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Writing on the New York Times op-ed page Sept. 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin cautioned the world about jumping to conclusions about the use of chemical weapons by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Reporting in advance of Monday’s release of the U.N. inspectors preliminary report on the Aug. 21 use of poison gas in East Damascus, U.N. Secretary Gen. Ban Ki-moon confirmed what President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed was 1,400 deaths—over 400 children—from asphyxiation from Sarin nerve gas. Putin parroted al-Assad’s predictablchemical weapons under U.N. control, skeptics questioned its viability. With al-Assad his in Congress for air strikes. Despite public and Congressional opposition to intervention, there’s scant evidence that Putin’s plan can ever gain control of al-Assad’s weapons of mass destruction. Speaking Geneva with his Russian