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Magic (jadu) amliyat, shir, evil spirtis – Why Rohani Ilaj is important ?

There are many questions regarding magic that often keeps bothering men or women, when the Almighty Allah is so great why God allowed magicians to do whatever they want through magic. No doubt the Almighty is great and hold all the laws but Shaitan was also given Special Forces to distract and deceive human beings from the right path.

The one should always keep faith in God. There are many weapons shaitan can use to distract human so often depressed people feel wrong path easy for them and do different evil things that relate to magic, as evil forces used by shaitan try to affect human normal live, keep demolishing their peace of mind so that he/she loses his/her faith and through magic (jaadu) tries to accomplish which push them away from straight path, They keep torturing their enemies.

Magic (jaadu) is an act through which magician (jadugar) use different evil forces to affect any life or to achieve any specific goal.

Example of Magic (jadu), When you need rohani ilaj?

Negative effects of magic (jadu) and evil spells (bud amliyat) are certain for example, one man given some money to another, now he is demanding it back and the one whoe borrowed don’t watnt to pay him back so he will pay some money to a magician (jadugar) to affect his life or torture him with different difficulties so that he should not ask for his money back.

Worst Situation, Rohani ilaj for Black Magic (Cure for black magic)

In distinct situations become more worst when a black magic magician (kala jadu ka mahir) is hired to do certain job, who has full girp over eveil spritis and even don’t fear to kill anyone. The victom of magic (jadu) never feel relief instead feel distinct troubles in his/her life.

Where Magic(jadu) is done?

Magicians (jadugar/amil) use places which are not so populated to perform magic spell (jadu, amliyat) as evil spirtis avoid populated areas, Although a magician may get benefits in this word but his afterlife is wasted

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