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The Categorization of Packaging Companies

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When you are in a Packaging industry you are very likely to encounter with many types of packaging. The fact is that this packaging is produced by a number of different types of packaging companies. And, it is interesting to know how these companies work and fit into the wider picture of the product packaging that we buy at market shelves and retail stores.

There are mainly two ways you can categorize the packaging industry.

Packaging Manufacturers: They are the makers and sellers of product packaging.

Packaging Brokers:  They only resell packaging or packaging related services.

These two categories of packaging are further sub-divided into more categories mentioned as follows.

Packaging Manufacturers:

The packaging manufacturers are of two types.

·         (Pure) Packaging Manufacturers

·         Prototype Companies  

Packaging Brokers:

Packaging brokers are of four types as mentioned in the following.

·        (Pure) Packaging Brokers

·         Packaging Distributors

·         Packaging Design or Marketing Firm

·         Packaging Fulfillment / Co-packer Company

 Let’s have a deeper look into the sub-categories of Packaging Manufacturers and Packaging Brokers.

(Pure) Packaging Manufacturers:

This type of packaging manufacturers mainly produces either of these types of packaging, custom boxes (Custom Packaging) upon order from their customers or stock packaging to distributors. It is quite rare that some companies provide both custom packaging and stock packaging simultaneously.

It is worth mentioning here that the packaging manufacturing companies that offer custom packaging use trained sales professionals or sometimes outsource their sales tasks to a third party.

So, if you come in touch with the packaging manufacturer via chat or a call to place an order for packaging you will be greeted by a salesperson from that company. This salesperson can be an in-house employee of the company with salary and commission incentives. These professional salespersons usual are well qualified and well informed with the company’s different types of products and services pertaining to packaging but there are rare occasions when you may not get what you want. It solely depends up the skill and experience of the sales professional you will be dealing with; most of the times the chances are these first lines of contact sales professionals are well competent and well informed.

Prototype Companies      


Prototype packaging companies are companies that take the requirements from a customer for the packaging of their product and produce a single or a small number of packaging for a certain product. This package is called a “prototype.” The prototype is only for display or demonstration purposes. Prototypes are usually handmade with some assistance from light machinery to be completed as a realistic looking packaging with custom printing of the packaging.


The prototype companies with creating the structure of your product packaging and will cater the graphical needs or the packaging. If you are a Package Manufacturing company and are in need of packaging prototype to present to a buyer then packaging prototype companies can prove out to be very useful.

Packaging brokers or Packaging manufactures can themselves come up with prototypes of their own to fulfill the requirements of an order but this requires some commitments on the behalf of buyer. 

Packaging Broker         

A packaging broker is a company or an individual that buys custom boxes from manufacturers and resell it to customers. The broker takes an entire headache to handle the inventory, paperwork, accounting, and project management.

A packaging broker is usually well connected and has a keen understanding of the packaging industry. A broker is typically able to sell any type of packaging provided that it has the intact connection with suppliers (packaging manufacturers).




There can be two different extreme scenarios for packaging brokers. One of the scenarios is that there are manufacturers exclusively with brokers and the other cases the packaging manufacturers do not like to work with brokers at all. It completely depends on the business strategies of the packaging manufacturing company.

Packaging Distributors

These types of packaging companies buy and house stock packages in warehouses in bulk quantities and resell them to the customer when the orders are placed. The biggest advantage of package distributors’ offer to businesses is that the packaging is available on a very short-term notice.


Packaging Design Firms (Marketing Firms)

Packaging design firms are firms that offer many services that involve creative work. They are usually reserved for large companies that can spend lavishly on marketing their products.


Packaging design firms provide the structural design of their products and printing that sets a creative and aesthetic part of the product packaging.

Packaging Fulfillment

Once the product and its packaging are ready the next step that arrives is putting the product in the package. This is done specifically by the packaging fulfillment company. Whether it is jars, tubes, boxes or any other types of packaging the packaging fulfillment is the company that does it on behalf of the vendor.



If there is a case the fulfillment company also is making a product for you then it is better known as Co-packers or Contract Packers.  

This survey of different companies is made in term of their role in the packaging industry. The reality of the practical ground is that there can be many variations of companies that have acquired more than one role and are basically hybrids. 

Nov 8, 2017 at 09:27 o\clock

The Problem with Food Packaging Claims and Labels

In a law class, I always thought how phonetically close were the words “label” and “libel”, while the meanings were entirely different from each other.


In the realm of packaging, both come closer and become the same. How? It is because of the way some companies manipulate the label so as to misguide the prospective customer and drive them to buy the product that they should not while there are other companies that mistakenly make a wrong use of label and not only misguide the customer (although in all fairness) but also bear the loss.

The purpose of this post is to address both types of companies and to see how food packaging proves to be detrimental: either to the customer or to the manufacturers of products they buy or to the both.

1.      The Display and Expiry Dates


Let us first talk of a mistake bade by many companies, which is not based on the idea of false fully lure the customers into buying stuff from them, but which happens due to the lack of due diligence.

Take the example of display dates and expiry dates. On many products, the companies mention tags and labels like:

Best Before = Telling the customers that product may expire after that date!

