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Review: 3DR Solo Drone

With SmartShot giving it an edge, Solor 3DR is undoubtedly is the best choice of Video photography and expert aerial imaging and photos, with two computers of 1GHz with Linux system for smooth aerial experience and also offers video streaming to any android or IOS device through a Wifi or wireless network in High definition resolution working at a distance of of half a mile from your GoPro.

Product Features:

3DR Solo:

A latest controller made especially for aerial imaging and photography. Its video gaming design and style easily beats the confusing and awkward RC technology and is very adoptable to even new pilots and beginners, and keeping with the video gaming culture it has an air-brake button that stops the solo in the midair.

Dual 1GHz computers:

Its the first drone of its kind to have a brain with twin computers linked which contributes to snap cool pictures and aerial - multi rotor drone - videos.

Smart Shot technology:

With its SmartShot technology takes capturing mind blowing cinematic footage easy and automatic through SmartShot also including Cable Cam, Orbit, Selfie and Follow Me features.

Cable Cam allows you to follow and record any object between two points of your choosing in a straight line as if suspended by a cable which is difficult to capture remotely.

Orbit Solo allows the user to circle any object keeping it perfectly framed to capture and record in an wraparound shot even in midair.

Selfie makes the solo fly away from you with one touch and keeping you camera centered dramatically expanding the the scenery around you and take a pullout shot and will come back from where it took off with shot reversed for you.

Follow Me enables the solo to follow you around to wherever you go while keeping you in the center of the camera and record the user and his every move with high definition video resolution.

In-flight access with Solo Gimbal: With Solo Gimbal, you can access the drone while in flight and start, stop or adjust camera settings from below the ground or you access point which makes it first of its kind with in-flight access.

Wireless video streaming: Its the only drone to that offers live wireless video streaming by using GoPro directly to your Android Or Android (Mobile phones and tablets).

Safety: It has features like pause or air-brake and ‘ Safety Net ’ which enables the pilot to be confident while flying.

Free software and updates:

It offers free software and new features to its users to keep it at pace with the time and needs of technology and innovation.

Customer Support:

It provides 6 days a week support and have always got your back when in need and offers support and top class help from experienced engineers.

“Solo is not just the best drone out there, but the best aerial experience ever of pictures and video through a drone. Not only its powerful and smooth dynamics, its a drone made smarter to equip flying as to retake control, being creative while capturing a video and make great shots. It delivers the best short every time.”



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