Napoleon Bonaparte. The programme will be broadcast later this week.

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Peterson: Earpiece comes in handy for hands-free phone

When it comes to bluetooth headphones, the equipment hasn't changed much since early 2000's. They've basically got somewhat smaller, keeping up with modern incarnations of mobile phone. This post highlights new regulations introduced in the United states concerning driving and the use of a mobile phone.

The last time I remember being hands free was when I was in high school, riding my bicycle hands free.

No hands on the handlebars while I bicycled with my golf clubs to Green Acres – no kidding – Country Club in Donnellson, Iowa. My 10-speed was a marvel in balance. It certainly helped that Donnellson was flat and the streets well-paved, as well as completely lacking in traffic.

I could maneuver the mile to the golf course without putting my hands on the handlebars, except to make turns. It probably was dangerous, and police probably would pull me over now for hands-free bicycling.

Why I didn’t crumple up into a pile of bicycle and blood is beyond me. But I had hardly a care in the world when I was biking to the golf course or other points in between. And this was before helmets and the notion of traumatic brain injuries. I was just a kid.

Now, hands free takes on a new meaning in Illinois. It’s not about bicycling; it’s about driving.

And, as of Jan. 1, it is illegal to talk on your cellphone while driving if you are holding it up to your ear. Police can pull you over if they see you and give you a $75 ticket first time out. And if you don’t get it the first time, the second time you are pulled over, the ticket is $100. After four times, you could have your license suspended.

I don’t want a ticket. No call is worth $75. And you would have to be plain dumb to lose your license over cellphones.

I’ve had a cellphone for almost nine years; I think it came inside our wedding cake. For all my life, I had been tied to the landline, only it wasn’t called a landline. It was called a telephone, and it was attached to the wall. And if you wanted to make a call, you were attached to the wall.

I was a latecomer to cellphones. In fact, I was anti-cellphone. If I had a cellphone, it meant that I was connected to the world at all times; there was no getting away from it. Of course, if it rang, you would answer it. No matter where you were. In the living room. In the bathroom. Egad. In the car. There was no escaping the world with a cellphone. I wanted that escape.

But I’ve come to find out that I do not receive a lot of telephone calls. And I do not make a lot of telephone calls. I haven’t done a thorough analysis, but I think most of the telephone calls I receive come from my pharmacy, my friendly pharmacy. Completely computer generated.

My good wife comes in second. We’re really never that far apart to need to call.

But call I do on my way home from my Friday evening appointments, talking all the way from the parking lot to our driveway. I make the call to let her know I’m on my way home, giving her a chance to fire up the oven for the pizza.

And I’ve been doing this with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand to my ear holding the phone. It’s never been a problem. Not even close. It’s like talking to someone in the passenger seat. It’s hardly a distraction.

But it is a distraction, according to Illinois state law. And distractions cause crashes.

So, instead of holding the phone to your ear, you have to use hands-free technology, such as a Blue Tooth device, an earpiece, a headset or a speakerphone. The Blue Tooth is out of the question. People who use those devices look like they have cicadas sucking on their ears. Ugh.

An earpiece came with our cellphones, and that is what I am left to use.

I gave it the first try a couple of weeks ago, and I don’t see how it improves safety over a handheld phone. But greater minds than mine prevail in Illinois.

It took several minutes – before I started the car – to figure out how to plug the earpiece into the cellphone. Then I had to fairly jam the earpiece into my ear so it wouldn’t fall out or puncture my eardrum, then I made the call to my wife, and then I started the car. By the time I was in reverse, I was talking on the phone hands free.

The call was amazingly clear compared to the last time I tried using an earpiece years ago. I could hear my wife and she could hear me. Amazing.

But I was afraid the earpiece would fall out if I moved my head too quickly, and that’s enough to get into a crash. I am guessing the more I use the earpiece, the more comfortable I will become, and it won’t be long before it is second nature.

Just like riding a bike. Hands free.

Source -  http://nwherald.com/2014/01/17/peterson-earpiece-comes-in-handy-for-hands-free-phone/ceoqz0d/?page=2 - http://nwherald.com/2014/01/17/peterson-earpiece-comes-in-handy-for-hands-free-phone/ceoqz0d/?page=2 -

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Police force rakes in more than £270,000 by selling seized goods including a Rolex and even an Aston Martin on eBay

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A police force has raked in over £270,000 in the past year by selling confiscated goods on the online action website ebay. Leicestershire police became the first force in the country to use ebay to sell the seized assets of criminals which included flashy sports cars and designer jewellery.

