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What is the chelated form? Recently distributors of our company often ask me, that such chelates and the chelated form. I answer your question. The medicine authentically knows, that the person requires approximately 20 trace substances. As is known, in Mendeleyev's chemical table 109 elements contain. It can quite appear, that in due ultracet 180 pills 550 mg course to us become "friendly" and other components of this table. The thin intestine is not capable to acquire separate ions of minerals. Only in bond with organic substances, including with amino acids, transport of trace substances through cellular membranes is possible. Such chemical bond is called as intracomplex, or chelated (the atom of metal is bound to two or the big number of atoms of organic substance).

This name has occurred from a kind of the chemical formula which reminds capture . The word "chelate" occurs from Greek «chele», that "claw" means. Organic bonds in such complex are called , therefore in the scientific literature you can sometimes meet the name communications. As to "free" ions of metals they very easily enter bond with other substances and become unsuitable for a normal metabolism in an organism. Therefore fans to drink strong tea or coffee after meal, should know, that comprehensibility of trace substances after reception of these drinks decreases twice! It is ideal, when the mineral is strongly bound to amino acid and easily passes through all biochemical barriers. In the nature there are examples of chelated bonds, for example, human haemoglobin where a mineral is iron. In flora is a chlorophyll - a magnesium complex.

The modern biotechnology allows to frame various forms of chelated bonds. Depending on for what it intends. Company Nature's Sunshine uses exclusively chelated forms of minerals. Usually the admixture of amino acids, such as a lysine, a serine, an alanine, Cysteinum is, etc. Therefore it is possible to tell safely, that polymineral complexes of the company are as much as possible bioaccessible to all systems of an organism. What is pH skins? Question: Correct skins makes nearby 5,5. Explain, please, that it means?

The answer: The size is a unit of measure of amino acids on surface of a skin which contain in natural Membranula of water immediately on a skin. This Membranula is formed of dermal fat, sweat, products of vital activity of the bacteria living on our skin, and the died off particles of horn cells. The acid maintenance in this protective Membranula fluctuates at separate people in very big limits. It is measured on a scale from 0 to 14. - to 6 testifies to so-called acidic area which is ideal cheap generic cialis online for performance of protective functions of a skin. - , peer 7, it is considered neutral value. - with value more than 7 it is considered alkaline and obviously unhealthy an effect has on protective function of a skin. The acid protective cover is a highly effective barrier from a mud and supervises moisture content in the uppermost layer of a skin.

The normal healthy skin is restored after washing by water within an hour. Adeps and moisture maintenance is stabilised. The acid indicator again becomes correct. Than drier a skin, especially carefully it is necessary to approach to agents for its purification. About cells Question: Heard about application cells in cosmetology if it is possible tell about it.

The answer: cells are cells which have no certain specialisation and are theoretically capable to give rise to any types of tissues. Theoretically, because scientists yet have not found out up to the end, that forces cells “to choose a trade” and as they understand what direction it it is necessary to develop. However there are ideas, that if cells to place in correct conditions (for example to introduce them in a certain tissue) and to allow to them correct commands (to inject a certain set of alarm molecules) from them it is possible to grow up fragments of tissues and even the whole organs. That all assumptions became a reality, serious scientific researches are necessary. For the present successes in new branch are very modest, there are attempts to grow up a bone, occupying a matrix made of various materials, osteoblasts - unripe cells of bones, the same technologies are applied to cultivation of dermal flaps which apply at treatment of combustions. While scientists argue and dream of opening, commercial structures hasten to use idea and on the sly start to offer clients «cellular therapy», promising a rejuvenation and disposal of illnesses.

Yes, cells become fashionable, round them it is a lot of disputes, assign many hopes. However that who is already ready to lay out the round sum for this method of a rejuvenation, it is necessary to know, that researches are in the beginning of a way, and there will pass a lot of time while they will bear fruit.

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