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Oct 13, 2017 at 09:19 o\clock

How Not Having Custom Made Cardboard Boxes Is a Bad Idea

custom made cardboard boxes is perhaps the best type of packaging material that all of us are aware of. Let us admit: corrugated fiberboard is a very rough and heavy material, while Kraft is a bit low on the heavy and rough side, it is still there. You need custom made cardboard boxes if your product demands a delicate and nice packaging.

Let me elaborate on this for you. If you are into soap business, perfume or cosmetics business or any business associated with a product somehow related to beauty, fragrance, food or similar fields, you got to get high-quality custom cardboard boxes. Why? Because they look and feel like something that corrugated fiberboard and Kraft cannot.

In this post, I am going to pile up 3 most important reasons why not getting customized cardboard boxes is a bad idea for your product and your company.

Let us have a look:

1.      Because Corrugated and Kraft Materials Are Not That Good

Alright, I would like to rephrase it for you. There is definitely a need for Kraft and corrugated material, but it is most needed for the kind of products different from the type of products I have mentioned above. Let us acknowledge that when it comes to smooth feel and look of a material, corrugated and Kraft are nowhere near cardboard.


Cardboard is a kind of material which is mostly used for packaging of the items that demand the kind of packaging done with attention paid to its aesthetics. For example, consider cosmetic boxes and cosmetic items boxes etc. Most of the time, they are made of cardboard, not Kraft or corrugated.

2.      Readymade Packaging

Alright, now that we know that we got to get customized cardboard boxes for our beautiful products, it is the time to address the question “Why customized?” It is because readymade boxes are simply not even close to being as good as the custom designed cardboard boxes are. Readymade cardboard boxes only have the kind of material that you want, plus some minimalistic packaging features such as finishing, colors, and printing on them. If you want to maximize the branding and marketing impact of your cardboard boxes, you got to get custom made cardboard boxes for yourself.


3.      Features of Customized Cardboard boxes

The biggest reason why custom designed cardboard boxes are the only packaging solutions that you need is the features that this type of packaging offers. We are talking about die cut window pane, spot/full UV, aqueous coating, embossed wording or debossing, gluing, perforation, scoring, PVC sheet and definitely, above all, high quality matte or gloss finish.

If you think that matte or gloss finish are not enough and you need some sort of foiling as well, you can have gold foil or silver foil as well. These next level customization effects are the reason why you should prefer custom made cardboard boxes to the readymade ones.

Also, apart from these very apparent reasons why you should get custom cardboard boxes, there are some other reasons as well. Cardboard is a highly biodegradable material. You can source it easily with help of FSC or PEFC etc. The recyclability of this material is simply beyond any other material and then it can be used again for the same or similar purposes. Cardboard, as compared to Kraft and corrugated fiberboard, is very easy to cut, fold, crease, shape, and print on.


With these so many good reasons to use custom made cardboard boxes, there is no reason why you would go for any other material. Customized cardboard boxes are easy to get, affordable and much useful as compared to other materials such as plastic, corrugated fiberboard, and Kraft etc.

Sep 18, 2017 at 10:57 o\clock

How High Quality Custom Box Design Leads to Great Brand Recognition

by: chrispine   Keywords: custom, boxes, custom, packaging

Custom boxes can make or break the deal. How? Brand recognition is the sign of people differentiating a brand from hundreds of similar brands. This is no doubt the ultimate target of all small to big brands. Custom boxes thus play a vital role, because the packaging is the maker or breaker of a deal. Let us admit it:

If a customer is not impressed by the packaging designs of your products, they will hardly bother to open the box and check the product. Look at the big brands who know this secret and they opt for custom packaging boxes with logo. They also leave no stone unturned in making sure that their custom boxes and packages bind a timeless spell on their potential customers. In this post, I will share the 7 basic rules of making your customized boxes lethal weapons of mass brand recognition.


Let us have a look:

1.      Clarity with Simplicity

A layman might do not know, but in the world of design and packaging there have been many different movements, and one of them is to make the branding clear as well as simple. This is why people go for impressive monograms instead of those fancy looking vintage logos. So, the first rule of impressive packaging: mention the product name, mention the brand name and tell what the product is good for.


2.      Honesty

An integral part of positive branding is, to be honest with the people in your target audience. Do not let your packaging boxes tell something that you cannot deliver. Guess what? Honesty works in your favor as well. Your custom printed boxes will sell more if they have a clear and honest sales pitch.


3.      Authenticity

Think of pampers or Yellow Label; these brands have evolved into the names for the actual products. How many times have you heard people using Yellow Label as an alternative to tea and Pampers as an alternative to diapers? This happens when you brand with care and passion until you become an authority on the subject matter and until your custom printed boxes start to exude authenticity.


4.      Shelf Impact

Brand recognition is not something that you can achieve by over-simplistic methods and practices. However, there is this very simple way of standing out of the crowd and help the potential customers notice your brand in a jiffy. Go to the nearest store, proceed to the shelves where the products of your competitors are placed. Examine and observe the packaging for 10 minutes to half an hour, notice the most important aspects of those custom boxes for small businesses and then get customized boxes which do not look like all other packages that you have seen at the store. This is called shelf impact; mind it and use it in your favor.


5.      Extendibility

Today, you are only making one type of product, tomorrow you might want to add other types. Your packaging philosophy should be of a nature that allows more products to be accommodated. This feature of custom packaging is what I call extendibility. Let us consider the example of Lays. This company makes potato chips and they have introduced a lot of different flavors in past few years. This means that they are including variations and unless their packaging was really flexible, it would be impossible for them to add new products. Have a look and see how their packaging keeps accommodating new products.


6.      Flexibility

Take the example of Ken’s Steak House honey mustard sauce. This sauce follows the same packaging idea as Heinz ketchup, but it also adds, “Great for Dripping” tag to the custom packaging sticker. This is flexibility. Make sure that your custom made packaging for your brand does not only serve the purpose of packaging but facilitating the end user as well.


7.      Public Sentiment

Remember, no branding appeal is stronger than emotional appeal. Cultivate the habit of reading public sentiment and echoing with it. For example, whenever it is the end of presidential term and new elections are close; many American brands exploit the Republican or Democrat sentiments to yield more sales. Take Star Bucks for example; they used plain cups during 2015’s Christmas and got bashed by the American public, so last year they decided to go back to the red coffee mugs for Christmas with snowflakes, Christmas tree, and red color.


So, the moral of the story is pretty much clear; do not go for the mindless packaging or you will bear the consequences.