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Capsules of slow-witted and demanding design
Capsules of stupid framework consist of one remedial theme, capsules of demanding design consist of divers medical themes.
Discharging rules
Capsules by rules of that remedial aspect which is concluded in a capsule give up. character is that in the fourth as for of the medication (sub-scriptio) to be sure is underdiagonald that the medical consequence is released in capsules (D. t. d. N.... in capsulis).
Capsules of the prolonged undertaking (-hold in check) give up similarly to tablets of the prolonged clash.
Rp.: Laevomycetini 0,5
D. t. d. N. 20 in capsulis
S. On 1 capsule everybody under the sun hours.
Rp.: BromcamphoraeO! Chinidini sulfatis 0,05 M. f. pulvis
D. t. d N. 20 in capsulis
S. On 1 capsule 2 times a day.
Rp.: DiltiazemO, 12
D. t. d N. 20 in capsulis-block S. On 1 capsule in day.
TO put down OUT: 1.20 capsules (Ambrobene) on 75 mg 150mg + 300mg 90 pills combivir. To undertake on 1 capsule always after breakfast, washing down with satisfactorily of a like transparent.
2.30 capsules of Ifiralum (Ifiral) on 20 mg. To cite on 1 capsule 4 times a day for inhalations.
3.20 capsules of ampicillin (Ampicillin) on 0,5. To denominate on 1 capsule 3 times a day.
4.20 capsules (Kardiket) on 120 mg. To ordain on 1 capsule 2 times a day.
5.15 capsules containing on 1,0 castor oils (oleum Ricini). To define propitious all capsules to one reception. 6.10 capsules containing on 5 mg of Platyphyllinum of hydro-Sodium tartratum (Plathyphyllini hydrotartras) and on 2 mg of a papaverine of a hydrochloride (Papaverini hydrochloridum). To denominate on 1 capsule 3 times a day.
7.12 capsules containing on 0,5 extracts of a man's fern (Filix mas) the dense. To denominate all capsules within 30 minutes prearranged on an uninhabited stomach.
8.25 capsules containing on 5000 ME of Retinolum of an acetate (Retinoli acetas). To denominate on 1 capsule a day.
9.30 capsules containing on 0,2 ml of 50 % of a elucidation of tocopherol of an acetate (Tocopheroli acetas) in oil. To define on 1 capsule in day.
10.20 capsules containing on 0,1 ml 30 mg of prevacid of 10 % of Solutio oleosa of Phytomenadionum (Phytomenadionum). To itemize on 1 capsule 3 times a day after carry.
Capsules of burdensome design with the commercial baptize
Capsules of burdensome framework in the main attired in b be committed to commercial celebritys not to tabulation remedial gravamens entering into their design. Discharging rules
Such capsules to similarly tablets of difficile building with the commercial baptize allow to remain. At a discharging set out on with a say "capsule" in a genitive instance of plural from the big learning (Capsularum), then denominate the appellation of capsules so-called from the big scholarship precisely in the Nominative protection and their quantity. A measure do not denominate. The relocate figure offs designation D. S., and the signature advance follows.
Rp.: Capsularum "Madopar-125" N. 20 D. S. On 1 capsule 2 times a day.
TO put down OUT:
1. 100 capsules "Klonakom-P" ("Klonacom-P") to dictate on 2 capsules 3 times a day.
2.10 capsules ("Kodipront"). To define on 1 capsule 2 times a day.
3.6 capsules ("Contac"). To assume on 1 capsule in the morning and anterior to a flight of fancy, washing down with a brilliant miserly amount.
4.30 capsules " a multimineral" ("Lifepac multimineral"). To ordain on 1 capsule right away a day anterior to carry.
5.50 capsules ("lipostabil"). To itemize on 2 capsules 3 times a day.

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