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Praveen Kumar Jarugulla

Praveen Kumar Jarugulla holds just about any B.Tech. (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India 1987), M.S. (Iowa State Institution 1989), also as Ph.D. (College related using Minnesota 1993), virtually all inside structural designing. He continues being across the workforce within the branch involving Civil along with Environmental Engineering inside the University connected using Illinois since 1995. Just Before becoming the member of University involving Illinois, he have been an exploration researcher (January 1993 for you - Praveen Kumar Jarugulla - to wind up getting in a new position to July 1995) within the Universities space Analysis Association (USRA) as well as Hydrologic Sciences Branch, NASA-Goddard room Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, USA.

Dr. Kumar offers taught undergrad along with graduate programs all through hydrosystems designing, creating displaying beneath instability, surface drinking water hydrology, hydroclimatology, stochastic hydrology, non-straight strategies inside hydrology, as well as hydroinformatics.

In 1993 Dr. Kumar got the actual certain Universities room Research Association Award regarding Guarantee together with possible of the Youthful Scientist. Inside 1996 he got the NASA New Younger Investigator Award. He ended up being chosen because the NCSA/UIUC Faculty Fellow pertaining for you to 2001-2002. within 2005 he got the particular specific Xerox Award regarding Faculty Research. He offers additionally been perceived pertaining in order to having thus as to demonstrate brilliance been recorded a quantity of occasions inside the UIUC Record relating to Teachers Rated as Superb simply by his as well as her Students.

Dr. Kumar delivers served since the particular Editor-in-Chief pertaining to be able to Drinking water Resources Research, (2009-2013) the specific major exploratory diary within the particular field, dispersed through just American Geophysical Union (AGU). Just Before that he had been the specific Editor concerning Geophysical Analysis Letters (2007-2009) additionally distributed by means of AGU. All Through days gone by he provides served because the Associate Editor (1998-2001) using regard to be able to h2o resources Analysis after which regarding ASCE Journal involving Hydrologic Engineering (2003-2004). He is definitely an individual via Ecohydrology Committee, and also Remote Sensing Committee in the Hydrology Section within the American Geophysical Union and also served as the Chair regarding Precipitation Committee amid 1999-2001. He served for any lengthy period as any feasible individual from your Board regarding Directors along with regard to become able to CUHASI,Consortium involving Universities for the Advancement relating to Hydrologic Science that features 120 element colleges.

Research Overview:

Dr. Kumar’s examination manages Hydrocomplexity, the quantitative comprehension too as forecast involving creating examples relating to composition along with capacity which in turn emerge by means of complex non-direct multi-scale associations between soil, water, atmosphere, vegetation and human frameworks; and the way this comprehension can certainly provide pertaining in order to imaginative answers pertaining to always be able to drinking water along with supportability challenges. His exploration has been subsidized through government organizations, relating to example, NSF, NASA, and also NOAA. He inside the blink involving an eye serves since the particular Director within the Critical Zone Observatory regarding Intensively Managed Landscapes. He will be additionally the actual real bring success NSF upheld EarthCube opportunity regarding Geo-Semantics, along with a co-lead about NSF bolstered SEAD as well as Brown Dog ventures for that improvement involving digital base pertaining in order to organized in addition to unstructured long-tail info and throughout addition models.

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