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Skin lesions in this stage can have character of secondary annular elements in diameter of 1-5 sm, an erythematic eruption on palms as capillarites, rashes, and also a good-quality lymphocytoma of skin in the form of an individual infiltrate - a nodule or plaques orlistat 90 pills 60 mg more often on ear lobules of ears, dummies and an areola of mammary glands, hydropic, is bright-crimson colour, slightly painful at a palpation.

In stage of disease, a late, developing thicket in a year after a becoming infected and proceeding from several months till 10 years and more, it becomes perceptible the originator more often in any organ, are observed a locomotorium lesion - a monoarthritis (a bowl of knee joints) or a polyarthritis, a chronic encephalitis, an encephalomyelitis. On a skin orlistat orlistat develop an acrodermatitis atrophic chronic, a spotty atrophy, changes. tap , lymphocytic infiltration of a skin with an impurity of plasmocytes. Chances congenital with developmental anomalies of heart. Parasitogenic illnesses of a skin represent widespread group of lesions of the skin caused by pincers ( a scabies), louses (pediculosis), (a skin leishmaniasis). SCABIES Scabies - the parasitogenic disease of a skin caused by itch mite Sarcoptes scabiei hominis, being intradermal parasite of the person. Aetiology and pathogenesis. Itch mites have oval the form.

The sizes of a female about 0,3 mm at length and 0,25 mm at width, the sizes of the male it is less. The clinical picture of disease is defined by females as males, having fertilised them on a surface of a skin of the person ("owner"), soon perish. The fertilised females make in a false skin, on border with a layer, psoric courses where postpone eggs. In a tyre cover of courses of a female gnaw through ventilating shafts for air access to the postponed eggs and the subsequent exit of larvas, which from eggs in 3-5 days. Postembryonal development of the tick has some stages and 3-7 days last on the average. Longevity of the tick out of a body of the person at a room temperature makes from 5 till 14 days. At external temperature 60° pincers perish during 1 , and at 30 pills or temperature more low - practically at once. Pairs a sulphurus anhydrase kill an itch mite for 2-3 minutes of Egg of pincers are steadier to various to agents. Infection with a scabies occurs by transfer of the tick from the sick person healthy by means of contact or (through subjects which the patient used, clothes, bed-clothes). Infection with a scabies is favoured by close contact with the patient, in particular the general bed. Quite often infection occurs at sexual contact that has formed the basis to include a scabies in group of the illnesses transferred sexual by.

Infection is much more rare probably at a nosotrophy, massage. In children's collectives disease can be transferred through soft toys, writing-materials, sports stock. Infection can occur also in per capita, baths, trains and other public places under condition of disturbance of a sanitary regimen. Scabies 90 pills diffusion is promoted by density of the population, the unsatisfactory sanitary-and-hygienic conditions, insufficient hygienic skills of the population (rare washing, irregular change of linen, etc.) . To the factors promoting diffusion of a scabies, carry also the raised population shift, selftreatment. changes at an uncomplicated scabies are insignificant: the psoric course settles down basically in a cornual layer, only its blind extremity reaches a layer of a false skin or gets into it. Here there is a female of the tick. In this site develops intra-and an intercellular edema for which account the small blister is formed. In a derma under a psoric course there is a chronic inflammatory lymphocytic infiltrate. At the Norwegian scabies the hyperkeratosis, a partial parakeratosis become perceptible; there is an abundance of the psoric courses located in 5-8 layers ("floors") and containing covers of eggs, larvas and nymphs, and in deeper layers and pincers who are sometimes found out and in a false skin layer.

Clinical picture. Duration of an incubation interval at a scabies can fluctuate from 1 to 6 , but most often it makes 7-12 days. Duration of an incubation interval is influenced by quantity of the originators which have got on a skin of the person at a becoming infected, reactance of an organism, hygienic 60 pills skills of the patient. The basic clinical symptoms of a scabies are the itch, presence of psoric courses, characteristic localisation of clinical implications.

The clinical picture is caused by activity of the tick, reaction of the patient to an itch, secondary piogenic flora, allergic reaction of an organism on the originator and products of its vital activity. Most typical occurrence or itch intensifying during evening and night time that is caused by presence of a daily rhythm of activity of pincers with its intensifying at night. The orlistat itch appears after itch mite introduction in a cornual layer of a false skin. Morphological changes on a skin can either be absent at this time, or to be minimum (it is fine vesicles, papules or blisters in places of introduction of the originator more often). A pathognomonic 20mg cialis sign of illness is the psoric course. The typical psoric course looks like slightly towering direct or bent, whitish or untidily-sulphur of a line in length from 1 mm to several centimetres (more often about 1 sm). On the forward (blind) extremity of a course the blister is often found out (here there is the female of the tick who is appearing through through a cornual layer in the form of a dark point).

Quite often psoric courses are presented by several blisters at various stages of the development, located linearly in the form of a chain. In case of joining of a secondary infection blisters turn to pustules. At drying up of an exsudate courses become serous or purulent crusts.

Typical psoric courses often settle down on those sites of a skin, where a false skin thin and dry: lateral surfaces of fingers of arms, surfaces of radiocarpal joints, external genitals at men, mammary glands at women. Fine papules, vesicles, punctual and linear excoriations concern clinical implications of a scabies also. More often the listed rashes become perceptible on brushes, surfaces of the top and bottom extremities, a trunk (mainly in area thorax surfaces), a stomach, a loin, man's genitals.

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