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Paladog free (lite) version of Android market, the head of all defense games ? December / 2011 rewind 2011 Top Bestseller (paid) - Apple App Store (KOR)

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? sep / 2011 'the best games that you have never played' - Apple App Store

? sep / 2011 'best application' - 1. Korea Mobile Award

? mar / 2011 'Golden Award (9/10)' - Pocket Gamer (uk)

? February / 2011 ', what's hot, new / notable' - Apple App Store

? feb / 2011 'no.1 at App Topliste Top grossing list / 8 Week' - Apple App Store (KOR)

Introducing Paladog, the apex of all defense games reviews>

- Setting a new benchmark for Schloss castle against title managed to Paladog genre forward by (press .uk) you a greater grip on gameplay (9/10, Gold Award)

- Hours of game play, great replay - Fruit Cutting Game - value and content updates! what more can you ask? (Review by brantusk)

- amazing. I find nothing wrong with it. just a perfect game. (Review by reidwassmer)

- One of the best games on the iPhone! (Review of Frankie cordova) Synopsis>

In a distant future,

Mother Earth vitality lost due to overwhelming greed and selfishness of the human race.

Not so long after, the gods eventually decided to annihilate what was left of humanity.

A new dawn took place, Gods gave critters greater intelligence to have a chance to create their own civilization.

, They worshiped their creators and spent a millennium in peace.

Copared to the human race, the critters were innocent, pure and peaceful loving.

Meanwhile the devils are struggling to find evil minds to fill with currpotiong and greed, just like when the earth was dominated by humans.

The devil, decides to war against the critterland.

Critters have been long accustomed to peace.

, The creature were left to defand against conjured human undeads summoned from hell by the Devils and the fate of the nation to fight seemed bleak.

At the moment, everyone wanted to give up hope, a paladin emerged from the dark, for the peace of critterland ... fight .His name .... was ... Paladog.

reviewed by Fruit Cutting Game

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