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How to Beat Corvus in Dragon Quest IX

Suggested Character Setup

There are numerous approaches to set up your party inside Dragon Quest IX that may be considered a source of confusion for a lot of players. Whilst there isn't any proper or incorrect approach to accomplish so most of the particular time, I could let anyone know in which for that Corvus fight, you want to get certain constants, even in the event the rest of your own party differs:

Your party needs in order to be at degree 35 as becoming a bare minimum. level 40-45 is preferable if you want to try this fight with out abilities using their particular company vocations.Your entire party ought to be equipped with Existence Bracers. 25 HP regeneration each and every turn adds up fast, and also cuts down on the strain in your healer. Speaking associated with healers...

Your healer MUST use a Wand as well as 100 Wand Skill. Seriously, your myriad of MP boosters you get from the Wand skill tree turn out for you to be ridiculous, which is certainly going to become a lengthy fight unless you're extremely lucky. I had a level 35 Sage carrying out my healing regarding me.Your healer MUST have Multiheal. The Actual power to heal most folks are awesome on this fight, particularly if he will get trigger happy with breath attacks. Great luck healing by means of in which if he can it a quantity of turns straight and also you do not get Multiheal.If your current healer is really a Priest along with Omniheal, that's even better, yet which might always be overkill with regard to this fight.

A paladin is truly a advised boost to your defensive setup. Paladins may Kabuff long before these people hit 35, as well as their Coup de Grace is Knight Watch, which in turn renders him/her invulnerable regarding a quantity of turns, as well as forcing Corvus in order to attack him/her with regard to 1 as well as two of those turns. If an individual managed to acquire Forbearance, then Knight Watch gets cheese, since the particular Paladin will absorb ALL attacks until Knight Watch wears off. I didn't have it during my playthrough though.I recommend keeping your own principal character like a Minstrel, simply because they possess the power to cast Zing. Important when Corvus decides it's really a cute concept in order to kill your healer in a round.My fourth slot was occupied by method of a Warrior, who was my damage dealer as well as resident Whipping Boy (as in the skill in which shields an ally of your choosing. :P), but the Paladin could simply fill which niche if you do not want to use a Warrior.Your party members should have his or her shield skill as substantial as possible. Reaching one hundred within the Shield skill tree allows one to work with a shield along with any kind of class and, among other things, gives that a person simply whopping +6% opportunity to block using a shield. Blocking can easily furthermore block critical hits, consequently this really is very great indeed. :D

Corvus: His Battle Strategy

I could summarize it in a single sentence:

Corvus' battle strategy is very random.


I wish I were joking.

He does have certain patterns within his battle style but, for your nearly all part, what he'll do in a battle will differ greatly from what he will throughout another.

Some constants within his chaos:

He attacks twice for each turn. (Although, it's more accurate in order to say that he acts twice for each turn, because sometimes he'll waste an attack on "laughing confidently" which in turn will nothing).After he utilizes Magic Burst, he won't use yet another attack pertaining to which turn. Possibly you're therefore unlucky that he Magic Burst anyone following he had currently attacked once, or he does it as his very first attack and skips his next action.When his well being can be low, he'll begin to use Meditate a lot more and more often. This specific skill heals Corvus with regard to 500 HP. Since it isn't the spell, Antimagic isn't likely to stop him via making use of it. in virtually any case, I doubt you can Antimagic him. (Bosses stink like that.)He provides the capability to land critical blows. His criticals do 210-220 damage, so I recommend dabbling within vocations that will use a skill tree with +HP boosters, unless you fancy dying each and also every turn. :PHe casts Kafrizzle. Since it's the only spell he casts, I don't specially suggest you employ Magic Mirror (a skill within the Shield skill tree) unless an individual really feel like it. on the actual upside, the reflected Kafrizzle can upwards associated with 200 injury to Corvus, and also he's reckless inside casting (at occasions using it on the character he observed use Magic Mirror not really a lot more than a pair of turns ago).He makes use of Disruptive Wave from times, specifically should you try to work along with a large amount of buffs on your party. If you do not use a lot of advantageous spells, anyone could in no way notice him use it. I discovered it twice within my winning run.He uses Burning Breath from times, nevertheless the likelihood of good results are usually rather reduced consequently no worries. Upon the other hand, he likes to create use of a Sleep attack ("gleaming eyes") in which always connects, therefore I recommend having a number of Panaceas inside your inventory, just inside case.

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