Display Until = Telling the stores/retailers that product is best to be displayed until a certain date comes!

However, due to misprinting, overprinting or similar reasons, the customers read the “Display Until” tag, take it as a “Best Before” tag and dispose of a product which can be used perfectly.

This is kind of a mistake which is not based on a malafide motive and which occurs just because of lack of care. Same is the case with confusing labels (most of the times).

2.      Long List of Wrong Food Packaging Claims


What we have read before is just an example of what happens in case of no bad intention on the company’s side and where the problem arises out of the lack of due care.


However, most of the times the false claims and labels are intentionally used to falsify the customers and drive them to buy the kind of products that they never wanted. Let us have a look such claims:

Good Source of Calcium

This is what you mostly find on the label of the milk packs and other similar products. The problem is not with the claim; it is actually with highlighting or singling out one ingredient. From calcium to industrial sweetener a lot of products are used in all such products and mentioning just one ingredient leads the customers to believe that this specific milk or yogurt has the excessive amount of the mentioned ingredient or content.

Use of “Naturally Extracted”, ”Farm Fresh” or Similar Buzzwords

Some words are simply buzzwords; you cannot ignore them and from the cottage industries to Nestle, everyone is aware of their importance. Whenever you read the words like farm fresh or naturally extracted, you must either check the source of this claim or verify it (mostly they are lying) or you should go to a product with more quality and fewer claims.

3.      How to Avoid the Confusing Labels

If you are a business and your idea of big revenue is not based on mugging people with help of false claims and labels, and you want to avoid the confusing labels that come into existence because of lack of due diligence, you can take certain steps to avoid them:

Quality Assurance

Make sure that not a single of your company’s packaging for food storage has the wrong labels. Hire a quality assurance personnel if you do not have one already and let them check this.


Get Your Packaging Done by a Good Design Firm

The ‘innocent and made in all fairness labeling mistakes’ occur because of design mistakes. Perhaps your in-house designer or the cheap freelancer or the design company are not that good; try to get your food packaging ideas designed by a good design company and there will not be any such mistakes in future.

Try these practices and see how your business boosts.

Oct 13, 2017 at 09:19 o\clock

How Not Having Custom Made Cardboard Boxes Is a Bad Idea

custom made cardboard boxes is perhaps the best type of packaging material that all of us are aware of. Let us admit: corrugated fiberboard is a very rough and heavy material, while Kraft is a bit low on the heavy and rough side, it is still there. You need custom made cardboard boxes if your product demands a delicate and nice packaging.

Let me elaborate on this for you. If you are into soap business, perfume or cosmetics business or any business associated with a product somehow related to beauty, fragrance, food or similar fields, you got to get high-quality custom cardboard boxes. Why? Because they look and feel like something that corrugated fiberboard and Kraft cannot.

In this post, I am going to pile up 3 most important reasons why not getting customized cardboard boxes is a bad idea for your product and your company.

Let us have a look:

1.      Because Corrugated and Kraft Materials Are Not That Good

Alright, I would like to rephrase it for you. There is definitely a need for Kraft and corrugated material, but it is most needed for the kind of products different from the type of products I have mentioned above. Let us acknowledge that when it comes to smooth feel and look of a material, corrugated and Kraft are nowhere near cardboard.


Cardboard is a kind of material which is mostly used for packaging of the items that demand the kind of packaging done with attention paid to its aesthetics. For example, consider cosmetic boxes and cosmetic items boxes etc. Most of the time, they are made of cardboard, not Kraft or corrugated.

2.      Readymade Packaging

Alright, now that we know that we got to get customized cardboard boxes for our beautiful products, it is the time to address the question “Why customized?” It is because readymade boxes are simply not even close to being as good as the custom designed cardboard boxes are. Readymade cardboard boxes only have the kind of material that you want, plus some minimalistic packaging features such as finishing, colors, and printing on them. If you want to maximize the branding and marketing impact of your cardboard boxes, you got to get custom made cardboard boxes for yourself.


3.      Features of Customized Cardboard boxes

The biggest reason why custom designed cardboard boxes are the only packaging solutions that you need is the features that this type of packaging offers. We are talking about die cut window pane, spot/full UV, aqueous coating, embossed wording or debossing, gluing, perforation, scoring, PVC sheet and definitely, above all, high quality matte or gloss finish.

If you think that matte or gloss finish are not enough and you need some sort of foiling as well, you can have gold foil or silver foil as well. These next level customization effects are the reason why you should prefer custom made cardboard boxes to the readymade ones.

Also, apart from these very apparent reasons why you should get custom cardboard boxes, there are some other reasons as well. Cardboard is a highly biodegradable material. You can source it easily with help of FSC or PEFC etc. The recyclability of this material is simply beyond any other material and then it can be used again for the same or similar purposes. Cardboard, as compared to Kraft and corrugated fiberboard, is very easy to cut, fold, crease, shape, and print on.


With these so many good reasons to use custom made cardboard boxes, there is no reason why you would go for any other material. Customized cardboard boxes are easy to get, affordable and much useful as compared to other materials such as plastic, corrugated fiberboard, and Kraft etc.