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Oil Container

Non Stick Silicone Field Jars By Black Leaf

Shatter resistant, Jump-ready, put it to use for lipbalm, spices, wax, painting, treatment and several other uses. I have a dab rig that acts as a straw, so the silicone mat makes it super convenient to drop a dab on. Since it's http://www.idealnonstick.com/ - Nonstick - made of heat resistant silicone, I can place my heated nail tip onto the mat with out worrying that I'll soften it. The silicone material this jar and mat are made of is heat resistant as much as 500 levels, which is awesome.

And for now, nonetheless there are various different kinds of designs, shapes, colors of such a non-stick silicone container in the market, we are so proud that we created such a popular product with our client. Hashish concentrates do not keep on with silicone, which implies no more wasted dabs. Choose from several totally different sizes, colors and divider choices to provide your non stick container that private touch.

Acrylic does not offer the identical non-stick properties as silicone does, and so some extracts could find yourself stuck to the container indefinitely - wasting product. Additionally, containers come with a patent-pending threaded prime, in order not to unscrew in your pocket for instance. All of our non stick silicone products are created from meals grade silicone and can be utilized for baking, oil extractions, and other sticky conditions. Consequently, these containers are so flexible and shatter-proof which you can bounce them!

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