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Feb 14, 2018 at 06:43 o\clock

New into Snack Boxes Business and cannot Afford Packaging? Here is How You Do It

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The snack boxes business is a relatively new idea. What you do is you get people either on a monthly subscription or some other payment plan, and sell them snacks freshly made or acquired by your company.

The business model is cheap and simple. All you have to is to get connected with the wholesale fruit and veggie market, get both at cheap rates and sell them to your subscribers at the relatively high rate.


The packaging appears to be the Achilles heel in this case because it is an expensive thing to do and also because it is a non-productive expense. So, in short, what you do is go for readily available cheap snack boxes.

While these boxes still cost you a considerable amount of money, they fail to make an impact because your brand name, product name, images, and logo etc. aka the full marketing shebang does not get a representation on these boxes.




So what to do?

I tell you what to do. What if you could get custom made snack boxes and those too at less than the price that you will otherwise pay for inferior and ineffective readily available boxes? You would be happy, right?

And you would immediately ask me how to do so? Well, just get in touch with creative self in you, try some old tricks from the days of school and college when you made paper projects and other creative things and you will be kicking it.

1.      Material

Here is the material that you need in order to make best snack subscription boxes at home:

·         Cardboard sheets with natural brown color

·         Snack box template (digital form, saved on your computer)

·         Scissors

·         Scale

·         Glue or tape

·         Stencil

·         Bone folder

·         Black marker



2.      Process

Here is the step by step process that you need to follow in order to make the first snack box at home, keep following this process and you will successfully make many more.


  • Have a look at the maximum length and maximum width of the template on your computer and cut a sheet of same length and width out of cardboard sheet. Depending on the size of your healthy snack boxes, you may make 3 or more cutouts from one cardboard sheet.
  • Print the template on one cutout from the cardboard sheet.
  • Now you have a template with dashed lines on it. These dashed lines show from where the paper is supposed to be scored.
  • Use the bone folder to score along the lines and apply glue to the glue tab.
  • Bend the right side over to the left side, apply pressure on the glue tab and wait until both sides are properly connected.
  • The top has already a lid that can be tucked inside the box, but the bottom has to be made.
  • Depending on the template, if you have an auto-bottom closure template, apply glue to small flaps and press big flaps on the small flaps to make a bottom.
  • This will make it an auto-bottom for you. Just push two sides inwards and the box will be turned from flat to a proper condition.
  • The last thing that you need to do is apply your company’s sticker on the top or use the stencil and marker to write your company name, box name and other details. Since you will be using the stencil the letters will have the same size and thus the same symmetric looks.


So, this is how you make the rest of your boxes and make sure that your packaging remains customized and still cheaper than the readily available packaging. How about it? 

Feb 6, 2018 at 10:20 o\clock

Reasons Why Handmade Invitation Boxes Are the Best and Some Ideas for You

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Whether it is a marriage, an engagement, sweet sixteen or a bachelor party, the invitation boxes have become the most needed items. These boxes can be made of any material and their pattern and approach can be based on any trend, ethnic art or culture, but the purpose of these boxes is to simply invite the friends, family and the loved ones to the party.


Most of the people do not know as to why handmade invitation boxes have become such a big sensation and those who know why they pose a good idea, do not know how to make them. So for those who want to know why we need handmade wedding invitation boxes and for those who run short of the ideas, here is a breakdown of reasons as well as ideas.

1.      Reasons Why Handmade Invitation Boxes are the Best

Have a look at the reasons why you would love to have handmade invitation boxes and tell me if I am wrong to claim that handmade boxes are always better than those that you get from expensive packaging companies:

  • Personalized Touch – The handmade things, even those that do not look much amazing, have a personalized touch and they definitely convey the warmth, love, and affection to the recipients of such items and handmade invitation boxes.
  • Freedom to Customize – If you are making your own personalized and cheap invitation boxes, you will be happy to see how free you will be to customize the look and feel of your invitation boxes.
  • Price Factor – Let us admit, a good packaging company can provide high-quality invitation boxes at low rates, but still those rates will be higher than the money you will spend on handmade invitation boxes. This way you save money.

  • Time Factor – Speaking of good packaging companies and the price, it is good to mention another game changer: time. These companies, since they are good in business, have a lot of orders and they take more than 3 to 4 business days to deliver one order. You can save time by making your own boxes.
  • Sure Shot Way to Stand Out – Nick got his marriage invitation boxes from ABC packaging: a very expensive packaging company and Sarah got her marriage invitation boxes from XYZ: a very cheap packaging company with cheaper invitation boxes, but Sam handmade his marriage invitation boxes and he was the only one whose invitations stood out.

2.      Invitation Box Ideas

So if you have made up your mind to prefer handmade over wholesale invitation boxes, here are some ideas for you:

  • Something useful – the usefulness of something wins for that thing a permanent place at someone’s home or office. Make sure that the recipients of your boxes find some value in your boxes. For example, treasure chest type boxes are always used for keeping things safe.
  • Something decorative – if someone will not like to use your box for its usefulness, they will most likely keep it because of the decorative value of the box. All of us need decoration pieces to decorate homes or offices. Remember, no one loves you so much so to keep your wedding cards or boxes, but only if they offer some value.
  • Vintage Style – It trickles down to the style. People have a thing for one thing or another, try vintage style boxes because people simply love them.

So, these were a few ideas, try to find more and I am sure that you will not regret your decision of going handmade.

Dec 15, 2017 at 06:00 o\clock

Ways to Design the Looks of Custom Made Boxes with Custom Tape

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Packaging plays the most important part of the creation and the building of brands. It is the most crucial factor in selling products. The better your packaging and the user experience of packaging is, the more the products will sell. This is a well-known fact that is a topic of discussion among packaging experts around the world.

The packaging is no doubt the face of your product and gives you a unique edge when the product is handed over to the marketing department. Packaging experts believe that the product quality should be reflected by the packaging itself.  This is the reason many companies take their packaging very seriously and outsource their packaging to get custom made boxes in San Antonio, Texas the USA to showcase their product. 

Promoting a mute and unlettered box to a ravishing looking box there are some minor tweaks that you can do to make your product stand out in a way that attracts consumers or impresses and fascinates them when a prospect looks at them.

There had been a test in which a single box from five different brands was taken. Each of the boxes had different aesthetics and each of them was fastened with a good looking tape. This was a minor attention to detail made a very huge difference as the packaging gave an outstandingly unique, cohesive and on top all that gave a memorable unpacking or unboxing experience. 

Minimal Logo

The minimalism is getting momentum these days especially when it comes to packaging. The minimalistic use can be used with sanserif fonts with the logo bleeding off the sides of the tape. The tape can be positioned so that it runs parallel to each other and come close to each other in the wrapping. 



Logo with Handwriting Font

The logo is on the tape that is energetic, spontaneous and genuine. There is a certain feel to these handwritten logo marks.  To feel the real glory of this handwritten format you can either put it diagonally around the corner or you can strap the printed tape right across the custom-made box. When the tape is illustrative the simple layout goes great. 



Rustic Logo

The Tobacco Road logo is textured and well-illustrated. It has a touch of vintage.  So, the look and feel of the custom boxes should be accordingly for fastening the tape. 


Elegant Logo

When the logo has elegance the tape application should be subtle. The tape swiftly runs over the box. There are fine lines and Kraft is furnished with swift and crisp details. The tape is decorated with writing that resembles closely with hieroglyphs making it intriguingly curious.

Elegant Logo


When it comes to custom tape to fasten the custom boxes in a way that radiates beauty, one should not be afraid of experimentation to find out how the packaging box looks like in the end.