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Music Composer for Film- Original Soundtracks for a Sci-Fi Short Film.

Films are considered a mainly visual experience, and many people don't stop to consider just how important music is - emotional - in movies. Audiences don't just watch; they also take in auditory stimuli. During the time of silent films, music was an essential part of telling the story, and live pianists were employed by theaters to accompany the visual feast. Characters were shaped and events foreshadowed using music to convey thought and emotion.

Chances are that if the music soundtrack were removed from a film, the omission would quickly be noticed. The movie would not be as enjoyable, and it would feel like something was missing. Music adds to the perception of things unseen. It has the power to alter mood and to change it, if needed. An epic score makes the sword fights more exciting, or increases the impact of a death.
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Daniel Dinaro is a music composer and producer that aims to provide high quality audio content across a wide spectrum of media platforms, including (but not limited to); video games, backing tracks and instrumentals for singer/songwriters, sound design, soundtracks and jingles for film and TV, radiophonic productions for radio and electro-acoustic compositions. Formal education in the disciplines include a Batchelor of Science degree in ElectroAcoustic Music (Sonic Art).

As a performer, he is highly flexible keyboard player able to play in a variety of styles and utilize many keyboard based instruments adapting my technique to efficient including Piano, Harmonium, Harpsichord and Melodica. Self-taught, with a gift for improvisation and playing by ear, I can quickly pick up parts for imitation as well as compose memorable themes and motifs at the drop of a hat. Music theory is strong as is an understanding of the theory surrounding the audio/visual relationship. Combination of these practical and academic skills allows my work to provide your media productions with a unique and special sonic dimension.

For Video Games, specialise in thematic orchestral arrangements that are lush in colour and deep in emotional impact.

Backing tracks and instrumentals for singers are composed to fit within the electronica criteria; genres such as electro, breakbeat, hip-hop, dance, trance, house and chillout are all professionally represented.

Soundtracks for film and TV and other media platforms can be specially designed, composed and produced to satisfy your production requirements, amalgamating the above styles for a truly original presentation. Music Composer for Film,TV and Videogames. Known For "Cursor" original soundtracks for a Sci-Fi short film.

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