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Teaching Apprentices To Become Professional Tree Surgeons

Tree surgery is a growing industry but those that think about turning their hand to this proffession don't know much about how to get into it. Tree surgeons must work extremely hard to prove themselves before even qualifying, so they must be prepared! Tree surgeons are the best teachers as they can show apprentices the role of a tree surgeon whilst on the job. Read on to find out how.

Teach Them Everything You Know

Tree surgeons are the best teachers, as they already have the knowledge, which they can pass on to their apprentices. Many companies employ apprentices who can be taught the necessary requirements by senior tree surgeons. They can also learn on the job whilst helping out with minor tasks such as cleaning equipment.

This is the best opportunity for those looking to become a full time tree surgeon, as they are working in the field and get a feel for each tree surgery role.

Getting To Know The Equipment

There are many tools which these surgeons have to use for everyday jobs and every - tree pruning - tool has a different job. Apprentices must get familiar with the equipment as they will depend on it and rely on it to do the job properly. Chainsaws and harnesses are the most important tools tree surgeons use to fell trees and climb high into the treetops. Safety wear should be worn at all times, and apprentices must learn how to safely use the equipment before doing so for the first time.

Earning The Necessary Qualifications

Before tree surgeons are able to practice working as commercial ones, they must take and pass exams ensuring they are fully qualified. There are several different qualifications that can be taken, including a national certificate and national diploma. The qualifications obtained depends on what sort of jobs an apprentice would like to undertake, as arboriculture is so vast there are many different qualifications.

The most common obtained are chainsaw related certificates as this grants them the ability - stump grinding - to use a chainsaw - the most common tool used by tree surgeons.

Learning About The Theory

Tree surgeons have to know a lot of information about different types of trees, and which country they are native to. Many people ask tree surgeons for advice about unhealthy trees and ways of treating them. In order to provide practical, and correct information tree surgeons need to be clued up on all things trees.

What makes them ill, symptoms and how to treat them? This can all be learned from reading about trees and talking to specialists that work on treating trees.

Tree surgery is a dangerous but exciting job, but well worth the time and effort it takes to obtain qualifications. Teaching apprentices about different types of trees will ensure they are an asset to the local community, as well as big business firms looking for advice on controlling their trees. So work apprentices hard, as they will reward you in the end!

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