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From the streets of Los Angeles, California, Jallal brings a fresh, unique new sound - Music - to the world of music. With strong roots in hip hop, Jallal’s style includes influences based off of personal relationships with members of the universal Zulu nation, European and African groups, and prominent conscious rappers such as Mos Def, Binary Star, and Lupe Fiasco. A devout Muslim, Jallal does not fall into - Rapper - the stereotypical rapper category, and his music reflects that. Above all, Jallal’s goals and dream is to bring positivity into today’s - Jallal - society while still creating art that is enjoyable and exciting to listen to. The music is for all walks of life. Every human is being welcome.

These are few of his tracks…..

Jallal - Over Now Feat. Wesley White (Produced by HBeats)

Jallal - 93' LEGEND (Produced by - Soundcloud - HBeats)

Jallal - Born Ready (Produced by SOL)

Jallal - Gone Girl Feat. RDGLDGRN

Jallal - Control Me Feat. Stoomie and Chris Taylor (Produced by Stoomie)

You can reach Jallal and also listen to his tracks at:

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