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The analysis of clinical data.

It is necessary to consider, that the same symptom depending on the occurrence mechanism can be as , and local. For example, destruction of a dorsum sellae by a tumour growing in this area, is a focal symptom if it is caused by rising of intracranial pressure . buy roxithromycin
Most great value for recognition of localisation of a tumour have the symptoms resulting damage of cerebral substance by the growing tumour precisely in a place of its locating. the symptoms appearing later owing to damage of sites of a brain, more or less remote from the tumour location, can even complicate topical diagnostics. Therefore it is extremely important to establish an order of occurrence of symptoms, it gives the chance to find out, what of them should be carried to  symptoms, basically testifying to rising of intracranial pressure, do not allow to judge neither character, nor about the tumour location.
The clinical picture of disease is defined in many respects by tumour localisation. The tumours located , are characterised by more good-quality current and late development symptoms. At subtentorial localisation of a neoplasm gipertenzionno-gidrotsefalnyj the syndrome develops early, sometimes simultaneously with focal symptoms, and quickly progresses.

The analysis of clinical data.
We have analysed 4000 reports of opening, in 154 cases brain tumours (3,8 %) are taped. From them primary tumours of a brain was 50, metastatic - 104. Such parity was defined by specificity of medical institutions where on one neurology unit it was necessary on units of a somatic profile.
At the age of 20-29 years there were 11 persons, 30-39 years - of 12 persons, 40-49 years-23 of the person, 50-59 years-53 of the person, over 60 years - 55 persons.
Primary tumours of a brain. localisation is taped at 35 persons (at 34 in brain hemispheres, at one patient in a pituitary body). Thus tumours were localised in a frontal lobe at 12, temporal 11, parietal - at 5, occipital - at 6 persons. ultram online
Unilateral localisation of a tumour is noted at 31 persons (the left hemisphere 18, right 13, bilateral 2 persons). At 14 persons one share, at 17 - two shares and at 3 persons - 3 shares has been amazed.
Subtentorial localisation of a tumour is taped at 15 persons, from them in a trunk of a brain 7, cerebellum hemispheres - at 6, in to an angle - at 2.

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Diagnostics of neurosises and conditions in some cases represents certain difficulties. The diagnosis of a neurosis and its differentiation with close clinical forms to a great extent depends on subjective representations of the doctor about essence of a neurosis. ultram


In order to avoid subjectivity the diagnosis of neurosises or conditions cannot be established, being based only on complaints of the patient as it conducts to hyperdiagnostics. Sometimes a neurosis diagnose for persons with defined features that is not disease in general. Therefore at diagnostics of this group of diseases at each stage of inspection of the patient it is necessary to search the data confirming the prospective diagnosis. At anamnesis gathering it is important to find proofs psycho-or the nature of the given disease, that is logic connection between the reason and disease should be established. At objective inspection of the patient pay attention to objective symptoms of disease: infringements in emotional sphere, vegetative symptoms. Complaints of the patient should be confirmed by supervision, not clear cases carry out experimentally-psychological research. It is necessary to aspire to reveal the personal features, helping to understand, why in the given concrete case there was that, instead of other clinical syndrome why such type of a current of disease has developed. buy herbal soma


At neurosises from conditions it is necessary to consider the following.


1. The neurosis always is independent disease in which aetiology the leading part belongs to a psychotrauma. conditions arise at influence factors and are not independent diseases (V.F.Matveev, 1979).


2. Specificity of neurotic semiology can have some value at differentiation of these conditions. So, for a neurasthenia are characteristic mental fatigue, , irritability. At not psychogenic character prevail physical fatigue, , psychopathological frustration stand on the second plan. At a neurasthenia psychopathological, , frustration are characterised by variety and lability of clinical signs, at not psychogenic the long, monotonous current, monotonous semiology are observed. The neurosis current, a condition of indemnification and depend on character of the significant conflict and features of the person, dynamics conditions is influenced by type of a current of the basic disease. At neurosises the good therapeutic effect is given by rest, psychotherapy, at conditions - medicinal therapy.

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Red wine protects from radiation  buy tramadol online

The American scientists from Hopkins's university (Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore), have come to conclusion, which patrimonial antioxidant what contains in red wine, protects through radiation influences. 

