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New Beginnings Incorporation: New Beginnings Transitional Services

Our Story

We began the journey to provide services to the military veteran community in 2009. Under the direction of a voluntary Board of Directors and $12,000 in support from corporate and private donations, we were able to start the Food Secure Nutritional Program for needy United States military veterans residing in southern California. The Food Secure Nutritional Program exists to improve food security among the population we serve.

Through our partnership with Harvest Food Donation Connection and with fundraising activities, in 2011-2012, we were able to provide 1520 meals to homeless adults residing at the Pomona Armory in Los Angeles County. In December 2012, 14 volunteers from Serenity Villas Senior Apartment joined New Beginnings Incorporation: New Beginnings Transitional Services and Bonnie Brown to cook and delivery meals for a 3-month Cold Winter Shelter program operated by Volunteers of America. We provided 120 to 135 - Wounded military veterans - three course meals that were cooked on Saturdays and delivered on Sundays. We also provided 150 brown bag lunches consisting of sandwiches, cookies, fruit and water.

In 2013, our partnerships with specialty stores, supermarkets, food banks and cafeterias provided varieties of meat, produce, baked goods and breads. We were able to increase our food supplies to needy families and individuals, thus providing 349 weekly meal components of quality food to needy families and individuals in Los Angeles County, California.

We are growing. In 2014 with donations and grant funding, we transformed the Food Secure Nutritional Program from the “prepared meals” to providing a monthly food card to eligible veteran families residing southern California and in Nevada. By the end of 2014, we distributed 125 Food Cards to needy Veteran families.

We expanded our outreach program in 2014 to participate in the annual Los Angeles Homeless Veteran Stand Down Event where we provide socks to veterans in need. The “Socks- for-Vets” project has been very successful. More about that effort is on our website at:

In 2014, we formed new partnerships. With the invitation of the Robey Theater Company, we participated in the 2014 Homeless Veteran Stand Down in Los Angeles, California. Another alliance was formed with the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), Las Vegas and Los Angeles Chapters. This collaboration will establish a program to provide permanent housing for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, for which, the fastest growing homeless population in the U.S. comes from Iraq and Afghanistan veterans retuning from the Gulf Wars.

As a result, we commenced fundraising to start the “Homes for Disabled and Homeless Military Veteran” project, and we are optimistic with your support we will be able to realize our mission to provide not only affordable permanent housing, but access to all basic living subsidies to military veterans in need.

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