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My Son Had S. E-X With Me: SEE VIDEO

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One night my lovely husband and I came home from vacation to find our son fucking his girlfriend on the couch in the living room. My husband as well as I went regarding dinner, just the two regarding us, and that we stupidly trusted along with considered that our son would just innocently watch a phim sex movie together with his girlfriend after which take the girl back home. We should have known better than to leave a 17 year old boy with his girlfriend alone. That was how I got myself pregnant by my hubby, who was just my high school boyfriend then when we were both 16 years old.

We created the mistake when we were young, and now my son is committing the same mistake. Not that we finally only caught our boy having sex with his girlfriend, but also they didn’t use a condom. I truly did not want my son in order to proceed through all regarding the troubles along with regrets that my far better half and I went through, although we do ultimately pulled through, yet it was a long as well as painful process.

Thats same night, I had a long talk with my hubby about our dear son. My lovely hubby was very matured to understood of our son’s sexual frustration at his age and that he should have his jav sexual tension relieved, although he agrees with me that our son shouldn’t be addict having unprotected sex with his girlfriend from what our own life time experience in the past taught us. I was very much worried about my son and his girlfriend, because I don't want to witness what really happened to me happened to them as they were still young. But my hubby was right about a boy having needs to satisfy his sexual urges. And what was a mother supposed to do? Confused or maybe thinking of xvideos ???

I was trying to have another baby with my husband when our boy was still in middle school, but after a year of our natural attempts in bed and 4 times defeat of artificial insemination my hubby gave up on the idea and he rarely had sex with me later. I too was sexually upset and frustrated for some period of time and now with my son’s sexual frustration added to my inner mind, and so I let my immoral act and negative thought of me ride over. I couldn’t accept I would submit myself into the idea but I later actually came out with a proposal to my hubby that I offer whole of myself to our son for sexual urge relief.

My boo had this crazy idea of getting a hooker for our boy from time to time, but my inner incestuous idea ruined him more. I was really thinking for both my son and me. He is a young man who needs a lot of huge sex and I am a more mature woman who is starting to need a lot of sex. If I let my son use me - xnxx - for sex, I can in turn get my sexual needs relieved as well. OMG, I never knew what idea came over me of fucking my own biological son came into my mind, but I just couldn’t get the image of my son fucking his girlfriend out of my head. To be honest, my pussy was soaking out love juice xnxx at the sight of my son and his girlfriend on the couch doing the deed.

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