Experiences for mice have shown, what (resveratrol), containing in these products, is capable to prevent some damages caused by radiation. In compliance with opinion of scientists the medicines made for a basis of this opening, can concern are used in a century of serious radiological or nuclear extreme situations. A message about advantage red the reason are already numerous. 45 years are mainly proud red drinks subsequently, it plays important preventive employment. Red drinks the probability of cardiovascular diseases reduces, Alzheimer's diseases and already caries developments. Only doctors ostensibly warn, already red wine does not need to use.


Leaves (Epimedium brevicornum) - a grassy plant from family - can become raw materials by manufacture of preparations for treatment to dysfunction. According to the Italian scientists, the new medicine will be so effective as Viagra, but with smaller number of by-effects, informs Journal of Natural Products.

Researchers under the guidance of (Mario Dell'Agli) from University of Milan studied properties of four plants which in the Asian countries are applied in quality . It was found out, that the component under the name is capable to block enzyme fosfodiesterazu-5, supervising blood supply of a sexual member. The same mechanism - enzyme blocking fosfodiesterazy-5 - underlies action of a known preparation Viagra.

Experimenting an extract , and its colleagues have received the modified version of this substance which are not conceding by efficiency to Viagra. During too time new "medicine" it has appeared more safe, than a popular preparation.

The matter is that the active component of Viagra has oppressing an effect not only on enzyme fosfodiesterazu-5, but also on others . Action on fosfodiesterazu-6 explain possibility of development of infringements of colour sensation, and action on fosfodiesterazu-1 can lead to development of by-effects from cardiovascular system. Preliminary tests have shown, that the new substance on a basis operates on fosfodiesterazu-5, not influencing other enzymes, researchers have informed.

Now clinical researches of new means are planned. If they appear successful, the preparation for treatment dysfunctions will   order levitra online

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Medic News

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Young fatty cages will help to treat adiposity and a diabetes  vpxl
Researchers from the Texas University have found out (USA), which the unripe fatty cages appearing in an organism in addition before a birth, at the adult person are in the blood vessels feeding a fatty fabric.

It is an invention the craft in creation of new methods of treatment of adiposity and a diabetes, and yes can play important, tea, will help the people requiring transplantation of fabrics subsequently of operations. When the device receives superfluous calories, ”young fatty cages leave walls of vessels and turn to usual fatty cages.

“There will be we will learn to manipulate these cages alias to block their development, it will open the big prospects in adiposity and diabetes treatment”, - the major author of research speaks Jonathan Graff.

In compliance with words of the scientist, from young fatty cages to grow up transplants, approximately, that women with a remote mammary gland. In cosmetology these cages to get that smoothing of wrinkles differently increases in lips. ”They are freely accessible. In an organism there is huge a size these of cages. It is exemplary a material refuge that reconstruction”, - explains Jonathan Graff.

To cover young fatty cages with scientist 5 years were required. Researchers have deduced genetically modified mice in which organism considerable quantities of hormone PPAR regulating fatty exchange are developed. In gamma beams this hormone is shone by green light.
In a wall of the vessels feeding a fatty fabric, scientists have seen the cages shone by green colour. When these cages have withdrawn from a wall of vessels, they have turned to mature fatty cages.

“They not idle time have been attached to a vessel wall, they were a part of this wall”, - authors of research speak.

Cages are capable to feel for maintenance increase in blood of nutrients, say, glucose. In compliance with all probability, increase of level of glucose in blood means, which device has received superfluous energy which should be kept, having transformed it in a fatty fabric.
Scientists have truly studied, about the found cages react for antidiabetic medicines from group (etc.). It has appeared, what at action of these preparations young cages turn to mature fatty cages.

“Undividedly from unpleasant by-effects of these preparations - the eminence of weight for 5-7 kg”, - speaks Jonathan Graff.

However results of experiments have partially helped to explain, as if operate. “Fatty cages send certain signals which influence for sugar lifting in blood. We know, to what“ thin ”fatty cages send“ good ”signals, and“ thick ”fatty cages -“ bad ”signals. Influence for sow influence and raise a susceptibility of cages to insulin”, - scientists speak.  Herbal Phentermine