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Harris Personal Injury Lawyers Opens New San Diego Law Office

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--North County trial lawyer Ryan Harris, noted for his expertise in auto

accidents, negligence, and other serious personal injury cases, has

opened a new downtown San Diego office to provide residents with his

aggressive approach and proven results.

About Harris Personal Injury Lawyers:

The Harris Personal Injury Lawyers office is located at:

San Diego Law Office

525 B. Street

15th Floor

San Diego, CA 92101


The firm is dedicated to providing aggressive legal representation for

people who are injured as a result of the negligence of others. Harris

founded his personal injury law firm on the principal that injured

clients deserve the same quality legal representation as insurance


Harris Personal Injury Lawyers represents individuals injured in auto,

motorcycle, bicycle, and truck accidents, as well as victims of dog

attacks, slip and fall accidents, defective products, and all other

accidents caused by the negligence of others. The firm offers free case

consultations, and attorneys who speak Spanish are available.

If you have been in an accident and would like more information about

the attorneys at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, or to schedule a free

case evaluation, please call toll-free 877-231-9970 or visit

Se habla Espanol.

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Importance of Personal Injury Attorneys

This is a modern world with a hectic life style practices but have you ever wondered what might happen in case you as a paid daily wages worker face injuries in your own work place? The work place is not the same at all times and when one is new to the work he would surely take time to know about the tactic the job requires. During his initial; years of workmanship he might be prone to bad or slight personal injuries. New York unlike any other European state urges its employers to have the workers compensation insurance.

The ideal purpose of this sort of insurance is to help the workers with the required financial resources in case the person becomes ill or is subjected to any kind of injury in his work place. Personal Injury attorneys enable these guys to get the most out of the insurance. Yes the required medical treatment expenses and the required health benefits in case the individual is partially/completely impaired can be sorted out with the help of the personal injury attorneys.

There are many prominent attorneys who handle such kind of cases with much proficiency. It is wise to choose the construction injury attorney new york or the personal injury attorney in your own locality so that you need not waste much time travelling to his/her law firm. The construction injury attorney new york who takes up your case would actually ask the client to record certain documents. Yes the details which caused the unexpected accident, the detailed description of the acquired injuries, the place where in the injury took place and the medical records/bills which must be payed by the client would be kept handy by the lawyer. Of course the required treatment must be taken by the affected person while he has got the help of his construction injury attorney new york to claim the workers compensation insurance money.

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Find an Attorney

Americas top Attorneys is a new website that has just been launched.

The aim is to provide names and contact details of the best attorneys within each city by practice area. Only one attorney will be listed per practice area per area code.

The screening process to admit attorneys to the website is rigorous. Each attorney must have been in practice for over five years and be in good standing with their State Supreme Court. The background check they have to go through checks their honest6y and the type of representation you, as their client, may expect from them.

The areas of Law they are currently covering are Criminal, Bankruptcy, DUI and Personal Injury. If anyone needs to search attorneys anywhere in the US the service can assist.

So very simply the website will list an attorney, of outstanding repute, per area code throughout the United States. If anyone has need of a bankruptcy attorney in Boulder, Colorado, the top attorney, devoting more than 80% of his practice time to Bankruptcy in Boulder will be listed by name, telephone number, address, website and email address.

Imagine that you have sent you daughter to college and she has gone on Spring Break to Miami. She call you to say someone has rear ended her in her auto and she has a headache. What should you do? Well the first thing to do obviously is get her to go to a Hospital and get referred to a specialist. But, in case there may be personal injury involved you need to contact an attorney. You may be living in Richmond, Virginia and know no one who can refer you to an attorney in Miami.

Thanks to the new service being offered by America's Top Attorneys you are able to get them the best representation available quickly by locating them on the America's Top Attorneys Website and then by using the phone get their rights attended to. Whether he is guilty of anything the State will have to prove. A good attorney can ensure that every step is carried out correctly and if guilty try to ensure that such a conviction remains a misdemeanor with an accompanying "slap on the wrist"

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At America's Top Attorneys you will Search Attorneys, who will provide you with the highest level of representation.

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No win no fee basis and Lawyers

Can you imagine a world where all lawyers work on a no win no fee basis?

At the moment, personal injury lawyers are the only group of lawyers that work on a no win no fee basis.

If you are using the service of a bankruptcy lawyer, divorce lawyer or criminal defense lawyer, you would have paid the retainer for the service of these lawyers. You will be charged an hourly rate or a flat rate for the service.

You can hardly tell the lawyers to work on a no win no fee basis.

Let us understand the concept of no win no fee basis. We shall see why personal injury attorneys use this compensation scheme instead of the normal hourly rate scheme.

No win no fee basis means that you do not have to pay any money. Even when the lawyer wins the case for you, you will not need to fork out money from your own pocket.

Let us suppose that a man suffers an injury at work. He hires a personal injury attorney to fight for higher insurance payout.

The personal injury attorney will pay for his medical examination without charging him a single cent. The lawyer will also hire an investigator to look into his case.

The lawyer pays for all the associated costs, without billing the injured man.

Once the lawyer comes to a settlement with the insurance company, the lawyer will charge a commission on the insurance payout.

This method encourages the lawyer to get the maximum settlement for their clients. That is why no win no fee basis works well for both parties.

However, this method does not work if you deal with a criminal defense attorney or a divorce attorney.

There is no way to measure a successful divorce case.

The time and energy into the preparation for a criminal defense make the no win no fee basis impossible to implement.

If you ask the criminal defense attorney to use no win no fee basis, you will find that no lawyer wants your case.

You would have to do your own defense or use the service of the public defender.

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Legal :: Trial Attorneys Take on Loss of Consortium in California

There is an eclectic system in each state concerning the "Loss of Consortium" laws. However, most of the state's jurisdictions give permission to wives and husbands of those who have been victims, usually in a personal injury case, to recover damages due to loss of consortium.

This is actually a form of "non-economic damage" wherein a partner in a domestic partnership or marriage may be given special rights to recover compensation after the other partner has been a victim of wrongful death or severe personal injury.

This means, that aside from the actual victim's pursuance of a personal injury case against the parties liable for the accident or defective products he/she had been involved in or taken that resulted in severe injuries, the victim's spouse, if the jurisdiction permits it, can also sue the liable parties. The spouse's case would be a claim for compensation on the loss of consortium he/she suffered that resulted from the victim's injuries.

The usual legal action done in cases of loss of consortium comes from the uninjured spouse. He/she will file a case against the defendant for damages consequential from his/her inability to enjoy or feel the same warmth and companionship she had enjoyed or felt before his/her spouse sustained injuries. These kind of legal claims usually arise whenever a spouse become severely injured, even killed as an aftermath of another party's wrongful/intentional acts and/or negligence.

The Basics

The conventional wisdom regarding loss of consortium is the losses that are suffered by the other spouse that results to the limited or decreased sexual activity after the injury of the other.

Moreover, instructions to a California jury have explicit definitions of the loss of consortium, which is the "loss of [the spouse's] love, companionship, comfort, affection, society, solace or moral support; any loss or enjoyment of sexual relations or the ability to have children or any loss of the [the spouse's] physical assistance in the operation and maintenance of the home..."

Trial attorneys in California keep this in mind and analyze a personal injury case more thoroughly before introducing such claim from a spouse of a victim suing for personal injury and/or wrongful death.