The items that were auctioned off included luxury cars, computers and clothing which the courts confirmed had been paid for with criminal cash. All the money the site generates will go back to fund crime-fighting work. Leicestershire police said it hopes it will prevent criminals from benefiting from their loot.

Many of the items were confiscated thanks to tip-offs from the public, who became suspicious of people who were living the high life despite having no obvious legitimate income. Some of the items included high-powered sports cars for tens of thousands of pounds, others included designer jewellery and DVDs.

The unusual ebay shop opened in September 2009 and the total raised since then is more than £1.2 million. In the past year, it has sold an Aston Martin DB9 car for £63,000, an Audi A5 for £29,500 and a Range Rover for £15,500 and a Mercedes car for £7,751.

Meanwhile, police sold a Rolex watch online for more than £13,000 and a signed autograph by legendary crooner Frank Sinatra was snapped up for £260. Paul Wenlock, head of Leicestershire Police's economic crime unit, said the site had been a 'huge success'. He said: 'The site is also a daily reminder we will take civil as well as criminal action to ensure criminals do not benefit from their crimes. 'In some cases, we have been able to seize goods and sell them where we have not managed to secure a criminal conviction. 'All the money the site generates goes back to fund crime-fighting work. 'Often the inquiry starts from information from members of the public.

'If you know anyone who appears to be living a lifestyle beyond their visible means, we would like to know. We can take both civil and criminal action to be sure they do not benefit from these activities.' Everything the force has sold had been seized and formally confiscated by the courts under the Proceeds of Crime Act after officers proved they were bought with criminal cash. The cash is used to fund further crime-fighting, while some is donated to good causes, including organisations which support victims of crime.

And thankfully the force's eBay seller rating – which reflects its customers' satisfaction levels – is 99.8 per cent Police officers also use eBay to sell other items in its possession - they made £39,209 by selling surplus police equipment and £24,050 on unclaimed lost property.

It's not known whether other police force's intend to follow suit.

Read more:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2889021/Police-force-rakes-270-000-selling-seized-goods-including-Rolex-Aston-Martin-eBay.html#ixzz3NIF57Pph - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2889021/Police-force-rakes-270-000-selling-seized-goods-including-Rolex-Aston-Martin-eBay.html#ixzz3NIF57Pph -

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NASA Confirms Liquid Water on Saturn’s Moonell

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A major scientific discovery was made this week as scientists uncovered overwhelming evidence indicating the presence of a ‘great lake’ on Saturn’s moon Enceladus. The discovery is important because it marks Enceladus as being a possible site for life existing outside of our own planet.

Initially, icy material was seen being squirted into space from an odd ‘striped’ pattern on the moon’s southern pole. It was theorized that this material was water being ejected from a large body of liquid H20 on the moon’s surface. This week, measurements from NASA’s Cassini probe revealed the water’s gravitational signal, effectively confirming the theory. The Cassini probe even sampled the water as it was ejected into space.

Professor Luciano Less, of the Sapienza University of Rome, who was interviewed on the subject by BBC news, said, "The measurements that we have done are consistent with the existence of a large water reservoir about the size (volume) of Lake Superior in North America,"

To add context to this statement, http://www.lakesuperior.com/ - Lake Superior - is the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface and the third largest in the world by volume. It reaches depths of 147 metres and has an approximate volume of 12,000 Km3. It also plays home to over 80 different species of fish.

Data extracted from the probe suggests that the water is about 40km underneath Enceladus’ icy surface.

Enceladus is locked in an eccentric orbit around its parent planet; this means that the moon’s orbit is non-circular and it therefore follows that Saturn’s gravity will have the effect of melting the ice in some places and freezing any liquid found in others.

There are a lot of places in our solar system that possibly house liquid water, but not as many where that water can come into contact with rock. Rock is important because rocks release minerals and salts into the water - and these materials are among the key building blocks of life.

https://iris.ucl.ac.uk/iris/browse/profile?upi=AJCOA20 - Professor Andrew Coates - of the UCL-Mullard Space Science Laboratory was also interviewed for BBC news, he remained positive regarding the possibility of microbal life on Enceladus. Prof Coates said, "I think Enceladus has gone to the top of the charts in terms of a place where there could be life. (...) It's got several of the things which you need for life - there's certainly the presence of heat, there's liquid water in this ocean, there's organics and that type of chemistry going on. (...) The only question is, has there been enough time for life to develop?"

However, as Professor David Stevenson, from the California Institute of Technology, pointed out “we don’t know whether the ocean is being http://realjohnherlosky.wordpress.com/?p=52 - here - or is freezing up”. It is theoretically possible that the great body of water confirmed this week has been there for 100 million years, but it is also potentially a far more recent development. At present, no one knows for sure.

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