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Make your business visible to Millions of Customers

As an artisan or professional, your business may be physically located in one corner of the world, but you services do not have to be so restricted. You can now tap into the power of internet, via findexperts, to expand your business coverage.

There is always one more customer looking for expert in your area of specialization, looking for that ‘talent’ you exhibit in your business as an artisan or professional. But again, as an artisan or - verified professionals - professional that may not - verified professionals - be able to afford a business website of his own, and subsequently meet the heavy capital requirement to promote the website online and offline in order to meet the business objective of drawing customers to the business, FindExperts becomes your voice. At FindExperts, not only customers could access experts, the experts, artisans and professionals themselves have the opportunity to advertise themselves to the world. And there is further room at the top for the experts to become verified artisans and verified professionals.

“Recently, I was looking for to build a gate for a new piece of land I just acquired. The traditional thing to do was to either make calls to different people to ask if they knew a welder in that neighborhood to do the job, or create time in my already tight schedule to drive around the area in search of a welder. But I remembered Find Experts, and that made all the difference. I simply loaded the FindExpertsApp on my mobile phone, chose my address from ‘where are you’, chose welder under ‘what do you want’, and behold I had immediate names, addresses and phone contact of over seven welders in that area. How simpler could life be?”

On daily basis, millions of people across Lagos and around the country have jobs ranging from carpentry, electrical, art decoration, even event planning to cleaning related jobs, to give out to verified artisans and verified professionals. Some of these customers are business executives who are too busy to go through the traditional ways to engage verified artisans and verified professionals. Some others have used the same artisan over and over again and are now on the lookout for opportunity to try new hands. I know someone who has left his broken-down generator dormant for weeks not because he cannot afford to pay for the repairs but because he cannot find an expert do the work. Whether viewed from the perspective of the verified artisan or verified professional therefore, Findexperts is a solution that the entire world, Nigeria in particular, has waited for all this while.

Multiply Your Income

Now, you are a regular expert, artisan or professional. You have your workshop to which you report every morning and from which you close every evening. You are very well known within the locality of your workshop, having no competitor within this community. And you are making all the money you possibly can.

This is good news. You can take a step further to make the news even greater. There are many more potential customers outside of your immediate community, looking for experts, looking for artisans, looking for professionals in your area of expertise, waiting to enjoy your services too. In other words, you are depriving yourself of ‘your’ money if you restrict yourself only to your current source of money. You can make more money? But how, you may ask.

This is where find experts comes in. Thousands of potential customers looking for experts, looking for artisans, looking for professionals in your area of expertise can see you and subsequently reach you. It is your opportunity to grow from a mere local champion to a national champion; share your success story at Find Experts. You can expand your source of income beyond your local community to other parts of the country where you would ordinarily not be able to cover, on your own.

Become verified expert, verified artisan or verified professional, today so potential customers in your field would be confident to do business with you.

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