A page about my sister Aaliya and my sweetest mother, who left the world far too early

Jan 10, 2010 at 21:36 o\clock

My sweetest mother

While we were all trying to recover from Aaliya's death, disaster stroke our family again on January 6th 2010.
I was at school when the principal came to take me from my lesson. He took me to his office. There he told me that my mother died an hour ago in a car accident.

My mother works on wednesdays short days and she was returning home at 1 o'clock when another car hit her in the back. My mothers car went off the road and landed into the water. Recuers tried to save her, but they were too late to get her out of the car in time.

It feels like there's a curse on our family. First we loose Aaliya, and now we lose our mother. It comforts me to know that they are together again now. My mother went to see her daughter again, and that's the only thing I can think about that can give me a little peace.
I want to understand things. I want to know why my mother didn't manage to get out of her car herself. But nobody can answer my questions, because they don't know.

My mother will be buried next week, and I'm happy this time I can be there. Maybe this can also close the period after Aaliya's death.

My mother was a lovely and caring woman and she was always ready for us as her children to help us with anything we needed. She was the best mother in the world!

Na'ima, born 26th June 1964, died January 6th 2010.
At the age of 45 years, 6 months and 13 days.
Mum, promise me to kiss Aaliya from me!

Jan 10, 2010 at 21:26 o\clock


Disaster stroke our family in the night from 1st to 2nd November 2009. I woke up at a few minutes before 2 o'clock and I smelled fire. When I opened the door of my bedroom I saw smoke coming from Aaliya's room. I screamed to my parents and Tahra and Yaasir and told them to rush outside while I would try to save Aaliya. I opened the door of her bedroom and saw if was full of smoke and flames. I thought I saw an alley which could lead me to Aaliya's bed. I just stopped thinking and rushed to her bed and took her out, and then rushed outside, to my parents. My father was already calling the fire appartment and my mother was calling for help. When I came outside I could see in some light of the streetlamps that Aaliya had serious burns all over her body. Aaliya and I were taken into a house of one of our neighbours and they tried to cool Aaliya's wounds with cold water. Then someone tried to take me away from Aaliya. I didn't want to leave her there because I knew her condition was very bad, but I eventua;;y went with that person. He started colling my body with cold water, and I suddenly discovered that also I had serious burns myself. In all panic and chaos I didn't feel anything! I was so worried about Aaliya that I totally forgot myself.
I heard ambulances coming, and me and Aaliya were taken to hospital. When I was there I wanted to know how Aaliya was doing. They told me she was in very bad condition. I had to go in surgery, and when I woke up, my parents were there. They told me to sleep. Because I was so tired and still half asleep because of the surgery I fell asleep quickly. When I woke up I asked the doctors if I could see Aaliya, but I wasn't allowed to get out of bed. Half an hour later I heard Aaliya had died. It was so hard for me and I kept on crying. I wouldn't have mind all my wounds if I knew I had them because I saved Aaliya, but after her death it just felt like I had these wounds for nothing! I couldn't save my sister. It felt awful. Doctors told me not to blame myself. They told me to be proud of myself, because I put all my fears off to save Aaliya. They told me that I have to tell myself that I did something, and not much people would take a risk as I did.

When Aaliya got buried, I couldn't be there. I had very serious burning wounds and I spent 4 weeks in the hospital. It slowly got better, but even now it's an awful feeling that I didn't manage to save my sister. She was only one. She had no chance to get away on her own. She had to wait for us to get here. And I came, but I was too late.

Later on we knew that the fire started in a lamp in her bedroom. My mother always left the light a little on at night because Aaliya didn't go to sleep when it was completely dark. The lamp got too warm and set the curtains on flames. It's horrible that something this small took my sister's life and it's unbelievable.

My sweetest princess, no one will ever forget you.
Aaliya, born 12th March 2008, died 2nd November 2009.
At the age of 1 year, 7 months and 21 days.

Jan 10, 2010 at 21:06 o\clock


My name is Fayya, I'm 17 years old and currently living in Nabul, Tunisia.
I live here together with my father Rashid, my 11 year old sister Tahra and my 8 year old brother Yaasir.

On November 2nd 2009 I lost my little sister Aaliya in a fire in our house. Aaliya was only 1 year old and she was our little princess. Letting her go hurts so much. And then on January 6th 2010, a few days ago, I lost my mother in a car accident. Just now I was feeling better again after losing my sister I have to go through this again.
I decided to keep a weblog to be able to handle this. It's an enormous loss and I feel I'm getting depressed if I don't do anything with it.

I hope this weblog can help me to put my life back to what it was before.